Statement by Mr. Yemane Ghebreab at the Interactive Dialogue, UNGA 3rd Committee

Eritrea does not seek favored treatment. It seeks fairness.

Statement by Mr. Yemane Ghebreab at the Interactive Dialogue
(UNGA, Third Committee, New York, 27 October 2016)

Mr. President,


Eritrea sees little value in entering into a polemic with the Special Rapporteur. We prefer an altogether different and positive approach. We wish to explain our situation, point to our modest achievements, describe our challenges, elaborate on our programs, reaffirm our responsibility and commitment, emphasize the importance of solidarity and express our readiness for constructive engagement and cooperation.

We wish to remind this important gathering that the Commission of Inquiry does not exist as its mandate was terminated at the 31st session of the Human Rights Council last July in Geneva. The Council had considered its report, took note of it and decided to reject its key recommendations, which included astonishingly sending yet another African country, Eritrea, to the International Criminal Court, which is not only unwarranted for Eritrea, but is a gross insult to Africa, which has made its firm views on the institution very clear.

Eritrea strongly believes that the most appropriate international forum for the discussion of human rights on the basis of universality and equality is the Human Rights Council. Like most UN member states and almost all developing countries, we oppose double-standards as well as selective, politically-motivated, country-specific approaches that reject dialogue and cooperation in favour of confrontation and escalation. If it weren’t for these short-sighted and ultimately counter-productive approaches, whose first casualty is human rights, Eritrea would not be on the agenda today.


Eritrea, as it will keep stressing, is a nation born in the struggle for human rights. Its number one priority remains ensuring the welfare and dignity of its people.

Eritrea is a safe, peaceful, stable nation with remarkable harmony among its diverse population. Its evolving political system, which has suffered some setbacks, is based on citizenship. It seeks to foster the broadest participation of its citizens, at home and abroad, at all levels and in all affairs of the nation. It is working to build a justice system, based on a body of laws, including the supreme law of the land, at the center of which is broad popular participation, including equitable participation of women, in the form of locally elected community courts.

Eritrea is committed to development, sustained, sustainable and equitable development which supports the material, social and cultural aspirations of the people, and in particular the youth. After years of difficulty, the basis for broad-based growth is being laid lesson by lesson, brick by brick and institution by institution. As many who have partnered with Eritrea will confirm, it makes judicious and effective use of available resources.

Eritrea is an independent, constructive, active and consciously modest regional and global actor. We are strong believers in solidarity between nations and peoples as well as in genuine and mutually-beneficial partnerships. We favor dialogue, engagement and cooperation. Unfortunately, the policy of seeking to isolate and undermine Eritrea has limited our role. It has also deprived the Horn of Africa of the positive contribution we would have been able to make.


National ownership and national responsibility are the pillars of the Eritrean approach to nation building. We first look to ourselves, mobilize our own human and financial resources and only then seek friends and partners. This approach also applies to the important issue of human rights.

Despite hostility and challenges, Eritrea is working steadfastly to advance the political, civic, economic, social and cultural rights of its people. The length and quality of life of Eritreans have improved. We are providing free and universal education up-to the tertiary level, strides have been made in health, women’s and children’s rights are protected. The policies of citizenship, unity in diversity and prioritizing disadvantaged areas and sections of the population have strengthened national cohesion and solidarity. Eritreans also enjoy many civic and political rights and have access to information.

Yet, as Eritrea is first to stress, our achievements are modest, fall far short of our aspirations; and we have a long way to go. We are never complacent. We are determined to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals ahead of schedule, build a nation worthy of the heavy sacrifices made to bring it to existence and contribute to a peaceful, cooperative and integrated Horn of Africa region.

As Eritrea carries on with its national agenda, it welcomes and encourages solidarity and partnerships. It is keen to shoulder its international obligations in the areas of peace, development and human rights. It is a willing and proud participant in the Universal Review Process. It is cooperating effectively with the United Nations, UN human rights bodies and other partners to implement the recommendations it has accepted. It is a critical, but also effective participant in the fight against human trafficking and for effective solutions for irregular migration.


You are well aware that over six decades, Eritrea has been treated most unfairly by the United Nations and the international system. The continued occupation of our sovereign territory has been met with deafening silence and detrimental inaction. Sanctions against Eritrea continue although everyone agrees that there is no case and no justification. Eritrea is singled out for attacks on human rights when the grossest violations of others are glossed over.

Yet, Eritrea does not seek favored treatment. It seeks fairness. It asks for a level playing field. More importantly, it encourages mutual solidarity and support.

I thank you.

29 thoughts on “Statement by Mr. Yemane Ghebreab at the Interactive Dialogue, UNGA 3rd Committee

    1. Ato Yemane,
      Regardless what woyane said or did, you are a serial abuser of human rights. Among other things, you disappeared journalists and founding fathers from the face of the earth. You will be on trial when the time comes and we will see if your ‘woyane did worse’ defense will set you free. We shall see!

      1. Time is a peculiar phenomenon. Please don’t waste it. Don’t feed your mind with negative ideas because it is going to kill you. Wake up and nurture some positive thoughts to yourself. Anger will decimate you from inside out.

  1. A precise, to the point while hard hitting presentation delivered with the composure of a polished statesman. Thank you B/Yemane Ghebreab. B/Girma Asmerom will be resting in peace as his work continues so effectively and eloquently. B/Girmai whose efforts saw the demise of the Commission of Inquiry in July this year, may not see the progress being made as the international community begins to understand and acknowledge Eritrea’s true position and especially her values on human rights, as confirmed by the number of positive remarks noted by numerous delegates at the conference, but the truth of the matter is evident – the continued role of the Special Rapporteur has completely failed in delivering the desired outcome and that her future work will only be further embarrassment to the august organization.

    1. God is asking ambassador Girma. He is asking him why he turned Haftna Aster Yohannes over to the brutal wolves in Asmara. He has a lot of explaining to do. May he RIP!

      She was snatched before kissing her kids on the chick, after she was wawy from them for years. I don’t know if you have kids but deep down your heart believes injustuce was committed here. This kinds of gross crimes is the cause for the creation of special rapporter and CoI. They weren’t created for no reason and out of the blue.

      1. You must be wo”e”ful to drop the “wo” in woyane and call yourself “yen” as in woyen; you’re spotted and you can’t change that, get lost rubbish!

  2. I’m tired of hearing about the overweight broad Sheila and her partners: the geriatric/casket-ready Mike and the house negro who I don’t know the name of because he is always seen, but never heard. The COI is dead and so should be the report, but we have to keep hearing the same thing every few months despite NAM rejecting it each time. I’m also tired of the African prostitutes of the West going on diatribes at the UN: the perpetually hungry/desperate Ethiopia, khat-addicted Djibouti, and the chaotic pirates/wannabe Arabs Somalia. Djibouti needs to stop talking about prisoners of war when Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs JUST released a statement saying all the prisoners of war are GONE. Talk about beating a dead horse.

    Hopefully I won’t have to hear about this bullshit for a long ass time. And I hope the next news I’ll be hearing about Eritrea is about multi-million dollar foreign investments toward our electrification and our industries. Eritreans must move forward and we mustn’t let this UN/media business distract us from the true goal: a thriving export-oriented economy.

    1. I agree 100% but we must manage our information and point out our position every now and then. More importantly, what’s true is what’s on the ground. You also have a point regarding FDI and electrify industrial parts of Eritrea for development and promoting growth. Eritrean Diaspora + Investment + Commercial Bank of Eritrea can jump start this economic movement. Gov. must ensure investment safety (which it already has ex. Nevsun) that it can play a role in the outsourcing jobs market from the 100million+ Asia, Middle East etc. jobs plan to exported to Africa and other Asian countries. And Eritrea is sitting right there off the red sea for drop off and pickup. We have to demonstrate our capabilities to the world and announce a major $5 Billion economic city and infrastructure projects (even if we don’t have the money lol). But you get the point.

      We must think strategically from within. My vision of Eritrean economy is to become a specialized country that build for other countries. For example, Solar. We can position ourselves as a renewable energy for our future economy. Think of how many countries would buy especially from middle east and Africa.

      Think of Germany. You know why they are the biggest economy in EU? Because like their says mantra, “We build the things that make the things work”

    1. So immature and so childish! The lady next to him is amused.
      These are the people representing Eritrea in world stage. So embarrassing!!!

      1. Are you a counterfeit currency (yen)? Everything about you is a FAKE. you must belong to the land of beggars and liers, you know what i mean komal

      2. Ugumesh
        How would you know with your little IQ63 brain. Let us try one more time, Just read loudly … The Eritrean men and women under the leadership of “Immature and so childish” are the ones who first landlocked your mama Ethiopia from the Eritrean Red Sea and then killed the Abbay Tigray Dream of Meles & Woyane.

        Good Boy!!!
        Now go treat yourself with some QUENTY.

      3. Embarrassing for who? Embarrassing for you. You tried to hide your secret under the carpet Yemane the man expose you in the world stage lol

      4. Mr Yen or Woy-ane, you are loosing it, calm down compose yourself and say what you got to say in a clear and concise manner don’t blubber like your masters TPLF.

      5. 0leasenstate what is embarrassing? i usually refrain calling individuals with a different opinion nes such as “weyane” i am forced to think that younare one. you ar no opposition nor Eritrean. Any reasonable person would know that Ethiopias comment on HR in Eritrea is hypocrisy at its best and required the exact rebuttal given by Ministet Yemane. In fact all he stated was a fact on the ground and nothing more. If the Ethiopian rep shut up about it The Eritrean re wouldn’t have jeeded to respond. You are the child like who cry foul as if the candy is taken away from you. Hataf eka!

  3. Your Excellency Yemane Ghereab,
    Excellent Speech and content. We are grateful to have you. I’m sure, Our beloved Son of Eritrea, H.E Ambassador Girma Asmerom is proud of your presentation while cheering you with a well deserved …. Bravo Zulu – Bitsay (Comrade) Yemane

    Thank You.
    Long Live PFFJ.
    Long Live Eritrea.

  4. The countries supporting such a circus were mainly the western mafia on behalf of their beggar tigrai liberation front led Ethiopia and the puppet Djibouti

    TegadalyYemane said a murderers such as Woy-anne should be hiding in this assembly room instead of bringing bogus human right abuse charges against Eritrea.

    It was clear for all to see – it has nothing to do with human rights – it was all about regime change, weakening Eritrea and handicapping it from defending itself by all means necessary to benefit Ethiopia.

    Eritrea should enshrine in its laws to make sure no visa shall be issued to such mafia under any circumstances!!

    Great Job kibur Tegadalay Yemane

    1. Hey TN,

      I was reading the other day about the “Bradley Effect”. Do you think it will play a role in Trump’s favor. Are we more likely to see a President Trump especially after the reopening of Clinton FBI case?

      For those who don’t know what I’m referring to:

      The Bradley effect is a theory concerning observed discrepancies between voter opinion polls and election outcomes in some United States government elections where a white candidate and a non-white candidate run against each other.The theory proposes that some voters who intend to vote for the white candidate would nonetheless tell pollsters that they are undecided or likely to vote for the non-white candidate. It was named after Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley, an African-American who lost the 1982 California governor’s race despite being ahead in voter polls going into the elections.

    2. My brother, America has enough idiots but not enough to make Trump a president anytime soon. I would even go the extra mile here and tell you, she will win whats been known as Red states in American politics. Welcome to the 3rd term of our own child, Obama.

    3. If Trump wins, it is Ayte Issaias that will be in big trouble because Jenday Fraser will be back with her unfinished business of puting pfdg on the state sponsored terrorism black list.

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