Why Was the U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary in Asmara?

On June 23, 2016, U.S. Chief of Mission Louise Mazel invited some Asmara based diplomats to a dinner party at his residence to honour the visiting top U.S. diplomat Dr. Shannon L Smith. Present was Ambassador Iqbal Jhazbhay (South Africa), Ambassador Christian Manhal (EU), Ambassador Andreas Zimmer (Germany), et.al (Credit: Amba. Iqbal Jhazbhay)

By Aghade,

Top US officials are not known for frequenting Eritrea. Hence, whenever they visit the capital Asmara, people tend to ask a lot of questions. We know two major events occurred in June 2016 that might have prompted the U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Dr. Shannon Lee Smith, to visit Asmara recently: Ethiopia’s unsuccessful 2-day full military attack against Eritrea and the release of the (now widely-discredited) report of the Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea.

Mission Classified:

For starters, it’s important to note that Dr. Smith’s visit to Asmara has not been logged in the State Department’s Travel Schedule. Usually, diplomatic missions by key US officials don’t get logged (sometimes for months) for three reasons: it’s a hastily arranged visit due to unexpected or urgent matters; the administration does not want to disclose the overall objective of the mission; or they do not want to provide a formal endorsement for the mission. So, we may not know for some time if Dr. Smith’s recent visit to Asmara is an official one. If it was a classified mission, however, I am afraid one should not expect any treasure from meeting with Al Capone’s agent in the middle of night in the dark alley.

Mission Well-Timed:

The old expression, “timing is everything,” is even more pronounced when you look at the next battle front for Eritrea.  It is not a secret that the COI have been collaborating with several subversive “Eritrean” groups that receive significant material and financial support from the US and the regime in Ethiopia. Over the last two years, we have seen their meeting schedules and photos and noticed a great deal of similarities in their talking points. The subversive groups and their benefactors have had a lot of influence on the COI report, so much so that the report is littered with false or exaggerated statements taken from their propaganda stories.

Even though the COI report is now widely discredited, it is easy to see how the US would want to leverage the report to gain some concession from the Eritrean government. The US has significant influence on the UN Human Rights Council, and at minimum it could have the council extend the mandate of the COI for another year, two, or three. They could (and I predict they will) do this under the pretext to verify some of the assertions made in the report, such as rape, murder, shoot-to-kill policy, etc. In fact, the draft resolution submitted a few days ago by Djibouti and Somalia is a tell-tale sign – more investigations and travels to Eritrea for the COI to collect “evidence”.

Mission’s the Same, Over and Over:

In diplomacy, minimum leverage that offers sweeping discussion is better than none at all. Here are some burning issues the US and Ethiopia have been raising for the last 12 months, directly and indirectly:

– Allow unimpeded access for US diplomats in order to re-open its Embassy in Asmara

– Expel armed Ethiopian opposition groups, especially Ginbot-7, TPDM, and ADFM

– Start discussions with the World Bank to accept the hundreds of millions of old Nakfa banknotes now found in the hands of the Ethiopian regime and its supporters in the Sudan

– Begin pre-dialog meetings with the regime in Ethiopia to implement the EEBC border ruling of 2002

– End all National Service Programs

– Meet with Eritrean “opposition groups”

– Release high profile political prisoners

– Implement the 1997 draft Constitution

The timing of Dr. Smith’s visit to Asmara was obvious. She went to pressure the Eritrean government to negotiate and ultimately accept what I call the “US – Woyane terms.” From the standpoint of the majority of Eritreans (both inside and overseas), there is nothing to negotiate “with a gun pointed at your head”, or when the terms of negotiation are designed to weaken the security of Eritrea and strengthen the enemy (the regime in Ethiopia), or when it is obvious they (US, UN, EU, Ethiopian regime) have no intention of holding up their end of the bargain. Interestingly, the UN Human Rights Council is already in the process of extending the COI mandate (for reasons I indicated above) and Ethiopia is preparing to assume a seat for two years at the UN Security Council as a non-permanent member.

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  1. Eritreans suffered for over half a century and continue to suffer at the hands of the western backers of the UN. The main objective of those who want to control our region was and still is controlling the strategic location and resources of Eritrea through their hired regional lynchpins.

    Eritrea and Eritreans will never live in peace until we completely dismantle current and future regional servant regimes and their system of serving their foreign lords by victimizing Eritreans and Eritrea.

    1. That sounds a tall order. It is hard to do even as a super power.
      What guarantee do you have the future government would be any different?
      Mengistu was for fighting for access to sea and what did woyane try to do? Get to Assab, right?
      Seems same to me.
      Here is another option – How about find a means to make peace with the super power.

      1. It’s actually not a tall order. When this current Ethiopian government is dismantle just place more than few Eritreans in power position. And relift Ethiopia of all its heavy weaponary.

        1. Dude, you need to keep taking your meds! The assumption you just took is that the entire Ethiopian population would just sit and let you do that, and Eritrea has the power and the resources to achive that goal. Yes? You see neighter of those assumption are true given the current condition. Here is a better idea, how about start working towards for a better and peacefully co-existance rather than beating the war drums. You can’t just sit and say, we hate USA, TPLF and whomever else and the only solution is to tople them or break any possible relations with them. The approach would never work my friend.

        2. I wouldn't forget my pills · Edit

          While you are at it, why not also dismantle the governments of US, and Russia and control the security council.

      2. Do not worry there will be no regime in Ethiopia in the future who will be a puppet of USA & Associates. Woyane is destroyed and never been an army existential if it was not for EPLF and now they are going to show heroism that they never had. You have no clue how more determined and more effort than any so called super power now. We defined ourselves as super powers. So the deal is deal with another super power.

    2. Amanuel,
      She is in Asmara to tell the boss it is time to go peacefully before it is too late. It is enough with one man rule for over 40 years (pre/post independence), and its time to hand over power to our people. Hopefully real Eritreans withour identity complex (as the current leadership) will take over power and lead the country to better future.

    3. Some trusted sources confirmed that US authorities are frequenting the isolated state of Eritrea to either tell or instruct the regime in Asmara to step down and leave the country.

  2. This article is one of many reasons why I believe the Eritrean government doesn’t entertain the idea of a so called “free press”. Instead of proving evidence, facts, sources, etc to substantiate your article, it comes off as an opinion piece. TesfaNews, please refrain from posting these types of article because you’ll be in the same category as the useless opposition media that presents their opinion pieces as reliable information. By the way, can the author answer why the World Bank would care about the hundred of millions of old nakfa in the presence of individuals, governments, etc? That’s not their function.

    1. The ethnic Woyane regime and its pimps, the so called “Eritrean oppositions” were caught with hundreds of millions if not billions of old Nakfa currency. This looted wealth was either printed in their dungens or amassed through human trafficking and other illegal activities. The Eritrean government executed a well planned currency change and caught these criminals with their pants down.
      The government of Eritrea should never and I believe will never accept this notes. The murderous stooges and their sponsors who hold this illegal currency can used them for cooking their meal.

      1. With the Billions of Nakfa Woyane were caught trying to destroy the Eritrean econnomy, they might as well use these old Eritrean Nakfa as their new Woyane Birr, … they are good at imitating anything Eritrean 🙂

          1. Mulubrhan Dagnew · Edit

            oyy only a moron will laugh on mockery and yet you yourself a very shallow, low IQ, empty Asmerino. I am sure real Eritreans detest such idiotic art.

          2. Sorry Lulubrhan,
            I had no idea people of Tigray have become frequent TN visitors, I did not mean to offend you. Can I watch just one more time.

          3. ክንደይ ዓመታት ብመትከልና ጸኒዕና
            ሎሚ ወጠምጠም እንተብሉ ቅድሜና
            ምእንቲ ዝምድና ክንህቦም ክሳድና
            ዘይነበረ ዘይጸንሔ ኣብቲ ሕሉፍ ታሪኽና
            ኣነስ ኣይምተቐበልኩዎን ንሰምዖ ጸኒሕና

      2. They cried about economic conditions that made life very expensive for our people while they flooded the markets with blood money, Eritrean blood. They had the temerity to accuse the Eritrean government of economic conditions they themselves have caused!

  3. The United States of America has been the number ONE enemy of Eritrea starting from 1952 until today, I believe it will be the enemy of Eritrea in the foreseeable future. As such, an enemy of Eritrea should have no say in Eritrean affairs. Eritreans did not fight Ethiopian colony just to become colony of USA.
    I hope Eritrean government would make the US request (if there is arrogant request) public for every Eritrean to see, so Eritreans would collectively tell the US department, HANDS OFF ERITREA !!!

    The Ruling of the EEBC is Final and Binding and as such there is nothing to negotiate. The US government has no right what so ever to force Eritrea to revisit the document, especially being the guarantors of the agreement.

    1. WELL SAID!!!!

      The emperor has no clothes, that is, they are in a position weakness, and thus cannot demand anything from Eritrea. I see this as nothing but hollow posturing in the hopes that they can get the Eritrean people to wink first. This cheap ploy was tried with us during our final days of our fight for independence when victory was all but assured, and again during the waning days of the 2008 war when Woyane ran out of gas and needed the U.S. to come and bail them out. We stand firm, they fold.

  4. I think a US Deputy Assistant Secretary is much smarter than the writer of the above article (Aghade) and will only discuss with the government of Eritrea on matters that involve the USA geopolitical interests in the Horn of Africa. The internal affairs of the government of Eritrea will not be raised and will not be discussed
    Who is this Aghade any way? He must be crazy to suggest that the Deputy Asst. Secretary would bring up the following issues with the GoE: the issue of old Nakfa notes that the TPLF is holding, meeting with the enemies of EPLF, implementing the 1997 draft constitution, ending national service programs and so on. What diplomat raises an issue if there is a possibility that he or she can be told by the host: NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

    1. This suggests that you really don’t appreciate the extent the US government officials are willing to go to achieve wicked aims! Beware, the US government has pretty thuggish personalities (and their policy as a whole as a matter of fact is thuggish!) It’s full of organized criminals under the pretext of diplomacy. Frankly Eritrea is better off keeping them at bay than making peace with entities that only consider a zero sum relationship. The good ole shaebia leaders know this very well, and I thank God for that!

      1. I know what the US is capable of and has been doing in our area and across the world. But that is not what this article is about. Here the subject of discussion is what would the US Deputy Assistant Secretary raise with the Eritrean authorities in Asmara.

    2. It must be a very sensitive one that tends to strategic mutual benefit of both countries. right now Eritrea contributed very effectively to the fight against terrorism in the region that is US interest as well. I hope Eritrea perfectly executed the meeting on their favor.

      1. I think the main problem of Eritrea is fear anything outside i.e USA, Ethiopia doing these doing that and by doing so try to conscript her young generation forever.
        Just accept the fact that there is critical problem in eritrea that shoud be addressed soon rather than later then come forward to ethiopia to settle the difference by negotiation when you do that I believe Ethiopia will welcome you with open arms and start with all econmic integration and benefited the two countries.

        1. Where do you live? On Mars? What are you going to say to the endless evidences from our own experience and around the world? But then, you are an Ethiopian who does not know nor understand anything Eritrean. Give your ideas a little bit of thought before you blurt them out. Years of Weyane propaganda along with those from the Derg and Haileselassie seem to have clogged you brain. Flush those propaganda out and start anew.

          Your suggestion serves to swell your already over-inflated egos without addressing the real issues. You cannot have what you could not by unleashing war and by availing yourselves to the international courts. Why don’t you suggest to your government to leave all Eritrean territories instead. That is an easy and justifiable alternative.

          1. Hello, MIK I accept eritrean fear then i.e during the struggle for independence but now your Eritrea is sovereign country so there is nothing to worry about. International community and regional actors including Ethiopia only ask you implement the final and binding rull of badme and other disputed areas only through negotiation b/c peaceful discussion is the remedy of future peaceful coexistence to tell you won example look how Ethiopia and southern Sudan settle there current sadend and inhumane incident that kill many Ethiopian through peaceful means.
            Did Ethiopia military has the capacity to unleash and destroy these killers within southern sudan territory hell yea but ethiopia choose the other peacful way. So Eritrea must follow this.

  5. If you want your developing country to be recognized as a democratic country and free of US harassment and invasion, you better have businesses like Pizza Hut, McDonalds, 7-11 Convenience Store, Kentucky Friend Chicken (KFC) open everywhere in your country. Anything less, your leaders will be referred to ICC 🙂

  6. …I think the main issue here is that How to save The regime in Ethiopia,They know or expect what it will come…just their counting the seconds.But what I want to say to the people of Eritrea it’s time now let’s pressure the Eritrean government to take action to finish this Mission destroying The regime in Ethiopia .by any calculation we r adding time for their survival,…….

  7. I respect the article as the author made his best effort to project his point of view and also tried to support it. What’s disappointing about this article was the utter lack of acknowledgment of the dangers facing Eritrea at the moment, its consequences and a means to resolve the problems.
    This is a critical time for Eritrea and thus articles would be helpful if they address resolution ideas to the problem also and not just demonstrate that Eritrea is the victim here (which is undisputed). Eritrea is faced with a coordinated, collaborative and calculating enemy still pushing its agenda with total disregard (without effective diplomatic resistance from Eritrea) to the dignity and sovereignty of the people and state of Eritrea in a broad daylight.
    Now that the enemy is sitting at the helm of the Security Council it is emboldened and prone to exacerbate its aggressive behavior. In fact, they consider this time to be a do or die time. Sure enough, unfortunately, it is working day and night for a seemingly large scale military action again.
    This time, we have to exhaust every bit of diplomatic and political opportunity before dragged in to unnecessary war. We have to engage the EU and US to find a middle ground and build a trust for future cooperation in order to take the wheel off of the TPLF war mongering machine. Remember the saying that “There are no permanent friend or enemies only national interests.” The US is also a beneficiary from a stable and secure Eritrea in the region as previous administrations publicly expressed. It seems that the possibility of a “better” version of Eritrea is being sold to them and they are willing to buy into it, half-heartedly, due to lack of any progress with existing relations or persistent diplomatic stalemate. Just for the record, there are more common grounds that can bring Eritrea and US together than separates them. We cannot forget our history but we need to learn from it and get going instead of being fixated back to the 1952 horrible incident. We live now and it is our opportunity to make a history by defending Eritrea efficiently and skillfully.
    Again, this time, we have to exhaust every bit of diplomatic and political opportunity before dragged in to unnecessary war. We can do some of their (US and EU) request if they do some of ours without compromising our sovereignty. Example: What did Eritrea gain by keeping journalists, embassy workers…etc. for extended 15 years? absolutely nothing. But letting them go would be considered a huge development with significant political gain. In fact, not engaging US and EU to break the ice, so to speak, will prove to be more damaging and more than likely to guarantee a further violation of the sovereignty of Eritrea in some way, shape or form. Do not give them an opportunity to hurt our country and also run away from their own problems at home by starting war for distraction – let’s pick our battles ourselves. Eritrea should pre-empt them for once and foil their plot by taking a bold step. Currently, the enemy knows what would be Eritrea’s every response to any political issue well ahead of time as Eritrea’s course is seemingly on auto pilot (not changing) and sets up their trap with confidence and ease that it will do their bidding. Unfortunately for Eritrea, Predictability has become a huge liability and has made it a stationary target.

    1. The powers you are asking Eritreans to engage have been holding a gun on our heads since the end of the 2nd World War. They did it using the Hailesilassie and Menginstu regimes and they continue to do it today using the rapist tribal Woyane regime.

      This is the third time the mercenary Ethiopian state has been elected by her western handlers as a warm body at the UNSC. What can they do today that they did not do over the last 60 years?

      How can one reason & negotiate with wanton murderers and their mercenaries who have been holding us at gun point for 3 generations, murdering, maiming and displacing million of our innocent people? One will only get a lasting solution if one resolves the root-cause.

      Western powers have been in pursuit of their interest since the time of slavery and will continue to do so.
      The root cause that Eritreans need to take-care off is the existence of mercenary states whose present and future leaders will victimize Eritrea and Eritreans to serve their interest and the interest their western masters.

      Today like yesterday, Eritreans can and will have to no choice in the matter but fight for our very existence.
      The only way to reason out with wanton criminals is by disarming them using their own gun and that is precisely what Eritreans did in 1991, after 30 years of death and destruction

      1. I think it’s ok to fear based on past experience to some extent but when it be come habitual your harm your country especially the youth.
        Don’t you think is there any better way to handle your country issue with Ethiopia differently rather than playing the same old outdated game.

      2. HalahL:
        I agree in Principle but this time we have to play it smart in a way that will not compromise our Sovereignty and National Security Interest.

      3. We can not base our future solely on the past experience only as today is an opportunity to change it.
        Look Japan and US, they went from being enemies at world war II to allies. We have to think within the lines of national interest to us and to them. Look again in to the very statement that Foster Dulles made with regards to Eritrea at the UN in 1952 – he said because of “… their national interest…..”
        That’s what drives any nations policy. We have to engaged them or it would mean that we have left the playing field for woyane to score as many goals as they wish.
        This is no time for Eritrea to squabble with the powerful. Get past it skillfully by taking some of the actions mentioned on the UNHCR that coinside with the national agenda. This will lead to eventual unity of Eritreans under their flag and a nightmare for the enemies dreaming the distruction of Eritrea.
        The enemy’s plan is to create a wedge between the Eritrean society in order to weaken its unity so that it would be “easy” for them to do their wild dreams of breaking it up for good. Now this is an issue we all need to wake up to and work hard diffuse.

        1. The past is the road map for the future or “a gift” for valuable lesson as someone has pointed out already.
          Eritreans learned a valuable lesson from the 1952 US sponsored UN resolution 360A which sold our basic human rights to the cronies and political pimps of the west.

          Eritreans also learned valuable lessons from the time of Fedreation about the criminals amongst us who sold their country, inlculding their brothers and sisters to the tribal Hailessilase regime for bread crumbs. Todays Woyane sponsored so called “Eritrean opposition” are doing nothing but what Asfeha Woldemichael did to his country, people and his bothers the likes of Tedla Bayru, Abdul Nadir Kebire etc.

          In my humble opinion, we cannot get rid of ourselves and the Red Sea but we can get rid criminal tribalism in our Eritrean society. We can also get rid of the perpetual tribal ruling system in Ethiopia which has no constituent base to rule Ethiopia peaceful and therefore it can only rule Ethiopia if it surrenders itself for protection of the west. The west needs a favour in return and unfortunately the control of Eritrea, its strategic location and resources are what the westerners are interested in.

          The only way of removing the monkey from our back is by completely dismantling the mercenary Ethiopian ruling system that has murdered Eritreans for decades at the behest of its sponsors. Today, the majority of Ethiopians have also realized that this type of mercenary system has also violated their basic rights. The mass murders in Oromia, Gonder, Gambella, Ogaden, Benishangul etc. are a living testimony that such a system doesn’t and will not serve the interest of Ethiopians. Ethiopians have finally come to that realization and this is where our interest fits too.

          The simple lessons form over 60 years of pain and suffering is the root-cause of our suffering is the mercenary political system in Ethiopian and the solution is for peaceful Ethiopians and Eritreans to join hands to dismantle, and we will, the mercenary political system in Ethiopia.

    2. eritrea is a stationary target, quite a revelation, though there is a problem that can,t go away even if lets tentatively say, eritrea bows down to the empire, it is still a target, because for a number of reasons their US administrations ever since when they set foot on our land have been destpructive, can’t you see it is the empire which should behave itself, and respect Humanity and our sovereignty, by same token that would, most definitely a win-win to both, secondly despite all what’s happened, reality on the ground, ever since decades ago, when they annexed the country illegally, has been harsh.they did leave Eritrea to regimes who have been massacaring The people, till forcefully expelled and ashamed, that was a shame to the west by the way, am sure Eritrea has done it single handled will do the same all by its own people, am sure everyone agrees.if the U.S. can’t do the manuover to self assess its policy and doctrine, as it stands especially towards Eritrea How can The US expect The tiny nation, of 3million afford to change how it conducts its affairs, in regards to self defending, sovereignty and sustainability both in economic and politics, and at the back drop of a looming war, and existential treat that the weyanes, which the whole world is aware, backed by Washington untill regime change.that is too much to ask for, besides it is an insult to injury by the west, not feasible to Eritrea.as for human rights issue, Eritrea like all other society has its ailments, though sustained, and at times harsh hardwork low pay etc,still is minimal considering the predispositions that has been, made in usa and the west, projects of non stop evil deployment-psychological such as human trafficking which is in check with enticement to Eritrea youth and in check with variose countries immigration policies.Untill recently the UK where I live has had a welcoming open door policy, just mention you are from Eritrea, lots of Ethiopians, Somalis and others are eritreans, indeed 40percent of us Eritreans are infact not even seen the land called Eritrea, all you got to mentions is study a district in Eritrea, and answer the questionnaire, and you will be granted refugee status, plus what ever happened to you in saw a, in this regard-shifting policies is not feasible for eritrea.As a matter of factly the more you enquire about practices in Eritrea the more you realise it is to do with economy, than human rights, with out consideration of freedom of speech, religion, and a catalogue of things which directly appeal to an individual’s rights but does put and jeopardise nations existence, nation building, ones involvement in the army etc. many things are far better and happier because it is not intrinsically systemic and to do with status quote but rather with the predicament the country finds it self, interms of external enemies, that most Eritreans over stand and are ready to take on what ever and pay now than later.are we free,where ever we are, now that we have reached our desired destination, I personally doubt it, neither do I have worries as long as we don,t do the unforgivable, like lots of sell outs are behaving, in the diaspora. Awet N Hafash, NKID DHRIT KEYNITERF

      1. 1. History is a gift that we can learn from. The lesson is learn to trade (interact) with the super powers cautiously or the consequence can be grave. This is what the whole world go by and we are no different.
        2. Implementing your own national agenda is not bowing down to anyone.
        3. I do agree with your point that there are multifaceted approaches used to compromise Eritrea as a sovereign nation and they are all targeted on weakening Eritrean unity. This is exactly why Eritrea as a nation needs to address the real Eritrean issue and solve it with in Eritrean umbrella.
        4. We have to work to improve some of the basic issues that drive immigration and other issues with our own people. I am confident that GOE will embark on that the timing has to be right – the sooner the better.
        5. The danger for Eritrea emanates from weaker unity within the people. Even the enemies understand that and works hard to break up the people from their government. What are we to do to unite Eritreans?
        The state has the leverage and the platform to facilitate the unity of Eritreans by addressing some of the basic popular questions. When we fail to do address people’s concerns, they become an easy prey for malicious enemies. The enemy is frustrated with the fact that they can not find a single Eritrean who would give up Eritrean sovereignty regardless of their political standing. We, as Eritreans, need to come together for the sake of the country.

        1. It is not about Eritrea, misbehaving .it’s about the super power, wanting something from Eritrea, but chose ridged repetitive approach, and taking Liberty.the good news is we all united because of this fracas.
          1-5 sounds, eloquent, in good time, though

  8. Interesting,indeed.
    Well,then we have to claim the more than $2 Billion worth of Birr that we lost during the Nacfa introduction.
    Who allowed the Weyane to use our Nacfa?

  9. Eritrawi Dankalawi · Edit

    Well Somalia & Eritrea both are very important if you want to make peace in the region why support Ethiopia to keep both nations in constant war and distruction while you can go directly to Somalia & Eritrea because both are stratigically located in the region while Ethiopia is the 10th largest land locked country in the world & first one in africa

    1. “Anchor States!” What that status awarded by the US means is that the “anchor state” becomes the agent of the power that wants to control the continent and the world. The agent acts on behalf of the US to police the neighborhood. It is rewarded for its job handsomely in billions of dollars as well as in the diplomatic, political, military and propaganda arena as well!

      That is why Eritrea is being required to bow to TPLF’s Ethiopia. There can be many reasons why the US is not dealing with us directly. One reason could be that it is cost-efficient for the US that way. However, it is not in our interest to bow to the Weyane. Bowing includes losing our sovereignty over parts or all of our country. I an convinced though, Eritrea’s own interest will not clash with that of the US as long as the US interest are legitimate under international law.

    2. they want all of us perish and to have it all, our resources, for themselves. They are not interested about peace at all. If we are at peace, we will smart up and will ask them to share it. THEY WANT IT ALL MY FRIEND!!!!.

  10. Just one important problem I can think of with this article. I can not imagine Eritrea would grant her visa to visit Eritrea to spout out nonsensical pressure on our Government. Our government never allowed nonsense visits before, I can’t imagine it will do now.

    1. Hagerwai:
      It is possible that it happened as Dr Susan Rice did it before and the same Dr Susan Rice might have sent that ‘Junior” Diplomat to annoy PIA.
      We are not sure that these were the real topics what the US and the TPLF were talking about.
      The COIE rush and the TPLF Gurra and ‘power Show” prob are pushed by the same CIA.
      I doubt the GoE would agree with the above issues unless there are mutual reciprocations.
      -Unconditional Border demarcation
      -Unconditional withdrawal of the TPLF’s declared War on Eritrea
      -Banning of the Eri Armed Terrorists by the TPLF
      -Lifting of the Sanctions
      -Paying us back the $2 Billion worth of birr lost during the Nacfa Introduction
      -Compensation for abuse of our Nacka in the Sudan

  11. The world bank ought to investgate how counterfeit Erirean bank notes ended up in the hands of the Ethiopian regime and its supporters. WB’s role as the spokesman demanding Erirean acceptance of these notes, not only amounts to rewarding criminal actvity, but may also suggest WB’s complicity in the crime against Erirea.

  12. Hello:
    Apparently PIA refused to abide by the CIA’s pressure and the Resolution has passed and it was referred to the UNHRC.

  13. The USA state department are only grief and a big disappointment to Eritrean people .No one can forget 1952 the US department officially for Eritrean people Condemn to die by handing over to the alien Ethiopia for the interest of USA.,So this is the USA history in the past and now the history is reaping it self .The COI Where Were they,when the Eritrean people hater the color of the eyes chested out from Ethiopia .This is not long a go 100,000 people raped, looted ,killed, tortured, humiliated by Ethiopia regime …etc.The UN Human Right Watch don’t have an eyes ,they are totally blind and deaf when it comas for Eritrean people .Only the thieves comas on the in the dark of night.The West victimize and bettered the Eritrean people over and over more than a century , has to SOP end it right now .Enough is enough the Eritrean people have suffered and calling for the truthful human right has to STOP .Hand off Eritrea.


    The UN Human Rights Council APPROVED the Draft Resolution L.5/Rev.1 without a VOTE. The COI report and all oral recommendations will be submitted to the United Nations and its relevant organs.

    In other words, the resolution that called Eritrea to be referred to the Security Council and ICC has been REJECTED.

    Big thanks to Russia, Cuba, China, Bolivia, and Ecuador for disassociating themselves from Paragraph 17 of the resolution and that is regarding submission of the report to the Security Council.

    1. Eritrea is spared from being dragged through the mud. Let’s work on the recommendations based on their merit if they coincide with our national agenda so that they do not become an issue again.
      Eritrea can assign some sort of “task force” solely for national defense to deal with cases at the UN and come up with a plan of action alternatives for the government to make a determination on.

    2. It is not only the rejection of the ICC, but much of the original draft was amended. But the battle continues.
      I am with those who say we have to take the COI individuals to court. Lets go, we have nothing to fear.
      You are right, thank you to those nations you listed.

      1. COI is dead. now the fight will be with Special Rapporteur shilu. Her mandate extended for one year. Keep the fight and bring important changes for the sake of our people not to the satisfaction of our accusers.

        1. I’m taking my winter vacation to Bolivia!

          A self-respecting and beautiful Bolivia has been elected to the UNSC as temp-represntative for the next two years, along the side of narcissist Woyane’s Ethiopia. Anyone who plans to take vacation, consider Bolivia.

          Down with Narcissists!

  15. “start discussions with the world bank to accept the hunderds of millions of old Nakfa banknotes now found in the hands of Ethiopian gov and its supporters in the Sudan”.Is this true,was this the reason why out of blue the regime introduced new Nakfa banknotes?but why in the world the regime did not inform the Eritrean people about this?isn’t the peoples right to know what is happening with their country?a regime which is not able to defend it self is impossible to defend the nation.And that is exactly what is going on for decades in Eritrea.God bless the Ha…great… people.they deserve a better government than this crap.

    1. Those of us connected with our people and government knew the reasons for the introduction of New Nakfa currency. It seems there are many things you don’t know about Eritrea and its progress.

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