What is Ethiopia’s UN Ambassador Scared of?

Whatever the pawn Ambassador scribes, the usual suspect behind his blabber is the infamous Susan Rice..
Whatever the pawn Ambassador scribes, the usual suspect behind his blabber is the infamous Susan Rice.

By Merhawi,

Ambassador Tekeda Alemu’s comments, arguing that former Ambassador Herman J. Cohen’s piece  is mistaken, aims to diminish the possibility of normalization. Although normalization of relations is in the long-term benefit of both Eritrea and Ethiopia, the short term gain to Ethiopia drives current policy. Amb. Tekeda, in arguing that Eritrea is the intrasigent actor, makes assertions meant to diminsh the credibility of former Amb. Cohen’s piece.

Amb. Tekeda fails to substantiate his argument that “all available intelligence indicates that Eritrea has not had any contact [with a Somali insurgent group] since 2009.”1  Although this may be to protect confidential information, it is more likely to be to limit discussion of the fact that the last time foreign intelligence believes Eritrea had contact with these groups was in the same year that Ethiopian troops withdrew from that theater. It is critical to keep in mind that Eritrea, on the contrary, has been consistently denying any association with such elements in Somalia. (This is noted by former Amb. Cohen)

This is an important fact because since Ethiopia refused to withdraw from occupied Eritrean territories, international observers have argued that Somalia was used as a proxy. This theory adds to the argument that the conclusion of the Eritrea-Ethiopia border decision will add to regional peace.

Amb. Tekeda also argues that normalization of relations between Eritrea and Ethiopia is in Eritrea’s court. This assertion, like others in his comment is unsubstantiated. Eritrea has been very clear that Ethiopia need only comply with it’s treaty obligations to set the stage for re-normalization:

“I have been instructed by your brother, President Isaias Afwerki to assure you that if Ethiopia withdraws its army from occupied sovereign Eritrean territory including the town of Badme in the morning, dialogue between the two countries will start in the afternoon. We have no other issue with the Ethiopian Government except the military occupation of our sovereign territory.”2

It is clear that the ball is in fact, contrary to the assertion by Amb. Tekeda, squarely in Ethiopia’s court. It may continue to be in violation of international law and treaty obligations while Eritrea awaits its neighbor patiently at the table or Ethiopia can finally move the process forward by withdrawing from occupied territories.

Finally, Amb. Tekeda misrepresents what the purpose of the United Nations sanctions regime on Eritrea was meant to do. The sanctions regime (identified through a reading of UNSC Resolutions 19073 and 20234 ) was meant to restrict Eritrea’s connection to non-UN sponsored actors in Somalia and to promote a UN based (as opposed to an independent, bilateral or multilateral) process in the Doumera Island conflict.

Amb. Tekeda argues that the sanctions regime has not changed Eritrea’s foreign policy, however, as described above Eritrea’s policies on Somalia have remained consistently in tune with the UN’s purposes, although unrecognized until now. (Eritrea has consistently promoted the development of a Somali solution to the Somali crisis) Eritrea’s engagement in moving forward in a multilateral process on the Doumera Island conflict with Djibouti and Qatar as partners predated the sanctions regime. Amb. Tekeda’s comment is therefore mistaken, and possibly misleading.

Amb. Tekeda however does bring an important point.A UN Sanctions regime is supposed to serve a purpose. If the sanctions regime that was implemented has had its objectives met (most Eritreans, if not observers of Eritrean policy would argue in spite of the sanctions regime) they ought to removed.

Additionally, if this policy is judged effective in resolving state-to-state problems in the Horn of Africa, the next state-to-state policy problem that could be resolved through such a process is the vexing problem of the Ethiopian occupation of Eritrea. A similar sanctions regime could be implemented on Ethiopia until it complies with its treaty obligations as defined by the Algiers Agreement (2000) that it signed with Eritrea and is guaranteed by the United Nations Security Council.5

A possible sanctions regime on Ethiopia is likely the primary reason that the Permanent Representative to the United Nations from Ethiopia, Amb. Tekeda Alemu, has written such a negative response to a very reasoned, rational and responsible call from former Ambassador Herman J. Cohen.
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43 thoughts on “What is Ethiopia’s UN Ambassador Scared of?

  1. The following is what the TPLF Ambassador to the UN, Dr. Tekeda Alemu wrote as a comment on https://blogs.cfr.org/campbell/2013/12/18/time-to-

    Posted by Tekeda Alemu
    December 24, 2013 at 12:18 am

    Normalization of relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea is an objective whose realization would be of enormous benefits,to the two countries,the region and,I might add ,the international community.
    Cohen should be commended for highlighting the issue.

    But that is the only value that his piece has which otherwise is rather poor in terms of fidelity to known facts.Frankly speaking,Cohen doesn’t seem to care very much for the the peace of the region.If that was not the case then why would he try to embellish the track record of the Eritrean regime? Does he really believe that the removal of the sanction regime would contribute to peace in the region? I doubt it. But, no doubt,whatever the intention,he appears to be driven by the urge to achieve it. Otherwise,why ignore all relevant facts which indicate that the Eritrean regime has in fact not abandoned those practices which,in the first instance,were the reasons for the imposition of sanctions.

    Turning to his lack of fidelity to known facts,it would only suffice to look at how he sees the genesis of the crisis between the two countries.This is of interest not only as a matter of care for historical accuracy,but perhaps more important is that an honest analysis of the genesis of the crisis might also provide clues for why the problem between the two countries continues to be so intractable.Normalization of relations between the two has so far been a chimera.It shouldn’t.The ball is in Eritrea’s court.This is unlikely to change with the easing of the sanction regime which in fact is likely to have the opposite outcome.

    The sanctions haven’t had major impact in terms of encouraging change in Eritrea’s foreign policy conduct. But the indications are that they have in fact had some impact.More should be expected from Eritrea.

    Cohen’s proposal, if it were to be take up ,would for sure bring to an end Eritrea’s recent charm offensive which Cohen’s piece might perhaps be a result of.

    Cohen is not helping the region move closer to sustainable peace.

  2. Great Article Merhawi. And thanks for the Completed update @Tesfanews.

    As for the Question What is he Afraid of ? I Do Belive The Picture Inserted in the Title Answers it all 🙂

  3. Courtesy of Amanuel Biedemariam

    Posted by Not Tekeda (Amanuel Biedemariam)
    January 7, 2014 at 4:53 pm

    About time that major institutions such as, the Council on Foreign Relations address issues pertaining to the Horn of Africa in a wholesome fashion equally and fairly in order to ascertain a new yet constructive US foreign policy that will end up ensuring the best interest of the people in the region.

    The minority TPLF regime is afraid of any stability in the region because peace cannot and does not serve its interest. If peace reigns the people of Ethiopia would have to elect their representative and that means the ouster of the minority regime.

    The TPLF’s position highlighted by Tekeda Alemu is then a reflection of that fear, TPLF’s fear. The TPLF can only survive if the US keeps supporting its stances against Eritrea which undermined as highlighted by Mr. Cohen, Dr. Frazier’s attempt to nullify or renegotiate the agreement in support of the TPLF. When and if the US focuses its attention on Eritrea it becomes a threat because the only way the TPLF (believes) can exert pressure on Eritrea is by the stick the US accords it.

    There is also another unspoken panic that Tekeda Alemu deliberately glossed over. The issue of Aseb that Mr. Cohen outlined. Aseb is central to the agenda of TPLF’s (that Tekeda Alemu is a part of) greater Tigray.

    On a recent document posted on Aiga, a website that supports/sponsored by the TPLF, a new Afar liberation organization’s agenda that claims to seek independence from Ethiopia and Eritrea is highlighted.

    The TPLF has for a long time tried to use US Ethiopia relations to benefit the greater Tigray idea by diverting major resources to Tigray region according Tigray disparate advantages. Hence, relative to other Ethiopian regions Tigray is faring better.

    It is imperative therefore for the US to take a balanced approach in the region. Unfortunately, the US is in a serious dilemma as it relates to Ethiopia. The TPLF that Tekeda supports is difficult to dislodge because the people of Tigray are a part of Ethiopia and have managed to control major aspects of Ethiopia’s social, military, economic, diplomatic and political infrastructures. That means the US must change its policy and take harder-heavy handed approach against the TPLF to save Ethiopia.

    To work with Eritrea then is the first step and costs the US nothing. Thanks Mr. Cohen for shedding a light on this issue.

    1. Still the issue stands, what is the real intention of Eritrea towards Ethiopia even if Tplf is no concern here? Even Mr. Beidemariam have lamented a suble anti Ethiopian sentiment in many of his articles always down grading Ethiopia. That by itself tells us the nature of Shabia's intention towards Ethiopia. Sorry, are we supposed to take the word of Shabia with no prove on the ground their interest to settle peace with Ethiopia? As long as this ego stands from the side of Eritrea, as long as this negative competition stands with Ethiopia this just tells us the intention Eritrea has towards Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a country who once embraced Eritrea and unfortunately it is being challenged by the confused.

      1. Sahash,

        A bit of honesty on your part would be nice. To answer your question the real intention of Eritrea is peace in HOA so all of us in the region can move on and progress. Peace have become hostage to the imperial slaves aka "woyane".

        1. Nine
          Woyanes are your nearest neighbors if you can't live with them peacefully how can you live with the other part of Ethiopia?. Your very intentions are try to divide Ethiopia based on your shabians wrong ideology(leba enat lijuan atamnm) hoping Ethiopians will loose their identity like you lost yours.

          1. Muleta….
            I feel sorry for you that you used the wrong word towards the wrong side. Why would Eritrea spend its time and energy to divide an already divided and subdivided people. Thanks to your subservient master "TPLF" who has already created faults along ethnic lines that there is no need for an outsider to blame. Habal beliya keytkdmeki diu negeru? After all, who has a loose identity? There is only one term that Eritreans and the world use to describe Eritreans: ERITREAN! Where us on your side, an Oromo will first tell you that he/she is Oromo before mentioning Ethiopia and so do others like Somali, Afar, Gambela…..do.

      2. sahash
        Embraced Eritrea???
        Ethiopia destroyed the beauty of Eritrea since day one Ethiopia set a foot in Eritrea. Forget about
        embracing Eritrea Ethiopians don't even know how to run their country and don't know how to live together.
        Aid money is running the country how long is Ethiopia going to beg.

        1. What a joke? Normalization can only happen between normal people. Eritreans are not normal including their leadership. So, why normalize relationships? First, you guys should go to some mental hospital, get checked and realize that there is no such a thing called Eritrea, even if it does, it is single and poor (not Singapore).

      3. Sahash or whoever,

        How dare are you to think of Eritrean's sympathy to TPLF in response to all the wicked plans you guys have on your plates for Eritrea? "Wray zwiale agame" ilu yixaref neru hade arkey…..bgenzeb tukabo zxegebe seb krbsho kelo. But I would rather change the word "agame" to "Woyane". As Agame is a distinct region in Tigray and the people have nothing to do with the character portrayed in the name….it just refers to Woyane.(TOLF).

    2. Thank you Mr Cohen 'Blessed are the Peacemakers:for they shall be called the children of GOD ALMIGHTY."Anyone Who make a peace between Family or Country , Will Call the Son of Light and where there is light no.Darkness Mr Cohen to do the right thing go For it .You are a hero make the history by making peace .Truly

    3. Tesfa News may you also publish Herman Cohen's piece of recomendation, so readers could see all that is being said and circulating around. With due respect and thank you.

  4. Well well things are going out of z lemani weyane. Now I think they have to go to eritrea to say I am sorry please save me from the ethiopian people. But no way! !!!!

    1. belowcolow
      I think you lack every things including maturity and for a person like you and me there is no tomorrow because our un educated mind is occupied by todays emotions only , but , whether me and you like it or not we Ethiopians and Eritreans brothers and sisters remain live side by side for years to come and when ever the current political situation changes our relations will be changed for good , so we don't have to insult each other for the things that makes worst for nothing.

  5. The no war no peace situation of the last 12 years was meant to weaken Eritrea into submission. Woyanes and sponsors spared no expense, financial or otherwise to undo the independence of Eritrea. To their utter disappointment, Eritrea was able not only to withstand the coordinated attack on its sovereignty but also thrive and flourish. On the other hand, the woyane which was tasked with the leg work is now limping so bad it might get run over by the popular discontent in Ethiopia.

  6. the truth coming slowly we are not forget Ato Meles ont time America they promise me no help from America to Eritrea and The Djbuti leader say American to use our port not good for the to use Eritrea port because Ethiopia is not happy to make happy to Ethipoia ingnor Eritrea but GOD is with us GOD help Eritrea

  7. The history of the eritrean people and ethiopian people were not friendly and not peacefully.they never ever. So how is weyane every day said we are the same people. Wow wow amazing we now ethiopian are the same for as like Uganda people. But the Uganda more respect as than ethiopian. How is the word of brothers and sisters is work for weyane evil.

  8. Samy I think you scarred by dmht.don't worry about demt just talk about the lemani weyane. We will not give any chance after now. No way. Demht heading to ethiopia. Maybe it will remove you weyane lemani. Why yo worry about demht.

  9. If what you've stated is true, tell the colonel he should be fired for allowing it to occur. He's a coward and so are you for crying constantly online.

  10. Weyne has been the condom with which the West screwed the Horn.

    Weyane was happy to let itself be used as a condom as long as it brought trouble to Eritrea due to Weyane's inferiority complex.

    Weyane now feels threatened because Susan "Fried" Rice (Weyane's main sponsor and enabler) has lost her credibility in the diplomatic circles and is deemed as being incompetent.

    US policy change toward Eritrea is in the air.

  11. A bunch of fool eritreans. Every thing is word war games between Eritrea and Ethiopia for you. Children in adult body. Grow up and talk about how to biuld eritrea.

  12. TeQeda Alemu, whom I prefer to call TeQeded Alemu, is one person who is known for his intense hatred of Eritrea. He was chosen by the Woyane specifically for that quality and intensity of hatred. That was why the Woyane selected him (an Amhara) to join their regime as a cabinet member.

    They had just vanquished the regime he was serving in 1991, and invited him from Nigeria where he was attending the OAU meeting, representing the Mengistu Regime, with their offer to help them destroy Eritrea. Despite his hatred of the Tigrai Regime, but with similarity in their mutual hatred of Eritrea. he immediately jumped ship and joined the Woyane.

    The fact that his Amhara compatriots branded him as a traitor did not deter him. To soothe his Amhara colleagues, he lied to them. He said that he joined the Woyane Tigrean Camp only to help ensure that Assab is snatched by force from Eritrea. His public announcement and promise on the Amharic Radio in 1998 in Washington DC that Assab will be in their hands during that week-end did not materialize.

    TeQedede really served the Woyane well. He fulfilled their wishes for which he was chosen. He spent his last twenty-three years blemishing Eritrea and ensuring that it was sanctioned.

    It is no wonder that he is now scared that Ambassador Cohen is embellishing Eritrea instead of blemishing it like Teqedede. TeQEDEDE is scared that he will lose his job if peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia prevails.

    1. Selam Fisseha,

      Teqeded Alemu is going to be disappointed. Susan Rice's and Obama's misguided policy of the Horn has lost credibility. Worst of all, South Sudan, the pride and joy of Obama and Rice, where Susan Rice played midwife is a complete disaster. Both Susan Rice and Obama are watching with horror while the Dinkas and Nuers hack each other to death. I think they have been humbled. Guys are Herman Cohen don't go out on the limb and propose engagement with Eritrea without taking the temperature at the State Department's Africa Desk.


      If that disappoints Teqeded Alemu, let his belly experience cramps (kebdu tiqerets)!

  13. The more I read comments and articles by the thugs of the Asmera regime, the more I become sure of Eritreas sad and black future. These people do not get it.
    My educated guess is telling me that the above comment was not written by the distinguished Ambassador, Amb. Tekeda Alemu of Ethiopia. It seems to me a farce comedy by some PFDJ actors. I find it too soft to be from Amb. Tekeda.

    1. you still live in a dream world. Eritrean is progressing and you still can not see the reality. PFDJ is not know to lies and don't have time to spend to fabricate lies like the known woyane tags. time to wake up dreamer.

    2. Jacob the Educated

      Seriously ? you think Eritreans have time to spare for such travesty , loll ….Keep wishing boy.

      The reason you find it soft is ,because it has downed on Tekeda and the whole Kedami Tplf gang that their time has come , Its Over . Its like when your Master is about to fire you , u know it , u feel it , u have been serving the guy for 20 yrs, so you can tell when his the tone is changing. That's why its a soft come back, a gesture with empty words, to show a response just enough to get by for them to keep pretending they are in fact a government.
      Or Maybe , Knowing Tekeda Alemus history , Like he Switched sides from Being Dergs Rep to Weyanes Rep in days, he Can Sense the Change coming Like a Snake Can Sense an Earthquake.

      On a Side Note : The US is giving clear signals that it doesn't want anything to do anymore with a Minority gov rather it wants to deal with a Majority Representative of the True Ethiopian People. It has and is still meeting with the Representatives of the " Semayawi Party" " Andenet Party " " The Newly restructured OLF" Etc.

      So Buddy , Yes , Its Over .

      1. Hey man, how many times have you said ' TPLF's time is up' the last 16 years? I guess(educated guess..lol) that you say that on everyday basis for several times per day. Poor boy. Deep in your heart, you very well know that TPLF is not going anywhere. But also, if TPLF is gone, that would be a nightmare for your tinny Eritrea. The dream of other political powers in Ethiopia is to kill Eritrea on their first day in power. May be they have a point? But, TPLF is there and it will defend Eritrea from any such powers. Ajoka.

      2. Sheda
        You are one of those day dreamers and die hard shabians who say one thing one day and different thing the next day and now you try to tell us your wish wash way that you start to talk with Semayawi, Andenet and OLF. I am one of the member of those parties and never recognize your so called shabia in the first place and here you go try to spread your empty propaganda un noticed.

        1. Gemechu, whoever reads your response to Sheda will pity you. Your conclusion to Sheda's response to you where you unfairly insult his letter as: "empty propaganda un noticed" (whatever that means) does not make sense. He wrote it to you to "notice".

          What do you mean when you say: "I am one of the member of those parties" ? Are you a member of the three parties? Your declaration that you "never recognize your so called shabia in the first place" tells everything about you. You better avoid reading here before you go made.

          1. Fisseha
            It is the nature of all shabians dogs like you barking with out any evidence or proof that Semayawi , Andnet or others Ethiopian parties are trying to deal with your dictator is nothing but your wish and empty propaganda and an insult to the Ethiopian people so stop there and mind only about yours. I know a small numbers of dogs like ginbot 7 try to do against their Country but they will be vanished very soon when we come for you like we did in past and these time there will be no save my life call to the World body from you.OK SHABIANS DOGS.

          2. Gemechu (I know it is not your name, you are Gebre Ananya, a typical Tgrai name). OK. You chose to be called Gemechu. What Sheda wrote is " It (referring to the USA) has and is still meeting with the Representatives of the " Semayawi Party" " Andenet Party " The Newly restructured OLF" Etc ", Apparently, you do not understand English or read properly to what you respond. Please read and understand before you insolently respond to non-issues.

          3. Fisseha,
            Why are you talking in place of Sheda unless Fisseha and Sheda are in reality one person? Gemechu is Gemechu and not Gebre Ananya. Period. He told you the truth. What he is saying is that tinny eritrea can not even think of being a king maker in our region. In addition, he is saying that, when his party is in power, ethiopias national interests will be secured fully and this might include even killing eritrea if need comes. I as an Ethiopian am 100% in line with Gemechus ideas. Fisseha, stop living in a state of denial.

          4. @ Gemechu . I really do believe you have a problem on many levels. 1. I did not say Eritrea is in talks with the Parties. I said the US State Department and Foreign affairs Committee is in Talks with those groups because they represent the Majority not the Minority like the " Kedami tplf" . So Reading 101 is definitely required here.
            @Jacob : You seriously need to get your head out of the Sand buddy . Your people are so insecure and in a state of internal instability a 5 years old could bring down the house. FYI don't gloat about staying this long, Thank You Masters who have propped you up so long with a helping hand ,Aid, Loan , etc whenever you are about to collapse but now they are Fed Up and have started looking for options.

    3. Jacob,

      No wonder you undermined your own ambassador's post. That is how worthless he is. However, you people in the South have a very strange behavior of denial if anything makes you feel inferior. Let me give a very good example of what your uncles (Woyanes) did in Sahel when they were being nurtured by EPLF to grow up as gorillas. I will put it in Tigrigna to preserve the originality of the story:ቀደም ወያነ ኣብ ሳሕል ይዕለሙ ኣብ ዝነበሩሉ አዋን, ሓደ ኣባሎም ሓሚሙስ ናብ ማእከላይ ሕክምና ሪፈር ተባሂሉ ሓለፍቱን ናይ ቀረባ ብጾቱን ኣስኒዮሞ ብሓደ ሓኪም ህዝባዊ ግንባር ህጹጽ ረዴት አንዳ ተገብረሉ ዪጉዓዝ ነሩ. አቲ ወያናይ ኣዚዩ በርቲዑዎ ስለ ዝነበረ ሓኪም ኢንፊጂን ተኺሉሉ። ኣብቲ ገበር ናይቲ ኢንፊጂን "ተመስርሐ ብ ህ.ግ.ሓ.ኤ. ኣብ ሓራ መሬት ኤርትራ" ዝብል ዝርከቦ, ትሕዝቶ ናይቲ ኢንፊጂን ዝገልጽ ጽሑፍ ምስ ኣንበበ ሓደ ካብቶም ሓለፍቲ ወያነ ኣዚኡ ብምግራም, "ብሱሩ አዙይ ሃምዚ ልበለ መድሃኒት ስ ብ ሻዕውያ ተሰሪሑ ማለት ዲጁ? ስለዚ አንፉጁይ ምንም የብሉይ ማለት ጁ ታ!" ብምባል ነቲ ናይ ነብሰ ምትሓት ስምዒቱ አንፊጂን ብምስትንዓቕ ክገልጾ ዝተኣዘበ ካላ ትጋዳላይ ህዝባዊ ግንባር, ትቕብል ኣቢሉ, ሓቅኻ ኣለኻ ቀደምሲ አንታይ ናብ ሕክምና ዘምጽእ ነሩኩም ጨውን ሽኮርን ብጽብጽ ኣቢልኩም ብመርፍእ ኣብ ሱር ደሙ ተትወግኡዎ'ኮ ያው'ዩ ኤሩ። ካብዚ ኩሉ ኮለል ድማ ምድሓንኩም። ንሕና ክኣ አንፊጂን'ና ኣይምከሰርናን" ኢሉ መለሰሉ. ድሕሪኡ ወያናይ ተናዲዱ ነቲ ኣባል ከሲሱዎ ንብለካ። ስለዚ ንስኻ ውን ናይ ኣያታትካ ኢኻ ወሪስካ። ክንዲ ኣምባሳደርካ ትመዝን'ሲ አዚ ጹሑፍ ናቱ ኣይኮነን ኢልካ'ሞ ምሕረት የውርደልኩም ሰብ ትካቦ።

  14. Guys give the ethiopians the time they need they gonna solve us our problem. We eritreans are in a good even a very good track. Let's contenue our job. Every eritrean do his part what ever it is. We eritreans are builing the fundament of our fiture unlike gemechu, aregawi agamino etc. As a nation they don't have fiture. We knowthem they like to talk they talk talk and talk. Mostly they are high with chaat. Forget them. They dont have the right to talk about eri. They are for me garbege.

    1. Wedi Shabia
      I gave you the degree of shabia because you are real die hard shabiyan born jungle empty propagandist which need education real bad. Even it is hard to understand what you have said , some of us shouldn't be in these site to read your empty propaganda that proofed to be wrong and stop talking about Ethiopia and mind yours only. Now you try to tell me what your brain washer shabia tolled you to tell. But let me tell you what I know and the whole World knows you and even twice gave you a degree of sanctions after sanctions because of shabians jungle policy and you are the World un democratic tinny Country that not good for its people and are leaving the Country in any opportunity they get including those who represent the Country in sport and for you shabians their dogs every things are un true, WHAT A SHAME.

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