Eritrea – USA Relations Whence From?

US - Eritrea relation
Bizarre. The unprecedented hostility from U.S. State Department against the people of Eritrea, including the continued interference to the First Amendment rights of Eritrean Americans must be condemned and challenged.

By Berhane Alazar,

Although not exactly alarming anymore, the perpetuous actions the US have been actively taking against Eritrea and its people for some time now has been weird and perplexing to put it mildly. The latest silly action taken by certain US government officials against Eritrea over the weekend begs the question: “Why are some US policy makers acting and behaving like a headless chicken when it comes to Eritrea and the welfare of its citizens”?

Since the abrupt and uncalled-for cancellation of an Eritrean – American event that had been planned in Washington, DC for last Sunday the 2nd of October, some people have been wondering, perhaps naively, that the U.S. unwarranted action may have been a sort of “tit-for-tat” by the Obama Administration for something Eritrea may have been falsely accused of doing like so many fabricated accusations that have been thrown at her in the last 15 years or so.

While I am not privy to what Eritrea may have done to the U.S. to prompt the U.S. to act as it did, I am having a hard time to even understand how the State Department would contemplate a justifiable “Tit” when clearly there NEVER was a verifiable “tat” from Eritrea to justify a “tit for tat” scenario!

The latest U.S. ill-advised action is unwise and shameful and troublesome for it trounces “The First Amendment”, one of the pillars of the U.S. Constitution. That amendment, the right of “Freedom of speech and Assembly” enshrined in the US Constitution, has been denied to the thousands of Eritrean Americans and other American citizens that had avail themselves by travelling miles by road, rail and air to attend the peaceful seminar that was to have been conducted by an Eritrean delegation that were in the U.S. for the annual UN General Assembly!

Strangely, the State Department officials that were contacted on the matter appear to not have any consistent reason or plausible justification for the forced cancellation they demanded of the organizers of the event and event facilitators!

The selective, biased and racist attitude these State Department officials displayed against the Eritrean American community and their inalienable right to gather peacefully to address their concerns, must be challenged and challenged forcefully by legal means.

Enough to the double standard the U.S. has been playing against the hardworking, honest and peaceful Eritrean people and their government!

It is about time that the US stop working in tandem with forces that wish to undermine our hard won political independence, national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Eritrean Independence is irreversible!

20 thoughts on “Eritrea – USA Relations Whence From?

  1. United States policy towards Eritrea and it’s people never have had positive and faithful intent beside to a cristal clear intent to cause and inflicted a systematic harm that including to eradicating the entire Eritrean race. This has been, historically, proven since 1950 till this present date.
    Regardless to how much and how hard Eritrea in its policy is trying to mend and forge to improving its relationship with the United States of America, the belligerent USA’ policy has always have had responded with a renewed action of attack with attitude of rudness and damaging acts.
    Eritrea has shown a welcoming guesture to fully engage with the US leadership with the intention of goodwill like it has been doing with the rest of the European countries,however, the Obama leadership seems to have chosen to remain the fore- ever arch enemy towards Eritrean and it’s people.
    Diplomacy what not, Eritrea has never lost anything as historically being chose to be in the USA’s black list book for the last 65 years. However, what ever you’ve never have wouldn’t make a harmful dent on your skin if you lose it.
    It is time for the Eritrean people and its leadership to give up hope to the unachievable relation of diplomacy with this arrogant and all time arch-enemy of United States and at this given point of time, Eritrea must act and take immediate measures to closing the United States embassy in asmara and expel its charge de’afair including its other issentials and or none issentials staff once and for all.
    It is exterimely not right that the evil-wisher and long time arch-enemy’s flag be seen raised in our country ,its very timely to send it to where it belongs with humiliation.
    I’m very certain there are thousands of eritreas that are outraged as I’m will have same feeling as well.

    Awet nihafash
    Our unity and steadyfastiness is our strength
    Down to the ill wishers.

  2. Your Favorite Cusin · Edit

    They are embarrassing themselves. Sometimes a desperate super power does dumb things. This is one. But let’s not interrupt them when they are making a mistake. Lets continue minding our own business.

  3. My friends, it comes down to Ethiopia.
    The U.s. wanted to save wayane from death at the cost of Eritrea. When they go this low trying to block eritrean officials from addressing their people, it means eritrea is winning and wayane days are number.

  4. Berhane Alazar,

    Read your 3rd paragraph. You are contradicting yourself. If you are not privy to Eritrea’s actions against the US, how do you conclude that there was never a verifiable ‘tat’?
    By the way what about incarcerating Embassy staff for over 15 years without trial? What about the travel restrictions Embassy staff faces outside of Asmara? What kind of ‘tat’ are you looking for exactly?

    Your argument on the second amendment is also misleading. The second amendment is there for citizens. Not for foreign political forces like the PFDJ.

    1. Nobody knows where you read second amendment, but you said you did, we will take your word for it. Just the same, you said foreign forces such as….and the author is talking about Americans’ right but how would you know that you’re only making up stories as you Go, right? As to the restrictions placed on stuff movement what is it to you? And where do you want to Go? Keed dehan bel’keed nab ugumland keed! yAklekha.

    2. Mr. Go, you can go suck a lemon for all I care. Mr. Berhane did not contradict with anything, the way I read it. Unless you believe he is some sort of government official with direct knowledge of foreign affairs, he is correct in stating that he may not know what the GoEr may have done, if any, to the US. But based on the long years of US misguided actions against our country and people, I would not bet a dime that they are acting from a position of sanity and sincerity, but from a position of sheer arrogance and bellicose!
      As to the applicability of the “First Amendment” unless you are some kind of a moron, there is no question that it DEFINITELY APPLIES to the organizers, attendees to be, all of which were Americans. Your unreasonable hatred of the PFDJ can only drive you into a walking zombie. Stop it for it is not good for your health! LOL!

    3. Yet another case of Susan Rice’s personal grudge gone wild. The lady has lost her mind and soul. The lady tried everything under the sun to make Eritrea another failed states like Iraq, Syria and Libya, to mention but a few. This out of control lady decision making process is more driven by emotion and personal grudge than is by the interest of the people of America. People like her are more liability and burden to America interest and to an already bruised American image in the world. One thing we can learn is how weak minded the lady is. Mind you, this lady lied to UN to pass two sanctions under manufactured false premise using her slaves monkey leaders from Africa. However, all that failed. In contrary, the Eritrean people under the principled, gifted and quality leadership not only did they weather and diminish its impact but also went on to register amazing progress in all vital sectors such as health, education, food security and all type of crucial infrastructures.

      On the other hand, the evil Wayane/TPLF, the very entity that Susan Rice tried to save for years is now on its last leg, ready to bite the dust like her personal friend Meles. So, to put it mildly, the cancellation of the meeting by Susan Rice is nothing but a showcase of a defeated mind and spirit. A disturbed mind is incapable of reasoning out. Besides, Susan Rice is not elected to serve the people. She is there because of Obama handpicked her for a reason we all come to know. No need further explanation for her track record speak volume about her judgments and intellect level. Susan Rice’s bizarre behavior and poor decision making quality was displayed in her incompetent handling of the genocide in Rwanda and during Wayane’s naked aggression and invasion of Eritrea.

      Speaking of second the amendment, of course Susan Rice not only did violate the rights of Eritrean American and Americans friend of Eritrean people enshrined in first amendment, but in the process of satisfying her deranged and bruised ego, she has also showed her contempt and disregard to the very constitution as well.

      When it comes the two arrested Eritrean citizens that happened to work for American embassy in Eritrea, I do not think one has to be a rocket scientist to understand how the Eritrean government has all the rights and duty to take any appropriate measures to safe guard the welfare of its people, the sovereignty and integrity of the country. What I do not understand is, those who argues and insinuates the two Eritrean citizens that worked for American embassy, for a reason only known to those disturbed mind, should be immune to commit crimes. This bizarre thought goes to show the slave state mind of these people.

      Another weak point I see, most often comes from Wayane and the losers and criminals Wayane slaves quarters, is the case of comparing apple and orange. To justify the embarrassing, bizarre behavior and action taken by Susan Rice, these lost souls and losers, shamelessly, say it is a tit for tat reaction for the more exaggerated travel restriction American embassy and its staff allegedly face in Eritrea? Well, for one, Mr. Yemane Ghbreab is neither the Eritrean ambassador in America nor is he embassy staff? But this tit for tat is going overboard for one and only one reason. It is because Susan Rice has personal problem. It is cheap. What she is doing is, simply using and abusing her power for personal issue.

    4. Mr or Ms Go:
      Eritrean American are are NOTUS Citizens?
      Eritrean American are entitled for Freedom of Information of any thing they are entitled to–including to be informed about their home country.
      Are U “Dr” Jendayi Frazer, who treated Eri-American as Non-US Citizens?
      Do u know what those Eritreans Citizens /US Embassy Employees(NOT US Citizens -to use your own words) might have done to the Eritrean National Security Interest?
      Do u know why the US Embassy is worried about?
      Do u know why they smuggled few sell out Journalists from Eritrea overnight and shipped to the USA overnight?
      Travel restrictions?
      Do u know what the UN Staf was doing and had done when they left outside Asmera?
      Do u have any idea what the Indian UNMEE Commander was leaking to the US Embassy and to the TPLGF(refer to wikileaks)?
      Do u know what the UNMEE Land Cruisers and Helicopters were doing in the name of peace-keeping?

  5. I never read any article on this site with full of smile from start to finish. Now, lets see if i understand correctly, the supporters of a regim hell bent on destroying the horn, a regim who refuses to implement the consistution is asking first amendment to be respected in a country known for beacon of democracy? Really? What about the rights of Eritrean Americans who you pushed out, family memebers of G15 still asking about their loved ones or the youth you hold hostage till they finish a 12 hour work day in the name of national service? Where is the logic in this argument? Ewwaay

      1. ‘Sentek’ & ‘Go’ A.K.A. ‘Zeben Wube’, first of all, America cares about your G-15 as much as it cares about its imprisoned citizens who, at this rate, will equal to the population of Eritrea by ~2030; or what goes on the Cuban Island of Guantanamo Bay detainees for that matter. So don’t flatter yourself that America is doing tit-or-tat for humanity reasons unless u have a brain of a frog.

        Second, don’t be so idiotic as to mix Eritrean-Americans’ raising issues IN AMERICA with Eritrean governments issues IN ERITREA (unless you are part of the frog-brained population again who advocate for America to be the police of world, i.e., Eritrea is a semi-sovereign state enslavable at anytime like your banana republic of Ethiopia).

      2. It is funny when indidualls who support people to be put in prison without s day in a court for 15 years are lecturing us about once right to have a meeting in a foregin country ????

  6. ሓይሊ ኣመሪካ
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  7. It doesn’t surprising me at all .The state department (the America policy only works for the interest of the America law maker Solo). On whose cost ?on Eritrea people . Because of the Interest of America Eritrean people suffered For all-most 7 deiced stile suffering and sacrificing their own life for the sake of strategic and Geo-politic (red see) .For God sake Leave Alone Eritrean people and the land, hand off Eritrea.

  8. I think the incident that triggered this discussion should be utilized to upgrade the learning curve of the GOE so that it starts learning to navigate through the global diplomatic stratosphere in order not to be perpetually perceived as a pariah state. Eritrea does not have eternal enemies as is often preached to us. Rather it is perpetually suffering due to an invective and morbid leadership. Time to pick up the mirror and see the smudges on Eritrea’s face.

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