Senior UN Official Draws Attention to Importance of Increasing Engagement with Eritrea

OCHA’s Director of Operations, John Ging, called on the international community to increase the engagement with Eritrea and support funding for the Strategic Partnership Cooperation Framework (SPCF) for 2017-2021 that requires US$329 million over five years.


Speaking to media in New York following a three-day mission to Eritrea the Director of Operations for the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), John Ging, today highlighted the important progress that has been made in Eritrea over the last several years.

Drawing attention to the often overlooked situation in Eritrea, one of the youngest nations in Africa, OCHA’s Director of Operations highlighted some of the country’s positive achievements since engaging more openly with the international community, noting the completion of a first four-year development-based Strategic Partnership Cooperation Framework (SPCF) for 2013-2016 which contributed to significant progress on a number of Millennium Development Goals, most notably in the health sector.

More recently, the Government and the UN have signed a five-year Cooperation Framework (2017-2021) which includes expanded UN activities on youth, migration, gender and human rights.

“Eritrea has enormous potential for growth in economic opportunities for its young people, and by consequence to contribute to greater stability in the region,” said Mr. Ging.

Mr Ging also spoke about the urgency and challenges in acceleration of the positive momentum. The nutrition situation for children under 5 is concerning and acute malnutrition remains a major challenge.

Water and sanitation practices remain sub-optimal and less than half of the rural population have access to safe drinking water.

The food security situation in Eritrea is also precarious. Located in the arid Horn of Africa region, the country is susceptible to recurrent droughts and most recently the impact of El Niño.

Mr. Ging visited Serejeka sub-zone in Maekel region with the Minister of Health, a representative from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UN colleagues based in the country.

The delegation visited two health centers with nutrition programmes, and a programme designed to give young Eritreans skills training.

UN-Eritrea signed (SPCF) for 2017-2021
UN and Eritrea signed a Cooperation Framework (SPCF) for 2017-2021 that requires US$329 million over five years

The delegation witnessed well-implemented and high quality programs jointly implemented by the Government of the State of Eritrea (GoSE) and the UN, which have resulted in tangible improvements in the lives of vulnerable people. As a result of these projects, there has been an increase in vaccination coverage for children under 5 years of age. Up to 95 percent of children in the area around the health centers visited were vaccinated.

“The spirit and resilience of the Eritrean people is impressive,” Mr. Ging said. “After speaking with the community members in Serejeka, living around the health center we visited, it’s clear that the success of these nutrition programmes are deeply reliant on community members supporting one another.

One local dairy farmer is providing fresh free milk to support the nutritional status of new mothers and encourage them to deliver their babies in the local health center where there is critical support. It is an inspiring side of Eritrea. – the kind of local partnerships that we as the international community must continue to actively support.”

In meetings with the Government officials, notably Ministers of Information, National Development, Health, Education Agriculture and Labour and Human Welfare, Mr. Ging recognized the progress by the GoSE in its work with the UN to address Eritrea’s humanitarian and development challenges and focused on opportunities to accelerate the pace of the progress.

In closing, Mr. Ging called on the international community to increase the engagement with Eritrea and support funding for the SPCF 2017-2021 which requires US$329 million over five years, including for basic services such as food security, nutrition, health, WASH, child protection, education and a multi-sector response to refugees.

He said that Eritrea should be a focus for the UN’s prevention agenda as strengthening engagement is the only path to development, stability and prevention of future humanitarian crisis.

“The situation of Eritrea is a reminder for all of us of the UN’s indispensable value where we see the positive and practical impact of the UN’s work,” Mr. Ging said.

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  1. Well, this story is totally the opposite of we have been hearing even from the UN permanent representative in Eritrea who is, I understanding is departing. We may not have a bonanza of food supplies, but “Malnutrition of children” and “Precarious food situation” in Eritrea. Really????

    1. UN is worthless. They just let this guy in so Eritrea doesn’t get slapped with additional sanctions with human rights as a pretext. If you let them in, they write about how the country needs UN funds…blah,blah, blah…then they fly to another country, stay at an expensive hotel, write more bullshit about another country, they fly back Manhattan and everyone is happy. They are happy because they get to tell you what to do and you are happy because you don’t get threatened with sanctions or more sanctions. That’s how the game is played.

      1. I think UN is trying to claim Eritrea’s success. So they can say we helped Eritrea. Eritrea doesn’t care if UN takes credit. As long as UN doesn’t pass anymore bullshit sanctions.

    2. We also been hearing the price of 1kg tomatoes was down to 5nkf, but I could not find the market.
      Our dams are full, yet I had to pay 150nkf for a barrel of hard water.

      1. Liar……………didn’t buy 150nkfa. I bit you, either your family or your family member must be a thief. Beside, yes our dams are full and the government is working hard to feed Miy Nafihi from Adi Halo. Everything that you see is the hard working Eritrean and GOE did work on it, while you and your likes make fun of them.

      2. Keep your small head buried in the sand.. Idiot! I was there 4 weeks ago. I
        have seen Adi Halo and Gergera. Toured the country for 11 days. Visited half of the country, Asmara/Hama, Semhar–Seray–Akele..
        FYI, Adi Halo and mai-nefhi have already been linked by the way, power is the issue now. ‘Ante gen chirak nek’ Dedeb!!!

        1. LOL…….You smell from far away. Sorry I don’t speak to Agami. You were in Eritrea in your dream. It is good that you know Adi Halo and mai Nefhi are connected. Didn’t you see the solar system too? I know you are peaking up from YouTube. Please fool your kind Donkoro!!!!!!!!

          1. You are the one who lives in a dream land.. Ask your master TN, who I am.. TN know me very well. How long are you going to fool yourselves? Go and see.. As our leade said,” seeing is believing .”

      3. You do not make any sense. Next time try to formulate your thoughts in a logical way so that we could understand you properly.

        1. I was trying to share my findings in regards to the prices of basic necessities, genius Mike is calling me liar, Agame etc..I hate liars and Agames with vengeance!! TN can confirm that for you. I love my country and my people and I want to see the situation changed for the better.
          I am not going to keep silent when I see the facts on the ground is falsely represented.
          The price of 500ml bottled water is 10Nkf, the price of a barrel of hard water is 150Nkf.. The price of 1kg tomato is definitely not 5Nkf as it has been reported. Credit to our young and old who are building the dams and defending the country and I hope persecution to those who are personally benefiting from the free labour of our service men/women and the Gold smuggling. Go and see..”seeing is believing” Ref: PIA.

          1. I command you for speaking your mind about issues concerning what most people have been saying on facts on the ground vs these people blindly following the idiot to his grave at the expense of the future generation. Eritrea and its people can only be served when and only when truth are told by any means and finding a real solution. Only people with no idea or plans resort to name calling. Keep it up and talk to more people about it, maybe these is hope somewhere in that self reliance state. Lord have mercy.

          2. Like this 11 % grow right kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
            Why 15 million real Ethiopian starving???Hello Miss Sentiko/sheger addis/ Ethio/Balance/My thinking / dan / A Hero from Amhara (TPLF Agent!!! ) I don’t know what kind of nick name you’ll get tomorrow .Anyways!!! Why are you here???????????/ The funny thing you responding on your comment .Do you really think you going to hoax Eritreans, stupid dam!!! This is for you! “የብዙዎቹ ምናልባትም የሁሉም በሽታዎቻችን መሠረቱ ድህነትና ማጣት ናቸው፡፡ የገንዘብ ድህነትን በማግኘት ይላቀቁታል፤ የአስተሳሰብን ድህነት ግን በምን ይገላገሉታል? ችግር ነው፡፡ First of all don’t google to much get fact ok!!! Before answer this question go and feed those kids dam ( mr.dan)…………………….


      4. nice try sentiko !!!May be, but is that you came to conclusion just because of tomatoes??? Interesting!! price can be up and down.!!!
        what about this TPLF /Ethiopia has 11% grow and 20 M people starving !!

        1. Not at all, you can also tune in to RadioErena with Wedi Simon from Paris if you aren’t willing to listen to those innocent Eritreans living with us in Ethiopia. The things they go through isn’t a joke or comforting for Ethiopians. After all, we can disagree on politics but we aren’t wishing bad on our side at least.

          1. Sentiko,
            Since when are you a well wisher? This does not concern you. Its our affair and we will sort it out ourselves without you MLLTs putting your snotty noses in. It’s better if you mind your own business. I am sure you have more pressing issues than us. Go and feed your 15million hungry family are always my family and I will never betray them…. Sorry to disappoint you..,

  2. What is the point of sending Mr. Ging from the comforts of his NY residency to Africa, when you have another UN official (Christine Umutoni) working and living in Eritrea, whose sole responsibility is to access and help a young country. Could it be that UN is not too happy with Ms Umutoni vet good representation of Eritrea? This is like allowing a substitute teacher to access the progress of a classroom in three while you have the teacher who has been in the classroom for few years.

    Traveling from NY to any part of Africa to do serious work, in three days is a joke. You need at least 3 days to recover from that long trip. Mr. Ging has some other motives besides the fat $$ per diem he receives for his 3day TDY assignment in Eritrea.

    1. You would be the first person to clap hands if his report was otherwise but now you are crying like general xadkan. I feel sorry for you. Think for your people before for your higdef thou I know you will be the first person to jump to the wagon when higdef goes to the dustbin of history.

      1. LOL…, you just made a fool of yourself. The report actually is not one sided. Dedebit, READING is a TN prerequisite.

        1. Merhabba Wedi Eri I almost forgot that you r a sniper too. I love it. hater always be a hater nothing more nothing less.

  3. Eritrea’s success based on self reliance can no longer be buried in an avalanche of misinformation. Thanks to the hard working peoples of Eritrea.

  4. So Eritrea has signed a second Strategic Partnership Cooperation Framework 2017-2021 which includes for the UN (relevant branches of the UN) to focus on work with migration, youth, gender activities. The UN has a duty to start rethinking its hidden role in the migration of youth, first and foremost. The political agenda designed by powerful forces and worked corporately on women and young people to emigrate are responsible for the increased inhuman activities including the industrialisation of human trafficking. The scheme has now boomeranged on them, the international community. OCHA and others should direct their aim at reversing their hitherto silence and work to stop the propaganda machine with all the pull snares e.g. the granting of blanket refugee status at European destinations. Eritrea is a fully paid up member of the UN and has every right to expect the support of the international community. Eritrea has worked admirably at single handedly achieving MDG criteria and is fully aware of all further needs of her people, without OCHA insinuations. Thank you.

  5. Eritrea Ne Ertrawian · Edit

    ዮኤን አብ ኤርትራ ዘሎው ምክንያት ክቀድሑ እዮ ኤርትራ ከመይ ጌራ ን 20 ዓመት ብዘይ ሓገዝ ህዝባ ክትዕንግል ከምዝኸአለት። እዚ ናይ ኤርትራ አሰራርሓ አብ ዝቀረበ ጊዜ አብ ካልኦት ሃገራት አፍሪቃ ካልእ ሽም አጠሚቆም እንተ ተጀሚሩ አይትደነቁ ደቂ ሓላል መሬት ብፍላይ ብደቡ ትርከብ ጎረቤት ሃገርና።

  6. another UN sent saint, wow!!! have we ever said no to a helping hand, never, if any thing it is our culture to work and sweat for it and if some one is hit with a collosal calamity of a sort that needs attention we run and help.humanity is good but is UN being human, what is the history tell us, especially our eritrean history, in regards to UN actions.dont listen to a crazy preaching fool whos repeating themselves, you know better and you know why UN is doing this? if Un knows what it is talking about, why sanction a nation which is trying to build its economy? why unfair sanction?why not help send a clear message to a belligrent party Ethiopia in its acts of creating war and havok in the region? respect the rule of law, where people will go back to their lands and homes in the borders?

  7. What It Impress me is ,he sow the reality on the ground in Eritrea and he can’t help it to say the truth.I like one Journalist question .The UN body has to have accountable to their action .Time to Life up the sanction.

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