US, Ethiopia Behind COI Report on Eritrea: Yemane Gebreab

By ESAT News,

Eritrea said on Thursday that the United States and the Ethiopian regime were behind the damning report on human rights by the Commission of Inquiry (COI) which the East African country strongly believe was politically motivated.

In an exclusive interview with Sisay Agena of ESAT, Presidential advisor and head of political affairs, Yemane Gebreab said there is no legal basis to the accusations of crimes against humanity and that the report was purely a political plot to undermine the State of Eritrea.

The COI said in a report on Wednesday that it “has reasonable grounds to believe [not a verifiable proof] that crimes against humanity have been committed in Eritrea since 1991.” The COI said in its report that crimes against humanity, enslavement, torture, rape and other inhuman act were committed in Eritrea.

“The COI report describes the national service by Eritreans to their country as slavery. According to the report, all Eritreans are slaves,” said Mr. Gebreab.

Mr. Gebreab further said that UN agencies, diplomats and others who are on the ground in Eritrea reject COI claims of crimes against humanity and other accusations in the report. The report was aimed at coercing Eritrea to change its stance on matters of regional and international political dynamics.

Mr. Gebreab said the UN has never made any report when the minority regime in Ethiopian perpetrated crimes against humanity in the Ogaden, Oromo, Gambella and other regions in the country. “The COI report would be more appropriate to the minority regime in Ethiopia,” Gebreab adds.

Mr. Gebreab went on to say that the COI report is also aimed at undermining Ethiopian opposition groups that are supported by Eritrea in their struggle to free their country from tyranny. He called on those who struggle for Ethiopia’s freedom to join hands with Eritrea to fend off the politically motivated campaign.

Regarding US policy in the region, Mr. Gebreab said the problem in the Horn of Africa is a result of America’s erroneous policy as well as the shortsightedness of the minority regime in Ethiopia.


Human rights issue was in the agenda of the U.S. State Department for quite some time as an alternative to bring about change in Eritrea. Its systematic use of the United Nations Human Rights Council to adopt a resolution condemning Eritrea for human rights violations before any verification took place was the beginning this latest destructive agenda. It then mandated a Special Rapporteur to verify and justify the measures taken.

Long before that, the U.S. through its State Department funded Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch to instigate a mass uprising inside Eritrea.

According to a 2011 leaked Amnesty International memo (also see below), the State Department (through Secretary Hilary Clinton) financed these two political right groups to facilitate regime change, same way they did in other African and Arab countries.

The leaked memo outlines how the secret mission must be executed starting from buying out local journalists and internet cafes in Asmara to help sensitized the Eritrean public with propaganda.

“Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, as a combined force of Human Rights defenders, we have received a “reasonable grant” from the U.S. State Department to work with the oppressed Eritrean people to assist and act on behalf of those unable to make their voices heard.”

The letter goes on to say “… the main aim therefore of this Mission to Eritrea is to provide funding and to help in setting up websites and computer centers…”

The secret internal letter warns about the need for absolute secrecy, “Do not operate, at any time in groups of more than two in the day time…” and “Do not take any photos with normal cameras, except the micro cameras that will be provided for you…”

“Our intended goal is that by December [2011], the regime of Issayas Afwerki should be shaking and ready to fall, and we are working on the final details now of an ICC Warrant for crimes against humanity for the President.”

Unfortunately, that secret plan foiled long before it started as Eritrea got intelligence ahead of time and dismantled the network of agents in the country effectively. However, the secret plan of accusing the Eritrean President with crime against humanity following the intended mass uprising was forced to be shelved until another opportune moment avails itself.

Here comes the time and the UN Human Rights Council forced to mandate a Special Rapporteur on the politically motivated issue of human right abuses in Eritrea. Amnesty and HRW do their bidding best with the help of the U.S. and Ethiopia as Sponsors to successfully appoint Sheila B. Keetharuth, a former Amnesty International staff member, as the Special Rapporteur.

What followed thereafter including with the establishment of a Commission of Inquiry is simply a continuation of that failed regime change policy of the United States.

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  1. U.S. State Department: UN Commission of Inquiry on Eritrea

    Press Statement
    John Kirby
    Assistant Secretary and Department Spokesperson, Bureau of Public Affairs
    Washington, DC
    June 10, 2016

    The United States takes note of the recently issued report by the UN Commission of Inquiry (COI) on Eritrea, in particular its conclusion that there are reasonable grounds to believe that crimes against humanity have been committed in Eritrea. We have repeatedly expressed grave concern about the human rights situation in Eritrea, and that concern has been reinforced by the COI’s findings.

    We strongly encourage the Government of Eritrea to engage fully with the international community and UN bodies to address the human rights situation. The Government’s willingness to work on several Universal Periodic Review recommendations is a step in the right direction. We also urge Eritrea to implement its constitution, hold national elections, honor its commitment to limit the duration of national service to 18 months, develop an independent and transparent judiciary, and release persons arbitrarily detained including political prisoners, journalists, and members of religious groups.

    We continue to support international efforts to improve the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms in Eritrea and will work to promote these efforts within the context of the upcoming Human Rights Council session.

    1. The United States government have no moral grounds to open their mouth against any country, let alone the state and people of Eritrea.
      The USA is The Main Reason Eritrea have been colonized by their African puppets (Ethiopia). Hence, the USA have thousands of Eritrean blood in their hands. It is non of USA business what kind of governance we choose in Eritrea. If the US wants to engage Eritrea by stepping in the right direction, start with what they signed and promised to do under oath, Force your Woyane House Negros to abide by the Final & Binding Ruling of EEBC, the Eritrean Ethiopian Boundary Commission.

      1. All supporters and members of shab**a will be charged with….Wait only one Year after your master and lords is in the hell

        1. Just wait a bit uugum, all these allegations would turn to your retarded minority uugum regime very soon. We Eritreans do not have anything to shame on or get fear of the COI reports since it’s garbage, unprofessional and disqualified by any measure. In contrary, those three COI members should shame on themselves for their inability to make a professional report. FAILED & DISQUALIFIED like TPLF losers!!!

          1. Du bist behindert, weil du sämtliche kritische Stimmen zur Sha***s Realitätstheorie mit Woyane assoziierst. Gehe mal von der prämisse, wir die mehrheit Eritrear verfluchen euch….!

          2. Vielleicht denkst du, dass ich gar nicht verstehe was du geshrieben hast. Ich kann dir in viele Sprachen herausfordern bis du sprachlos werdest. Hoer mal zu, du holzkopf, wir Eritreer/innen sind sehr stolz auf unsere Geschichte, wir haben gar nicht zu befuerchten oder zu schaemen. Wir haben nie unsere Haende an den westlichen Laender fuer Almosen gestreckt, also du bist lieber dein Maul halten. Shaebia ist die beste Medizin fuer die ganze Region Ost-Afrika uugum, allerdings bist du leider nicht in der Lage den ganzen Zusammehang zu verstehen.

      2. Your assertion Ethiopia colonized Eritrea is absurd. We had our differences you chose to go your own way. That is fine. We just have to learn how to work together for common goods, That way we all become winners. In this globalization age personal ego has no place. We need to see the bigger picture. Just because you hate woyane, you shouldn’t insult Ethiopia & Ethiopians.

        1. So you want to re-write the history again as the Amharas and woyane did it all the time, what else do you call it then? It was pure COLONY whether you like it or not. Please don’t pretend to be a nice neighbour, we already have enough of it.

          1. Great,wedi erey. no one deny, ethiopia especially we tigray people had colonized eritrea for centuries . btw, history tells not only eritrea was our colony,it was stretched to sudan, somali,yemen and saudi during axumawit kingdom. btw, we never hate our colony eritrea even though you hate us exteremly .
            ናይ 3000 ዓመት ታሪክ ከምዘለና አይትረሰዕ
            finally , thank you for revealing the truth.

        2. 1. Get over it, Eritrea is a sovereign nation.
          2. Yes, we had differences – Ethiopia as a country wanted to subdue and controls Eritrea. Eritreans resisted and gained back their independence in the process taking you all the way to Addis Ababa.
          3. The sooner you keep your nose out of Eritrea’s business, we can look into the “common goods” of yours.

        3. It is not up to you and also It doesn’t matter how you would like to define the relationship of Eritrea and Ethiopia from 1952 to 1991 was.
          The fact that we could all agree is we Eritreans fought a bloody war against Ethiopian successive governments from 1952 until 1991 to free ourselves from choose one {occupier/colonizer/Un-wanted neighbor/African House Niggers/etc/etc.}
          => It is funny you said “We had our differences you chose to go your own way.”
          Unless you are 24 years old (@Guest24) who have not read the history of the two countries, your so called “differences” was the separation of the two countries after a We Eritreans paid a heavy price to in order to free ourselves from Ethiopia in 30 years.
          ==> You are right that we both became winners, thanks to EPLF, which was the leading freedom fighters that liberated not only Eritrea, but also your 3000 year old mama Ethiopia.
          ==> Yes we need to see the bigger picture, but that will come when the Weyane Beggars are rooted out of Ethiopian power.
          ==> I did not insult Ethiopia or Ethiopians; Woyane are doing excellent job insulting Ethiopia in your name.

          1. our blood>artificial border · Edit

            doode where do you get your facts from? what is then your theory if Eritrea was not part of Ethiopia?the federation of Eritrea with its mother Ethiopia was made with full consent of the majority of Eritreans.And there were of course some other minorities who were willing to be incorporated with the Sudan.may you are from that minority who hate every thing what is habesha.the majority of Eritreans were glad and happy to be reunited with their people again after suffering for half of a century under the apartheid,facist Italy Mosseluni .those leaders who separated Eritrea from Ethiopia are not smart and wise to my opinion unless they had ulterior motives.The easiest way to kill a calf is first to separate it from its mother…it is the reality on the ground speaking for its self not me.

          2. Do you even know what the terms and agreements of the federation that united Eritrea and Ethiopia was? Whatever happened to the federation? Stop your B.S.

          3. This suffice! from Hizbawi!

            Do you even know what the terms and agreements of the federation that united Eritrea and Ethiopia was? Whatever happened to the federation? Stop your B.S.

        4. Eweye chuheten kemuge. The below has been said 101 times.

          “We just have to learn how to work together for common goods, That way we all become winners. In this globalization age personal ego has no place. We need to see the bigger picture.

          1. Personal ego. whose personal ego yours or ours?
          2. Just because you hate “weyane”. This is also absurd.
          Wake up! Think for the whole Africans.

      3. I have been following the COI reports , all the drama is over !! there is no single case to bring Eritrea’s leader to ICC, because of this the US wants to engage Eritrea .I’m 1000000000000000% sure JUNE 21 is
        the funeral service of COI and the so called opposition!! LOVE YOUR COUNTRY!!! stay strong

      4. Now what’s critical is what would be the reaction from Eritrea? What are the people of Eritrea and the GOE to do about it? I am not talking about petitions, protests and pronouncement as we have all seen that is not as effective against such accusations. Eritreans have worked hard and opposed the sanctions but it all fell under deaf ears of the UN.
        This time we have to look at the situation at hand objectively and be able to come up with a way that can alleviate the threat to the sovereignty of the nation.
        A divided country is not effective in defending itself in any aspect and thus sure hope that GOE takes few steps to promote Eritrean unity.

        1. Nick,
          Eritrea has always been United and is the only reason it is getting harassed.
          Like in any time of history and in any country (including during Eritrea’s war of independence), there are those who are willing to sell their country for a few Birr/Dollar.
          We will continue to show the world that the COI’s report is filled with lies made up of corrupt individuals that are hired by the enemies of Eritrea. I have no doubt under the selfless PFDJ leaders, we are going to win against all odds.
          Regardless of how long it takes, Winning has always been the tradition of Shaebia.

          1. B.Adal,
            I am proud of the achievements, against all odds, through the independence struggle.
            I respect you opinion however the concern is the game plan being played right now needs a different approach. It is as if we have seen this movie before.

          2. Nick,
            Tell us what we need to do different that would make USA/UN treat us differently.
            If you truly believe & suppose everything negative they said in regards to Eritrea is true, that is we are abusers of human rights, religious rights, political prisoners, etc, etc. Then Eritrea is just another typical African or Middle eastern country. Now ask why are they bothering only Eritrea. Then what makes you believe they will stop harassing us if we take a different approach that you are suggesting. Remember, the US will never harass you unless you are not abiding by their imperialist law. It is that simple, Ask why Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Venezuela, Cuba, BUT not Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, etc.
            Governments like Iran and Iraq (under Saddam) are million times better than Saudi and Ethiopia.
            If PFDJ were 5% as bad as Woyane to their respected people, Drones would be flying over Eritrea killing “Terrorist”. The only reason, they have not managed to do that is because there is no truth to all the cooked lies of USA against Eritrea (Wikileaks !!!)
            Wake up, this is not about supporting (or not) PFDJ, it is about Eritrea. USA being The #1 Country that screwed Eritrea starting in 1952 should not be allowed to point fingers at us, for whatever reason & regardless how powerful they are!. If USA is truly interested in Human Rights, Let them first start with the human rights of African Americans.

          3. The goal is to put Eritrea in a better position, morally and factually, with regards to the leveled accusations so that it can show case to the world the falsehood of the accusations.
            In short, We have to demonstrate on the ground that we are a country of laws and order by installing the appropriate mechanism for it. This was an Eritrean agenda from the get go anyway.
            It is not to please any external element. So take steps that coincide with the goal and interest of Eritrea. (See Zara’s comments below also).

          4. There is a simple formula that the ruling party in Eritrea need to do i.e reconcilation and implementation of the constitution. Eritrea shouldn’t be told by USA to do that.

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  3. Life is unique and short, but some wanna be Eritrean shabians disapora does not realizing that everyone has a different question paper.Life is unique and short, but some some wanna be Eritrean shabians disapora does not realizing that everyone has a different question paper. To be fair, when did you go back to

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  5. Those USwoyane sponsored three evil individauls must be brought to justice and shall be held guilty for the actions that are defamatory,insulting and unlawful.Eritrea is ready for the hunt!

  6. Alemseged Makonnen · Edit

    COI On Eritrea is nothing but a Kangaroo Court devised by the empire to try to subjugate the people of Eritrea. So for they have tried them all and none of their ploys have worked and this too will soon be history. Eritrean people and their leaders are too smart and sophisticated to such cheap shot shenanigans. Eritrea is neither Libya nor Iraq or Somalia, Afghanistan or Ukraine. Yet the big powers never learn from their mistakes for they are too intoxicated with power & mighty dollars

    COI On Eritrea = Kangaroo Court

    Here is a video extracted & compiled from my previous several videos to give you a clue how, where and from whom Sheila the disgraceful women collected her so called evidences to incriminate one of the few nations of today’s world built splendidly on a refined moral ground that is 2nd to none

  7. I truly dont understand why shabo just implement the consititution and allow opposition to organize as they see fit. For a country that has less than Addis population, whats the worest it can happen? Not only shabo leadership allowed the youth to hate Eritrea but open the door for US and Ethiopia to be concerned. What choice does Ethiopia and UN has but to call for regim change? Everywhere in Addis, Eritreans are coming left and right. Some waiting visa others investing, living life. Ewayyy, how can you lose all those who supported shabo from the bignning? SMH

    1. You know how out of place you are?
      Any constitution of Eritrea does not and will not include the likes of “Article 39” so do not salivate.
      FYI, There are no Eritrean opposition parties yet.

      1. I agree ! all are traitors standing against their people.that is why we said any reforms from govt is very well come!

      2. it’s absurd when you said there’s no opposition. Of course there are opposition in any democratic elected countries let alone in Eritrea in which a country rule by a one man. PIA has been in power for over 40 years (pre and post independence). what do you call this? in a country like Eritrea the people who have been denied justice, arrested in communicado for indefinite period of time, no freedom of speech, no election etc… will all these Eritrea must be located in a different plant or we could say we are in a primitive era

        1. I can assure you that there is no opposition in Eritrea. All the so-called opposition groups(sell-outs) do not have opposition qualities. They are under the disguise of opposition group to conspire against Eritrea’s sovereignty and liberty to appease the Weyane junta. They are on weyane’s payroll (life support) Please, can you tell me any group that dissociate from Weyane’s enslavement then I’ll agree with you.

          1. Well! that’s different argument and divided eritrea weather they win the heart of Eritrean or not only time will tell. however you defined them there are opposition who stand out against gov’s wrong doing.

          2. Opposition parties are the ones that stand for sovereignty, peace and security of the nation. The ones that are in bed with the very enemy bent to do the unthinkable do not qualify as one. In fact, the so called opposition parties, as they exist now, are treasonous.

    2. Every Where in Addis · Edit

      More Ethiopians are tuning into ESAT, BBC, Deutche Welle etc. This has you in a frenzy along with all the other Agames who know their gov’t/country is heading for flames. I know agames had the contingency plan of opportunely waiting for the right to claim independence, but Its highly unlikely that will happen anymore. Woyane Made its bed now its time to “lie” in it. Pun intended

    3. Don’t you know the Less than Addis population, not only liberated Eritrea, but went all the way to Addis and overthrowed the Derg.

    4. You didn’t know that the Eritreans in Addis Ababa are working with the Oromos to kick the Weyane thieves out of Ethiopia? It is working.

  8. Let us forget about the so called Human rides and foreign religion missionaries who are using the old way for regime change ,we chocked the sophisticated MOSSAD’S neck in the middle of Asmara and dozens British spying group at Massawa .so Eritrea actually unique and strong on the security issues , they were thought dealing with one of African country before they got themselves confused and embarrassed ! Now the only solution is both sides have to talk about their to do list and implement it without delaying .US has to enforce the implementation of border decision and Eritrea has to perform limiting national service, implement constitution and other humanitarian reforms. beyond that any reckless attempt will fall short just like it happened before!

  9. The so called Eritrean Government should hand over the nation to People through safety mechanism that will secure the life of his supporters and end the dirty game and this will be good to everybody. PFDJ is not only full of bloody crime but it is the collection of dogma politicians with very low knowledge to lead such nation. the only chance they have now is to step down peacefully before the mass burn everyone of them.

    1. No one is going to hand over anything to any world body. That is an invitation to disaster. If that happens there won’t be any nation left at the end of the day.
      Eritreans need to stand together and face off this dangerous political game. This could very well be political agenda covered with humanitarian issues.

    2. No one is going to hand over anything to any world body. That is an invitation to disaster. If that happens there won’t be any nation left at the end of the day.
      Eritreans need to stand together and face off this dangerous political game. This could very well be political agenda covered with humanitarian issues.
      The people should speak with their government candidly to take some concrete steps forward in the areas of concern by the COI as long as they are coincidental to our own national goals. This will strengthen the unity of Eritreans (pulls in support from the majority watching from the sidelines) and at the same time demonstrates to the rest of the world how Eritrea handles internal matters in a civil and efficient way.
      You can forget about handing over anything – not going to happen ever! (read up your history)

      1. You are a disrespect for PFDJ and what it stands for.
        You do not represent anyone and you are barking on the wrong tree.

        1. I don’t think you know what the PFDJ stands for better than I. And how did I “disrespect” the PFDJ? I stated the facts as I see them. I never said i am the mouthpiece of the PFDJ. I just represent me.

          And in my mind, the PFDJ as a group fought, starved and died for Eritrea and, hence, own Eritrea. There is no way any person or group could tell the PFDJ to do anything that would jeopardize their survival and control of Eritrea.. It will NEVER happen. No constitution will be implemented unless it serves the interest of the PFDJ. Why would the PFDJ shoot themselves in the foot? They are not stupid.

          Change in Eritrea will happen ONLY if it serves the interests of the PFDJ. The USA and the Weyane CAN GO TO HELL!

          1. you think that you are smart tigraway, huh? Eritrean people as whole fought for the independence of Eritrea directly or indirectly. Eritrea belongs to the Eritrean people.

          2. Read my response to Zara.
            And what kind of “tigraway” would extol the PFDJ? Don’t answer by saying the “smart” one. LOL!!

          3. All Eritrean people had fought and paid ultimate price to earn the independence . you know what is that means Eritreans own Eritrea ! the govt stands for Eritreans to serve and protect their interests ,not the other way around like you mentioned it.People should have the right to be governed under constitutional law ! submission policy that you interested in is unprofessional conduct and at the end of the day it will bring the country in to more complicated crisis.

          4. Suffice is it to say that the vast majority of the Eritrean people, in one way or another, contributed to the Eritrean revolution — SEWRA ERITRA. And the cream of these Eritreans are those who bore arms and served under the ELF and the EPLF — and the many other armed groups that existed earlier but later morphed into these two groups.
            As I have stated already, the constitution, if found necessary and appropriate by the ruling body, which is the PFDJ, it will be introduced. But as the caretaker of Eritrea, the PFDJ will singularly
            decide that not a panel of three FOREIGN stooges directed and bribed by some international hegemonists that for over forty years fought hard to block the independence of Eritrea and are now RELENTLESSLY PLOTTING TO UNDO THE INDEPENDENCE OF ERITREA.
            The Commission of Inquiry and its handlers are not genuinely interested in the human rights of the Eritrean people. To the contrary, as they have done before (1952-1962) they are laying grounds for eventually dismantling the independence of Eritrea.

          5. How is it say that implementation of constitution is not in the interest of PFDJ? Isn’t the interest of PFDJ to keep the country United? How are the people to defend PFDJ if the people don’t support it?

          6. Because of the state that Eritrea is, it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to apply the Constitution. Read the constitution and read the parts that pertain to the National Assembly, Competent Civil Service and Competent Justice system.
            Don’t quote me wrong. The words in the Constitution are beautiful, like the President to be elected by the members of the National Assembly and that he would serve not more than 2 terms of 5 years each. But you need to have a National Assembly to do that.
            No civil service employee can be efficient and non-corrupt if he is underpaid. Eritrea has too many problems as it is. Thinking about Implementation of a constitution for the PFDJ is like one laid off daily worker planning a vacation when he knows has to hassle for his next meal.

    3. Kokhob stelam one with the dogmas of a wannabe-genius on Agame com “AWATE” says “PFDJ low knowledge pliticians” kkkk.

  10. Imagine Mesfin Hagos or one of the opposition figures had given interview in Amharic. PFDJ and its programed supporters would’ve been attacking mercilessly. Hypocracy is one of PFDJ’s hallmarks.

    1. Eritreans who studied 1st-12th grade during the colonization by Ethiopia are able to speak and write Amharic. Eritreans born in Eritrea after 1991 may not be able to speak it. There is nothing wrong to learning Amharic, as just another language, although it would make more sense to learn another Eritrean language first or Arabic first since Arabic is spoken by a lot more people. To your surprise, B.Adal always use Amharic with Ethiopian friends who speak Amharic as their first language, and guess what, I am also a PFDJ supporter!. What is a programmed supporter anyway? Are you are trying to insult PFDJ supporters.
      What would someone with a pen-name “Yoyo” be called, UN-programmed Woyane Supporter 🙂

      1. Of course B.Adal speaks Amharic. I haven’t seen a single Amiche that doesn’t speak Amharic lol.
        Real Eritreans do not care about Amharic. Ethiopian rulers banned Tigrigna, burned Tigrigna books so they can replace it with your favorite Amharic. We don’t give a shit about Amharic.

        1. Yoyo, what you didn’t understand is both amharic and tigrigna doesn’t belong to you. So it doesn’t matter what some one speaks. Tigrigna, amharic, English, Arabic….. all are not originated in your soil. Aytsekefu….

        2. Stop making a fool of yourself.
          Not that there is anything wrong with being Amiche, but since when is An Eritrean Born and Raised in Eritrea called Amiche?
          By my own choice or not, I have learned Amharic and will use it whenever I choose … and If you have a problem with my Amharic knowledge and usage, I’m willing to pay $ for your short Rope 🙂

  11. USA is stupid aggressive and alcaholic warmongering people,and they are declining so fast.and sinking togather with the woyana tigrey.

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