UN Monitoring Committee on Somalia and Eritrea Revises its Guidelines

n the revised guidelines, a number of sections have been amended, incorporating technical and procedural updates
In this revised guidelines, a number of sections have been amended, incorporating technical and procedural updates

By UN Security Council,

THE Security Council Committee pursuant to resolutions 751 (1992) and 1907 (2009) concerning Somalia and Eritrea, hereinafter be referred to as “the Committee”, adopted revised Guidelines for the Conduct of its Work on Tuesday 25th March, 2014. 

These latest Guidelines reflect Security Council resolution 2142 (2014).

The Committee has adopted the revised Guidelines to facilitate the conduct of its own work and provide useful guidance to Member States in their efforts to implement the relevant Security Council resolutions.

The guidelines of the committee for the conduct of its work as consolidated, revised and adopted by the Committee on 30 March 2010, 30 May 2013, 27 November 2013 and 25 March 2014 is here as follows:

Download (PDF, 330KB)

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7 thoughts on “UN Monitoring Committee on Somalia and Eritrea Revises its Guidelines

  1. I wish to see there would be result in our favor,but as long as we don't give them the right to fulfill their demand which is allowing them to go ahead with Africom, I stand to stay pessimistic.

  2. Who care about their rubbish changes, annulled the fabricated illegal and unjust sanctions right now, as long as this heinous unjustified sanctions is standing in place, the moraless with no value called UN is continue to committe a felony crime every single day against the innocent Eritrea people .

  3. The truth will prevail over fabricated lies no super power can ever dominate by using lying and lying as its principle to weaken the government that does not on board with their wicked mentality to be kedime. Eritrea will stay in the course will never compromise the principles that we paid incalculable sacrifices. let the weyanes kedimte lick their masters feet. Deki Eri buckle up your belts our enemies are at their desperate stages.

    Awet nihafesh

  4. Any change would be for the better considering the misconduct of the existing one.We all remember Matt Bryden the former chairman of the group that run it like a mafia outfit and ended up being fired, only to be rewarded with another assignment elsewhere so he can continue with his criminal activities. That story on its own is testament to the reason why the majority of UN member states have lost confidence in the organization. Eritrea has not only survived but thrived through it all, exhausting the politically motivated drama that led to the unjust sanctions.

  5. UN means;- UNTIRING UNJUST UNFAIR UNRIHGT .They are full of criminals .NOT Only to Eritrea to the whole wide World .Specially for Eritreans all most 60 years .Solely people covered up by UN name .They are the one fabricated it.The issue they are one TIED it they have to UNTIED it .I am Hopefully hoping ageist hope. IT is not for Eritreans or to Eritrean Government .We know 100% We are honest and innocent to this all accusation.THE TRUTH IS THY KNOW IT AS WELL. ONCE FOR ALL WAIT AND SEE .ARE THY GOING TO REVERSED IT FOR TRUE. IF IF THY ARE GOING TO LIFT UP ALL THE UNJUST SANCTION 60YEARS THEY OPPRESSED TO ERITREAN PEOPLE WILL WILL FORGIVE UN FOR ONE AND FOR ALL.Thank You TesfaNwes

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