UN Country Representative Lauds Eritrea’s Development Policies (VIDEO)


Ms. Christine Umutoni, the UN Resident / Humanitarian Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Eritrea, on a visit to the UK, led a discussion forum hosted by the Embassy of the State of Eritrea to the United Kingdom & Ireland under the theme “Delivering Together for Eritrea’s Development & Self-Reliance“.

Ms. Umutoni shared her experiences and observations about working with the people and Government of the state of Eritrea in its development policies.

The UN and the Government of the State of Eritrea recently launched the Strategic Partnership Cooperation Framework (SPCF) 2017-2021 which is aligned to the SDGs.

29 thoughts on “UN Country Representative Lauds Eritrea’s Development Policies (VIDEO)

  1. The hair behind my ears were standing! And the emotions i felt when she talked about the ” old lady” was intense………i also believe the future is bright.

    1. I am just imagining the Weyane going absolutely crazy with what is going on in Asmara. I agree with Weyane for once! how could this happen? Eritrea is the North Korea of Africa; President Isaias is a very bad dictator; we waste our money and kissed every African monkey behind for Eritrea’s sanction; how in the gods name could happen this? I bet you, they will have some urgent meetings about this one. I am not kidding. Whenever they hear the name Eritrea and PIA; that will do it.

  2. My Blessed country is a blessed land .Eritreans we don’t sell ourselves .This is the culture .Eritrean people don’t boast ,we are very humble .When hes was addressing the fact what she is witnessing ,all my body have a goose-bomb .Yes indeed it is very true Eritrea is sky-limit the future ahead is a bright future .

  3. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

    In sickness and in health we’re Shaebia/PFDJ!! ????????????????
    Well done people and government of Eritrea????????????????????????

    ኩለን እዘን ሃብታማት ሃገረት ዚብሃላ ዘለዋ..ሳላ ዝጽዓራ፥ ኣብዚ ዘልውኦ ደረጃ በጽሄን ዘለዋ። ከምዚ ጌረን ከምዘይሃለፍኦ ንዓና ክወራዘያልና ዝውዕላ ዘለዋ። But the truth is deep down they know we’re going to reach the promise land. And that is why they don’t want us/African to build it all by own might. Cuz if that happen they will become irrelevant. Imagine what Eritrea would be without all that hostility of the West and their Uncle-Toms. U see, that’s their plan.. if they can’t have/control it, they waste our time, in-order for us to remain a 3rd world country. ይገርም ኣብ ሓንቲ ዓለም ከለኻስ 3rd world.

    And off-course we’ve ሓሳዳት ጎሮቤት that doesn’t want us to prosper and that is why we say… we’ve no choice but to destroy the poster child of the white-man in the south. At least our generation will have a better future without hostile/jealous neighbor.

    1. Brother Alec, this picture makes me so sad. Only Eritrea in our region? At least 2 of 3 nations seem to be need of assistance. What a disappointment. Thanks be to God our Meley is walking the walk.

      1. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

        Sad yes, cuz no one wants to see innocent ppl suffer. But what do u expect, if u are sitting on u behind and waiting for aid-handouts bad things like this can happen. And like the great ‘Thomas Sankara’ said “He who feeds you, controls you” even when you are conscious. And that’s why when u say let’s work together they turn against u. Cuz they’ve no choice but to obey their masters. That’s exactly what’s happening to the ppl in the south.

        Sad indeed.????

    2. Read in Madote that smuggled pictures are posted and a story written by Martin P where he stated Eritrea has hidden its femine. I am waiting what the response of our gov’t would be!

      1. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

        Well, Martin Plaut is the enemy of Eritrea. So he doesn’t say anything positive about Eritrea period. And his paycheck comes from the TPLF. So it’s understandable why his fabricating lies against Eritrea. And hope our government do something about this paid mercenary thug.

        Only Tigrayans/Agame believe anything what Martin Plaut says about Eritrea. ????

    3. I found the above illustration under an article “Famines in the 21st century? It is not for lack of food” where Peter Hailey, founding director of the Centre for Humanitarian Change in Nairobi and former Chief of Nutrition for UNICEF Somalia, contributed to the article. In relation with similar article (with smuggled pictures) written by Martin P. is worth reading the whole lot how propagating and politicizing regarding this issue is very alarming (see a post in Madote under water conservation) .

      1. Your Master Martin P and you are NOT Welcome on this web sorry.The Enemy of Eritrea and your likeness .This News Net work is forbidden for the Traitors and layers and for the people don’t wont to hear the Good new of Eritrea and Eritreans .

        1. Don’t make a mistake! I am neither an enemy nor traitor. It is always good to be alert and see the other side too. Always we shouldn’t ignore our enemies for their propaganda. Politics can twist innocents. Also we shouldn’t expect positive always when there are misinformation we should have a means to combat it.

      2. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

        Well, it’s hard for the enemies of Eritrea like ‘Martin Plaut’ to see Eritrea the only E.African country that’s feeding its own ppl without Aid-handouts..while its neighbors like Ethiopia are starving to death with all the Aid-handouts. ????

        So, it’s not worth our time to read his twisted garbage.. Cuz we already knows the intentions of our enemies. And no matter what they will never stop us from reaching our goals.

        And like I said.. Only Tigrayans/Agame find Martin Plaut’s agenda worth reading about Eritrea. ????

        1. I repeat! Don’t make a mistake! I am neither an enemy nor traitor. It is always good to be alert and see the other side too. Always we shouldn’t ignore our enemies for their propaganda. Politics can twist innocents. Also we shouldn’t expect positive always when there are misinformation we should have a means to combat it.

          1. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

            Shaebia we do not underestimate our enemies. And that’s why we’re still standing!!✊????????????????????

            Bye bye now. ????

          2. Your very name says it a lot men, why are you so much interested about a discredited soul. He has sold his conscience and no one with integrity takes his seriously do you?. You are entitled to believe what the the ghost writes but don´t play fool here. He published a smuggled pictures wow smuggled from where from Mars it sounds spectacular when you say smuggled pictures of what dying children or skinny child with bloated bully. Come on give us a break no body cares about such ominous writers though we do not underestimate them, they have to be confronted and uncover their lies.

  4. Thank you Ms.Christine Umutoni for telling your real work experience in Eritrea to the despicable liars around the world as is. Hope, your testimony is an eye opener for many ከሓድቲ። Just one question for you Ms. Umutoni; Are you going to work in another African country or going to retire after all these delightful work experience in Eritrea? Just curious.

  5. Very Refreshing to hear UN officials openly speaking the truth.
    How about UN Resident Rep Christine Umutoni for Secretary General of United Nations?

    1. Brother Adal, she is a different kind of UN Official. Personally I have a pathological hatred for the UN, so it took a very long time to warm up to her. I admit that she has surprised me by her consistency. Good on her.

      1. TGY, I agree with you. All of her interviews on Eritrea has been open and honest. I wonder how she got the job on UN and even more how she manages to keep her job.

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