UAE Wants to Open Military Base in Somaliland

UAE to establish military base in Somaliland
Although Ethiopia and Djibouti are against the plan, it’s time for Somaliland to put its interest first and act like ‘sovereign state’. (© Sputnik/ Alexander Yuryev)

By Sputnik News,

The United Arab Emirates is in the process of landing permission to establish a military post in Somaliland, a self-governing province that has so far failed to achieve international recognition as a sovereign nation.

UAE delegates submitted a formal request to establish a defense base in the region, Somaliland foreign minister Sa’ad Ali Shire said Wednesday.

“The base in the Horn of Africa is thought to be a strategic geopolitical asset in the UAE’s fight against Yemen’s Houthi armed political opposition faction. “The UAE has been building influence in the Horn since the mid-2000s,” according to security analyst Alex Mello, who said the naval bases are “just the latest phase.”

“For years, the UAE has invested in the Horn of Africa, East Africa and the Indian Ocean islands supporting tourism, port infrastructure, natural gas, food security and development aid,” Mello noted.

But the base could unsettle Somaliland’s regional partners, including Djibouti and Ethiopia.

“We don’t want to lose relations” with regional partners such as Djibouti, Shire said, adding that the approval process would be decided by the president and parliament. Some reports indicate that Djibouti’s government has expressed disapproval of Somaliland’s pivot to collaborate with the UAE as a stronger ally.

Further, “the move would likely enrage Ethiopia, a major ally for Somaliland which is the only country that opened an embassy in Somaliland,” Hiiraan reported.

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  1. I think (?) there is already a $400m agreement between United Arab Emirates and Somaliland contract to manage and develop the port of Berbera for a period of 25 years. With this, highly likely addition of UAE military base in Somaliland, will be a 3-way blow to Somalia transitional government, Ethiopia and Djibouti. The stronger the Somaliland feels, the harder it will be for a greater Somalia. Djibouti will have wet dreams knowing an upgraded Berbera port will reduce their share of Woyane Chat for the people of Djibouti. Most importantly, Woyane will be full of Quenty based Diarrhea, since the IQ63 will not be able to intimidate Somaliland once Somaliland increases the cost of Berbera. As for Eritrea, the fringe benefits (we all know what they are) are more than we can ask for.

    1. Dubai’s DP World to manage Somaliland port

      Dubai-based ports operator DP World has won a concession to manage a port at Berbera in the breakaway republic of Somaliland for 30 years, in an investment of up to $442 million.

      “DP World will set up a joint venture with 65 percent control together with the government of Somaliland to manage and invest in the Port of Berbera,” the company said in a statement.

      The concession includes an automatic 10-year extension for the management and development of the port.
      One of the world’s largest port operators, DP World runs 77 marine and inland terminals across six continents, including Dubai’s Jebel Ali port, the largest in the Middle East ©Nasser Younes (AFP/File)

      The port “opens a new point of access to the Red Sea and will complement DP World’s existing port at Djibouti in the Horn of Africa,” the company said.

      The project offers an opportunity for the development of Somaliland, which is not recognised by the international community despite 25 years of de facto independence from the rest of war-torn Somalia.

      The investment will include a first phase of a quay and yard extension, DP World said, adding that work will start a year after terms and conditions of the agreement are met.

      On the southern coast of the Gulf of Aden, Berbera offers an African base at the entrance to the Red Sea and the gateway to the Suez canal.

      The investment “will attract more shipping lines to East Africa and its modernisation will act as a catalyst for the growth of the country and the region’s economy,” DP World chairman Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem said.

      “Berbera will contribute to our continued growth in the developing markets of Africa in the years ahead,” he added.

      Somaliland offers another route into neighbouring, landlocked Ethiopia, with a growing market of 96 million inhabitants.

      Expanding the Berbera port could help bypass the congested port of Djibouti.

      An agreement signed in March with Ethiopia forecasts that almost a third of the country’s cargo traffic might be funnelled through Berbera.

      One of the world’s largest port operators, DP World runs 77 marine and inland terminals across six continents, including Dubai’s Jebel Ali port, the largest in the Middle East.

      Source AFP

    2. Somalia Transitional government officially ended in 20 Aug 2012, so all the Somali leaders afterwards were elected by the people, unlike the Eritrea leaders who lacks Legitimacy since non were elected by the Eritrea people but imposed themselves through killing and fear.

      1. One question to you Zomali boy. The world has never seen Somalis “electing” their leaders ever except that a bunch of warlords and people with money bribed left and right to get a vote for themselves. That is the dictionary meaning of “Selection” not election.

        Show me one evidence in picture or reading that shows Somalis “electing” their leaders. There is NONE. It NEVER happened. While it’s not bad to dream a ‘democratic’ Somalia but the fact of the matter is Somalia can not be democratic without getting rid of the clan quota system. Please do not force me to go to that ugly clan issue of yours because it is so ugly and you will not like it. I suggest you go and sell you ‘Somalia democracy’ crap to the penguins in Madagascar.

        Since you ask, We Eritreans do not have a government installed through the ballot box. NO we don’t. But We have a government that we voted for by our own blood and flesh. Now go figure.

        1. Where are these so called warlords you keep mentioning lol? All the warlords who quickly took control of different parts of Somalia after the overthrown of Siad Barre are not part of the Somali government.

          The current president of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is a former academic and activist, so how is he a warlord?

          Most of the Somali parliaments are full of woman, so are they all warlords too lol?

          My friend like I mentioned before Somalia is incapable of conducting a one-person, one-vote since some of the villages in southern part of Somalia are controlled by jihadi foreign Arab and Asian terrorists.

          1. You got “Selection” not “Election” in Somalia.

            Again your Mogadisu town administrators (you call them ‘government’) can not lift a finger to oppose the military base deal between Somaliland and UAE.

          2. It’s a mixture of both, you see the parliament members were elected by their people/elders from their respective ferderal states from Somaliland, Puntland, Jubaland, Galmudug and Hirshabeele states ete, so these parliaments members will then vote for the speaker which they’re done it perfectly and also the president.

            Also to recap Somalia was the first democracy country in the whole of African, in 1967 Somalia conducted lone person -one-vote democratic election.

          3. The UAE first consulted the Somali government through its embassy in Mogadishu, the Somali government has given its full blesssing to UAE since this deal is not only good for Somalia but its also a slap for TPLF to stop its interference in Somalia affairs.

          4. delusional somalian · Edit

            your delusion, the mogodishu government cant even take care of mogodishu on its own let alone give its “blessing” to any foriegn country to violate its territory. Do you know how embarrasing tha sounds? your ssaying they gave permission to a foriegn country to build a base in its terrirory, in which they will not benefit from?only the people controling somaliland will benefit! mogodishu government has no power to do anything

          5. Most Somalia Watchers.of serious nature predict:

            AL Shabaab will bomb and lay siege to and possibly take over Kismayo, Mogadishu and Bosaso within days or weeks.

            Hotels, markets, gov soldiers and gov officials are all on AL Shabaabs hit list. Nobody is safe, fear stalks the land.

            AL Shabaab is planning something big that will rock the Federal Govermment of Somalia to the core of its very foundation.

            2017 is looking ugly.

          6. Africa GeoStrategy Insight · Edit

            Without doubt 2017 is the year AL SHABAAB makes its comeback on a broad front of southern Somalia. Mogadishu, Kismayu and Baido will likely fall to AL SHABAAB.

            Further north AL Shabaab will squeeze Galmudug region and further north still Puntland will face an
            AL SHABAAB breakout of the Galgala mountains and the battle will move inside and around the city of Bosaso itself. This is a disaster for Puntand because ISIS will pressure Bosaso city from the west and east and Alshabaab from the south of the city.

            The Kenyan’s will withdraw from Somalia in 2017 and so will Ethiopia.

            Somalia will return to clan warfare and within one to two years an equilibrium will emerge.

          7. Jubaland is in strong position to fight of al shabab on its own, theres already an American base in Kismoya and also the tribes that reside in Jubaland also reside in the Ethiopia and Kenya side and are willing to cross over to Somalia Jubaland to fight off al shabab.

            Also Mogadishu is way out of al shabab hands, because there’s a large American base and also Turkey is building a military base aswell and the Somali governmet troops and the Somali police are very strong in Mogadishu.

            Al shabab are only strong in villages and towns where theres no government troops, I believe al shabab is on the back foot, they hardy control any major cities in Somalia compare to 2007 to 2012 when the entire Southern Somalia incuding the major cities like Mogadishu, Kismoya, Baidoa, Marca, Jowhar etc were all under al shabab.

            Al shabab has lost funds and the foreigners jihadi fighters who kno favour Syria and Iraq for Jihad, al shabab also lost the will to recruit somali adultes since al shabab fighters are bow kids as young as 9 year old.

            As Somalia continues the path of democracy al shabab will continue to lost more grounds.

          8. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

            Dude.. The puppet government of Somalia doesn’t have any power so pls stop being delusional. How can Somalia give permission to UAE to build a base in its territory, while Somaliland was declaring its separation from Somalia. U see if Somalian government was strong this wouldn’t have happened. And that proves ur government is a B!tch!! ???? the pet of TPLF doesn’t have power over anyone. ????

          9. Sir, your new name going forward is Unicorn. this is b/c you live in fairy tale land at times, and la la Land for the rest of the times.

          10. Note the population of the Horn of African is 150 millions people.

            The Oromos alone make up 40 million which makes them the largest single ethnic group in the horn of African so how can a minority ethnic Tigrai rebel front not only rule 40 million Oromos and 25 million Amharas but at same time be in every corner in Somalia, Eritrea, Djibouti and Kenya?

            My friend the moral of the story is TPLF have a powerful hand called the USA thats how they dictate everyone.

            Right now TPLF isnt causing problems for Somalia so what TPLF does inside Ethiopia is non of Somalia business but if TPLF interfere in Somalia internal affairs then thats all new ball game.

            Eritrea only shares a small border with Ethiopia mainly the Tigray region which ethiopia has secured with only one hundreds soilders but Somalia shares a huge massive border from all the way the Djibouti border to the borders of kenya, for Ethiopia to secure its border with Somalia then Ethiopia will need about ten million soilders to work night and day.

            I would even go as far as saying TPLF is Somalia puppets because it’s TPLF that keep seeking attention from Somalia, they seek friendship from Somalia because they have no friends in Ethiopia, because the Oromos and the Amharas want to skin them alive and they kno the American can’t be trusted because they have a bad habit of betraying their friends.

            TPLF and Somalia have an agreement, TPLF will help Somalia defeate al shabab, and Somalia will cut its ties with Egypt, to me that’s a good deal.

          11. Fyi: Land boundaries: 5,328 km
            Sudan 723 km
            South Sudan 883 km
            Somalia 1,600 km
            Eritrea 912 km
            Kenya 861 km
            Djibouti 349 km
            Coastline: none

          12. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

            “Eritrea only shares a small border with Ethiopia mainly the Tigray region which ethiopia has secured with only one hundreds soilders but Somalia shares a huge massive border from all the way the Djibouti border to the borders ”

            Really just one hundred soldiers?! ????????

            “I would even go as far as saying TPLF is Somalia puppets” — wow.. U really are naive.. I guess politics is not ur strong suit. I will leave it there. Smh

          13. We have protected you from 2006 till now, the least you can do is address us in an appropriate name, EPRDF. You were hiding under your moms skirt when we first got there, now we are a puppet huh? Ewwyy Somali loyalty, let me first start by educating you with population count. Kenya and Ethiopia alone is 150 million. We do appreciate you for not allowing Egypt not to come near and in return we haven’t recognized your Eritrea but If I would to give you advice, learn from us by avoiding bloodshed and let Somaliland have a say in their future. Just a thought, good luck on the 22nd and hope we both get a win win.

          14. I am a person who believes in democracy values, So I shall not lie just to please you, to the truth is EPRDF was formed by the TPLF in 1993 after they expelled the OLF, ONLF and then TPLF recruited the OPDO, Pro TPLF Somalis, Afars, Amharas etc as surrogates, as far as things go the ruling party in Ethiopia is lead by the Tigray people liberation front (TPLF) who have lost every legitimacy to rule the people of Ethiopia, so there you go.

            From the bottom of my heart we appreciate the help Ethiopia has provided us by fighting the Al Qaeda terrorists groups especially to those Ethiopians soliders who lost their lives in Somalia.

            One thing I can assure you is Somalia will never ally itself with any country that wants to hurt Ethiopia, that is a promise.

          15. And where is this Somaliland? The eastern border of the former British Somaliland is either controlled by Puntland which recognised as a federal state part of Somalia or a tribal militia connected to another unrecognised khaatumo state, the far western of the former British Somaliland from Awdal shares tribes ties with the Djibouti and they said they will start a war if Somaliland is recognised.

            The truth is Somaliland only controls three cities namely Hargeisa, berbera and burco which are all inhabited by one single clan called Isaaqs who are the separatist, British Somaliland was composed of 5 tribes, only one tribe wants to divide Somalia while the other four tribes wants unity with Somalia.

            Ps Somaliland and Eritrea are two different things, Ethiopia annexed Eritrea when the Emperor Haile Selassie dissolved the federation But Somalia never annexed Somaliland because Somalia didn’t even existed neither Somaliland, there former names were British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland and these two territories joined in1960 the act of union was signed and approve by both parliament of then British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland.

            British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland ceased to exist in 1960, So what came after the overthrow of Mohammed Side Barr is null and void and will never ever be accepted by the Somali people, the tribal elders and the government.

            Somalia will use full force to regain full control of Somaliland, and if Ethiopia interfere, then hell will lose, its better if Ethiopia stays out of Somalia business.

          16. You are Truly an un-educated barbarian.

            We are well aware Somaliland controls and governs its territorry and also that Mogadishu do not govern even Mogadishu.

            How ungrateful to threaten Ethiopia after all we did for Somalia.

            By the way Somaliland people defeated Siad Barre’s military and Al shabaab was never more deadly than when led by Somalilander Ahmed Abdi Godane, I highly doubt Somaliland is scared of Somalia.

          17. Ethiopia needs to respect Somalia sovereignty, what Mogadishu does with Somaliland is none of Ethiopia business, Ethiopia is facing its own threats from Egypt, Eritrea and the millions rebels operating in every corner of ethiopia so the last thing Ethiopia needs is Somalia’s roars.

            Mogadishu is already building a military base in Sool aka the far eastern former britist Somaliland and if we spot a tiny problem from the TPLF, then you bet Somalia will start arming the G7, OLF, ONLF and it won’t be long before the TPLF are chased back to their village.

          18. According to an UN Statement yesterday:

            “5 million in Somalia face humanitarian disaster due to drought.”

            If Somalia had money you would fund their help. Stop talking nonsense, you can’t fund to repaint your presidential palace who do you think you are fooling? We know the reality.

          19. Richard Grossmutter · Edit

            Like I told your friend Mahamad who is also from Somalia: stop letting your emotions influence the facts in your writings. It is apparent
            here on TesfaNews that no one takes writers from Somalia serious.

            You write that there is a military base in Sool region controled by Somalia, this is a blatant lie. There are experts on Somalia who read these forums you know. As we all know Somaliland has a military base in Gambadha, Sool region, close to its border with Somalia. So to write Somaliland does not control its territory is a bit like lying.

            The facts as we all know is that Somalia is very busy with its election for parliament and president. Also Galmudug regional gov has been voted out of office by its parliament Somalia is in no way occupied with Somaliland least of all militarily and same goes for Somaliland which is dealing with its internal issues.

            Avoid blatant lies in your forum contributions please. Dont waste valuable space. Dont let your hatred of Somaliland cloud the facts of your writing.

          20. Every white dude who follows Somalia thinks they are expert in internal Somali dynamics. Its looks you are one living off spreading few secessionist lies. You mentioned Gambada base. For your information Dhulbante militia who switch sides for power struggles does not mean they are seccesionist. Even Las Anod is controlled by Dhulbahante clan militia. You believe separatist proganda saying all east Is under them. What about Buhodle District deep inside socalled Somaliland controlled by unionist which is more close to Hargeisa than to border with Puntland. Who do you think supplies them. Arent you aware Somali immigration and passport office was opened there last year. If Somaliland controls it how is that possible. Wasnt it recently Somali ministry of health landed a plane full of medicine in Buhodle.
            I guess you are one lying as your separatist paycheck is crambling. Also your socalled experts got it wrong somalia past 26 years.
            For your information many clans are waiting things to settle in Mogadishu. Even some Isaaq especially eastern ones are unionist.
            Man there is nothing you know about Somali internal political dynamics. Its better for you to learn.

          21. Mahamd

            You truly are mentally ill. I feel so sorry for you.

            You have written lies from start to finish.

            You are not TesfaNews worthy go back playing with your sandbox.

          22. Somalia is the disgrace of the Horn of Africa.

            I respect Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somaliland, Kenya but I have no respect for Somalia.

          23. “Threat from Egypt and Eritrea ”

            Hahahaha.Egypt is facing threat from Ethiopia because we are making a big tap called GERD.eritrea oh were is eritrea any way.i remember to the north.didn’t they get expelled from the field 16 years ago.

          24. TPLF interfered in your tribal politics and divide you already beyond repair. We are not sure how you define interference but where were you when TPLF opened an embassy in Somaliland to become the only country to do so? That is beyond interference since it effectively treat you and somaliland as two different and independent states!

            That’s why Emirates start treating you as a no entity on the affairs of Somaliland. As a matter of fact, one is peaceful and democratic, while the other is chaotic with no authority or presence outside the capital.

          25. Best Quote of 2017

            “Somalia is Offcially(on paper) recognized as a country but De-Facto(in reality on the ground) non-existant as a country”


            “Republic of Somaliland is De-Facto(in reality on the ground) a functioning country
            but officially(on paper) non-existant.”

          26. Somali government in Mogadishu approved this base and the port deal in March 2016. Dubai first got permission from Mogadishu. That is why you see silence from Mogadishu. Somalia sees UAE as ally and this base is not gonna bring recognition for the so-called Somaliland. Actually we see Turkish and UAE bases as counterweight to TPLF and that is why you see them howling already. I think even the Egyptians should be welcomed. Do not underestimate the Somali government strategy even though they are weak now.

          27. Mogadishu is in Somaliland and Somaliland is in Mogadishu.

            If Somaliland is independence or not this is political issue but people are ok relationship nomatter what. This is not issue like Eritrea-Ethiopia war.

          28. I agree. The issue is only political and that is why you see Somalis have no boundaries of culture, economy and even politics. The people move freely including the politicians. For example, the current head of supreme court of Somalia was the attorney general of Somaliland just last year. He switched. Even former foreigner minister of Somalia Buubaa switched to north last year. Many southern politicians also live in the north. Another odd example, head of Somali Kilil court in Ethiopia is now the attorney general of Somalia. Somali citizenship is by blood. Even Djiboutians are in the Somali government. Also the so-called Somaliland does not control all the territories of the former British Somaliland. There are other groups who control their territories and are for unity. It is better to scratch the issue beyond the surface.

            Even though there is foreign orchestrated war against Somalis it never stopped the marriage, economic movement and travels between Somalis. Many people think they know what is going on is Somalia but are mistaken. The Somali nation is older the Somali State and that is why we are so resilient. Somalia issue will be resolved soon and you shall see reunited again state wise.

          29. Nairobi Based Analyst · Edit

            I understand Puntland is facing an Isis/Daesh insurgency in Bosaso town and a war with Galmudug region in Gaalkacyo town.

            Experts on Somalia based in Nairobi, Kenya, say Puntland could crumble politically within weeks or possibly face a military cout d’etat by Puntland officers.

            They sight high inflation, drought, corruption, and pressure from Galmudug as likely reasons for Puntlands imminent collapse.

            How do you see it objectivly please?

          30. ISIS in the north is weak. More potent is Shabaab….even Shabaab power is limited to assassination and bombings. They both do not control even one village. ISIS existence is troubled because they are facing both government and Shabaab attacks. ISIS tried to use a clan grievance in Bosaso area but it has been resolved. I am talking about former Bari region governor revolt. Galkacyo issue is largely resolved. It has been agreed federal police will be deployed soon and a joint regional police will be created for that city. The issue of drought, corruption and inflation exist across all Somalia. For your information, nomads from Somaliland and Galmudug are in Puntland coastal areas now due to little rain there after a cyclone from India.

            I do not foresee Puntland collapse or military coup but there is possibility of parliamentary impeachment against Puntland leader. So far this has not materialized. Remember, the people in Puntland and Somaliland will not allow politicians to rock the boat so much that the local administrations collapse. Even Galmudug leader has been impeached few days ago and nothing much happened. The focus now is in Mogadishu elections.

          31. Richard Grossmutter · Edit

            You should learn a thing or two from the Eritreans who run TesfaNews.

            Both you and the other guy from Somalia are to emotional and are willing to blatantly lie to further your goals, that make writers from Somalia untrustworthy. I do not find this unprofessional trait in Somali writers from Djibouti or Somaliland.

            For instance you write above that “Somaliland only controls 3 cities and you cite Berbera, Hargeisa and Burao”. This is a blatant lie and you let your animosity towards Somaliland influnce the facts in your writing. Not professional.

            Do you take us for fools sir?

            We are well aware that the Sool region and its regional capital Las Anod is under Somaliland control and administration since 2007.

            We are well aware that Sanaag region and its regional capital is under Somaliland control and administration and has been so since 1991.

            Don’t insult us readers and contributors to TesfaNews. Be serious or be quiet, please.

          32. You are only talking about only two cities. Eastern Sanaag region who controls it. Also Las Anod was a sub clan revolt led by Habsade. Whre is he now. He is in Punterand. So do not be mistaken by some subclan revolt for temporary alliance as they are separatists. It fact those three cities of Isaq clan are base of separation. Somaliland separation is a mirage because 4 of the 5 main clans want unity. So no one lying to you but you cant understand the local dynamics. If majority in north wanted separation will have done long ago. Even in south there is this confusing alliances which foreigners get confused.

          33. Richard Grossmutter · Edit

            I am not for or against Somaliland but I dont like lies. Truth matters.

            Truth is:

            Somaliland has controlled Sool region capital, Las Anod, Since 2007, that is 10 years.

            Somaliland has controlled Sanaag regional capital, Erigabo,since 1991, that is 26 years.

            The fact of the matter is that the Republic of Somaliland is a De-Facto country which has close relations with Ethiopia, Djibouti, UAE, Britain, Netherlands, Denmark, Turkey, China, USA and others

            Somaliland is also the only functioning entity of what formerly was known as Somalia.

          34. Not only I’m From Somalia but I’m also from that region you just mentioned aka Sool, I can assure you Somaliland is no where to be seen in Sool.

            Sool is completely under a tribal militia which is an ally of Somaliland but the people of Sool are 100% pro Somalia, like I said before these tribal militia they change sides often, it won’t be long before the government of Mogadishu buys their loyalty.

            Somalia has already made inroads in the former British Somaliland, like opening an immigration office in Cyan region, and also Somalia wants to integrate Puntland forces into the Somali national army which I believe could be the end of the so Somaliland.

            Somalia has every right to use force to protect and safeguard its sovereignty like any other nation so Everything is on the table including using force to expel the pro Ethiopia leaders from Hargeisa.

            Ps Ethiopia is as weak as Somalia, if Somaliland is recognised then Oromia and Ogadenia will also be recognised as separate countries from Ethiopia.

            Ethiopia is behind this project called Somaliland, Ethiopia has been begging other African countries to recognise Somaliland, because Ethiopia doesn’t want to anger Somalia by recognising Somaliland first, anyway even if Somaliland is recognised by the smallest country in African, Ethiopia will be buried the next day.

          35. FullSpectrum Dominance · Edit

            Why are all Minneapolis Somalis indicted for terrorismin Usa and abroad from the Harti sub clan of Somalis?

            Both FBI, CIA, DIA and NSA ia activly tracking the Harti clan in Usa, just so you are aware. Things will be different under Trump.

            All Somalis who joined Isis and Al.shabaab out of Minneapolis were from.the Harti sub clan of Somalis. An extensive, intense and sustained investigation of this community is ongoing.

          36. I smell shit, its called Somalia lies.

            Ethiopia wipped your skinny Somalia asses in 1977-78 and again in 2006.

            Djibouti told Somalia in 1977 that Somalia smell like shit and Djibouti will not join Somalia but instead opt for independence. And so the state of Djibouti was founded in 1977.

            In 1991 Somaliland declared independence and in 2007 it liberated Las Anod and Sool region from Somalia.

            Somalia is a cesspool of shitty liars and corrupt politicians.

            Minneapolis Somalis should go back to Somalia we are tired of their terrorist affiliations. Trump will deal with the Somalia infestation. Vermin/rats.

          37. Take your white trash from here. That nut Trump will destroy America. By the way Somalia defeated Ethiopia in 1977 after reaching 80 km to Addis Ababa and were rescued by the Eastern bloc countries led by Soviet Union. Watch the commander of Soviet land forces who was commanding that operation on Youtube. I forgot Americans have no clue about history. And in 2006, Americans were helping them and they were begging for ceasefire by 2008 to withdraw. You can go back to history back to 500 years and we have always wiped Ethiopian ass but always rescued by westerns powers.

            Grow up and have a sense of history to argue your point. Worry about your America which is facing its demise like the Soviets.

          38. You dumb American go and screw yourself, Minneapolis is now part of Somalia and neither your coward ass or that idiot Trump can touch us.

            Ps for your information Somalia defeated Ethiopia in 1977, Somali National Army went as far as Addis Abba, it was the Russia and the Cuban forces that expelled Somali National army from Ethiopia.

            The Ethiopians are biggest cowards in African since they always ask the help of the white man.

          39. IGAD Region Analyst · Edit

            Well boys, Somalia might have won some battles like the famous battle of Jigjiga but Ethiopia won the war. Yes Ethiopia was supported by South Yemen, Cuba, Soviet Union, but war is not a fair fight, bottomline is Ethiopia won the war and the dream of
            Greater Somalia was thrown in the trash bin.

            Forget NFD, the Kenyans are now deep inside Somalia.Kenya now controls Lower Jubba region and Middle Jubba region and Gedo region by proxy. You Somalis are done like dinner.

            Ethiopian Somalis are strongly pro-Ethiopia and Djibouti is not joining Somalia anytime soon. Greater Somalia is dead, the fight is now inside Somalia itself and for regional powers to carve out territory to annex and zones of influence.

            Jubbaland will be a region of Kenya by 2021 it has already been drafted and planned.

            Ethiopia will want Mudug and has already raised its flag in parts of Mudug.

            Somalia talk tough but you are a corpse on life support given by the whites you so casually insult.

          40. Keep up with your wet dreams. Somaliweyn or Great Somali not Greater Somalia is still kicking and alive. You think the jackal ethiopian and kenyans are in soomali for their interest. They are mercenaries doing the bidding of white mans who have greater intetest. You think being inside Somalia under white man leash you can accomplish your wet dreams. Lets see when the white man cuts money to Amisom in 2018 as planned. Fools wanna takeover Somali on another mans paycheck. What can they annex they cant even feed their people. Watch out deep inside those countries. I give you three years only when you will wake up from your dream.

          41. Al shabab has already destroyed Kenya between Christian’s and Muslims lands.
            And the TPLF the rulers of Ethiopia have also destroyed Ethiopia since the largest ethnic group the Oromos want separation.

          42. Union of Islamic Courts · Edit

            Somalia and sovereign are two words that do not go together.

            And here is why:

            26 000 foreign troops in Mogadishu alone.

            Kenyan troops in Jubbaland.

            Isis in Puntland.

            An Ethiopian General(Gabre) in the presidential palace jn Mogadishu.

            CIA in Mogadishu

            Djiboutian troops in Hiiraan region

            Al shabab controlling the countryside in Southern Somalia.

            note. Union of Islamic courts is the only group which managed to bring peace and stability to southern Somalia. Usa backing Ethiopia in an invasion overthrew the courts and now a puppet government of heathens run Mogadishu.

          43. Somaliland controls all 6 regions of its territorry and the regional capitals.

            Sool region (Las Anod city)
            Sanaag region (Erigabo city)
            Togdheer region (Burao city)
            Saahil region (Berbera city)
            Marodi Jeh region (Hargeisa)
            Awdal region (Borama city)

            That is a fact. Wether you like that or not or how you view that Mr. Mhamd is a different topic we can discuss but as now Jan 2017Somaliland controls those cities and regions. Simple verifiable science.

          44. Somaliland doesn’t control sanaag but only controls the capital Erigavo while the rest of Sanaag is controlled by a tribe which is a pro Puntland, and also cyan region is controlled by Another tribe which is a pro Mogadishu, Cyan region was carved out of the southeastern section of the Togdheer region by the former Somali president Abdullahi Yusuf while he was the president of Puntlan, Togdheer region is inhabited by the separatists tribe Aka Isaaq.

            Somaliland only controls Sool region through payments to the tribe that inhabits in Sool, these tribes in Sool kicked out Puntland forces in 2007 because they were holding Puntland for ransom, Somaliland pays these tribal elders in Sool monthly for their loyalty.

            In Sanaag region Somaliland only controls the capital Erigavo which is inhabited by the separatist tribe Aka Isaaq tribe while the rest of Sanaag is controlled by another tribe which is a pro Puntland and Mogadishu.

            Cyan region is controlled by a tribe which is a pro Mogadishu.

            These Somali tribes can’t be trusted they jump from oneside to the other side, it’s all about money, as Mogadishu gets richer through EU and American funds they will buy the tribes of Sool, Sanaag and they will chase those Somaliland separatists.

          45. Ohio Campus Survivor · Edit

            What do you take the American and European people for? Somalia’s piggy bank?

            Disgusting comment.

            I rather my government support Somaliland which is peaceful and democratic than terror plagued Somalia.

          46. Last Warlord

            I do not pay tax here in UK to finance a corrupt “gov” in Somalia that is eager to attack Somaliland with that money as you put it and I am pretty sure the American taxpayer feels the same.

            I am appaled that my taxpayer money might be used by Somalia’s government to attack Somaliland the only democracy in the region.

          47. Take your colonialist mentality from here. You asked you to pay Somalia. Please take your so-called aid from us. That is what we want. Please call your mp and ask for end of aid. Your aid is killing us and through it stealing our resources

          48. Somalis survived your European ancestors: Portuguese, French, British and Italians and surely will survive you rednecks who have no clue about history and culture. Somalia is to stay and whatever you did to us in the past 26 years didn’t work. Go roll in your grave.

          49. Somalia Is a country recognised by us White Europeans and Americans as you call us.

            Somaliland is a country not recognised by us White Europeans and Americans.

            Yet it is Somalia that displays a victim attitude vis a vis Europe/America while Somaliland do not display this trait.

            I mean logically speaking Somaliland should display hostility towards the West and not Somalia.

            This is surely a topic for academic research.

          50. Somalia recognized by all countries. you cAn keep your recognition. Mental sickness you think your are the world. You are one getting into our affairs. Get out and lets see if the sky will fall. I see frustration of a failed imperialist. Go roll in your grave

          51. First you said Somaliland controls 3 cities and now you admitt it controlls all 6 regional capitals.

            Now you start another lie and say Somaliland control Sanaag regions capital but not the eastern part of the region.

            This is ofcourse, again, nonsense, Somaliland president Siilanyo visited Laas Qoray on the border with Somalia and inagurated major projecs there.

            Sanaag is fully in Somaliland control, the fishing minister and defense minister of Somaliland are both from that region, I know as I have met them on a seminar.

          52. You believe secessionist propaganda. He visited Las Qorey and run away hours later after Puntland mobilize its troops. It was photo op which went bad. He was thought a lesson. Who controls Badhan, Hadaaftimo and Golis mountains where Puntland forces are chasing Shabaab terrorists. There is also many Sanaag ministers in Puntland and who is the speaker of Puntland parliament? …let me help you from Sanaag. Always Somaliland forces controlled Erigabo but not the east and all the eastern districts. Because some individual from Sanaag went to Hargeisa for his personal interest doesn’t mean the clan supports the separation.

            My friend you met an individual in a seminar doesn’t make you be aware of what is going on the ground.

          53. How can Puntland mobilise troops when it can’t even pay their salaries?

            And how come Puntland in its war with Galmudug last month failed to gain control of Gaalkayo city of Mudug region if it has such powerful troops?

            Puntland has mismanaged and stolen all aid given to it from the international community and is now a hopeless barren place abandoned by friend and foe alike.

            I talk to Puntland opposition figures in Nairobi all the time. Please Mahmed stop lying.on these pages here.

            Somaliland is fully in control in Sanaag and I will not discuss this matter with you further. This is absurd.

          54. I think I know more about Puntland than you do, I speak to opposition figures from that region weekly.

            They are highly upset at Presiden Abdoweli and some are even angry to the point of advocating a military overthrow.

            Mahmed you have no idea whats brewing. Ask me I am the expert,governments seek my advice including your beloved Puntland region of Somalia government.

          55. With discription of what you do i can asure you i know more than you about Somaia without going into details. You have wild thoughts about Somalia. First there cant be a coup in Somalia ddue to troop makeup as result of civil war. Secondly worst that can happen to Abdiweli is impeachment which is normal process. Third Puntland was in defensive posture an nevwr wanted to take over Galkacyo. Fourth wish and dream as much you want Sanaag, Sool and parts of Togdheer are disputed territories and alas they are part of your little Somaliland which you want to create an independent state

          56. FACT 1:

            Sool and Sanaag regions are firmly and fully in Somaliland’s control.

            FACT 2:

            Mudug region in Somalia however is 100% guaranteed disputed territorry and the fault line goes right through the city of Gaalkayo(the so called Green line).


            What is rather horrendous is that Mahmets lies have managed to make it to the Wikipedia Somalia page ans the Bbc Somalia page both list Sool and Sanaag as disputed territory(false) and Mudug as undisputed territory(false). Lies will be confronted and corected. Make no mistakes about it.

          57. I just made a phone call to Saalah Nuuh who works on Eastern Sanaag water issues, he said you are crazy and that Hadaaftimo just recieved a big water project from Somaliland government. He said all of Sanaag east and west are under Somaliland administration. He called people like you “lost misguided diaspora that failed in their host countries and now want to mess up Somaliland”.

          58. I am not from north nor diaspora. You are paid mercenary who live off African conflict paid by secceaionist. Your show will end like one in Allepo. They can take water works trying buy people but it wont work. For your info Somaliland took water pump to Buhodle 3 days ago to buy them does that mean they control. You look to me like the westerners cring wolves supporting the terrorist in Syria cuz of freedom and democracy. Your days are numbered.
            If socalled Somaliland separates or not is not your business but a Somali one.

          59. Your animosity towards and jealousy of Somaliland have crossed all boundaries.

            Tell us did your wife run off with a man from Somaliland?

            I think you fools in Somalia who can’t run a stable country can learn alot from Eritrea and Somaliland.

            Dont hate, celebrate!

          60. You fool we are all Somali. All lands in Somali peninsula is Somaliland. I am proud of them and other states like Puntland who developed their area. We dnt hate each other to core like othet conflict due to our differences limited to politics. I am sure we will resolve our differences. This is somali issue where mercenaries like you have no room. I know you want conflict continue so you can collect your blood money. Your days and those voltures NGOs and spies in Nairoberry are numbered.

            For your info i know Eritrea more than you and have visited many time and meet its leadership. Dnt even preach about Eritrea.

            Continue flaming wars and division in the horn…a thief has 40 days.

          61. Stop being racist. I don’t have to be Somali to comment on Somali political developments.

            By the way this is an Eritrean website not a Somalia website so stop acting like you own it.

          62. Your the moron here try to act like your an expert on Somali issue, all you Europeans and Americans mercenaries should stay away from African business altogether.

          63. if its viable why its not recognized. You one lying by stating tidbits of info. if somaliland controls all its territory why they do not control all of Buhodle district deep inside somaliland. where are puntland forces forward line and how close are they to Las anod. What about armed revolt led by traditional leader Sultan Wabar on western side near Djibouti border. You control a city doesnt mean you control all province. For your info most of east allied to separatist are clan militias who do not believe the disease you are spreading. They all with Hargeisa for alliance needs and this is what you white boys dnt get it, the local dynamics. When Mogadishu puts its in order you will see who in the east and west stands with the separatists. Till then let the monkeys play around. Like Assad of Syria Simalia will come back and kick your stoooges back to Ethiopia.

            Wake up if somalia is divisible so is somaliland. Also territory being fought over is in your socalled somaliland not inside puntland. Unionist are majority in somaliland and have military presence.

          64. Pirates of Minneapolis · Edit

            Puntland isn’t that the former pirate-stan turned terror-stan and is now home to ISIS in Somalia. Yeah thats something to bragg about. NOT!

          65. Napalm bomb and carpet bomb the Puntland region using B-52’s long range bombers. Follow up with cruise missile attacks from sea.

            Kill terrorists from Puntland hiding in Minneapolis of Harti clan affiliation.

            Keep America safe.

          66. Oh you mean the terrorist Al Qaid, Al Nusra and ISIL that America created and supports to keep Muslims countries weak. You fool by trolling you aint going anywhere with your propaganda.

          67. Well its true that many of the polticians in Mogadishu( Somalia) have their wifes and kids live in Hargeisa(capital of Somaliland) due to the safety there. Its also true that many diaspora from Somalia prefer to vacation in Somaliland with their familiea due to safety reasons and continued instability in Somalia.

            I saw that formyself when I worked for a Somalia politician as an advisor. We would often go visit Hargeisa to see his family of for business meetings, he explained Hargeisa served as the Somali financial hub.

          68. That what hater will say but reality the somali fedral goverment has signed the deal but and then thats not what colonial Abbysinia hater like to hear…

          69. Isn’t selection better than minority thugtatorship…Artificial Ethiopia Aka colonial Abyssinia think that it’s a real country….without the west ogaden would swallowed your injera ass…

        2. Somalia was the 1st country in Africa who elect their officials back in 1960’s After the independence…President Adan and president sharmaarke…the peacefully transformation of powe and one of the fews peacefully power transformation in entire africa up to today…

          The west knows that if somalia is left alone it will definitely shame and leave africa in progress and development specially Artificial Ethiopia Aka colonial Abyssinia.

      2. The subject matters are UAE & Somaliland. It is irrelevant what you want to name the government of Mogadishu and its surroundings. Some call it, the government of warlords, some call it AMISOM ruled Mogadishu, and I call it Al-Shebab & Woyane Somalia.

          1. So we always knew that your a woyane in some form but are you just half or full woyane? Come clean, no one in this world without woyane blood repeats north korea BS ;p.

    3. You don’t make any sense. The whole reason for the Dubai Ports investment in Berbera, Somaliland, is to boost trade with Ethiopia. Ethiopia is a major beneficiary of this project

      The Dubai Ports deal is between Dubai, Somaliland and Ethiopia One part of the deal is a road between Berbera and Ethiopia.

      This is Egyptian-Eritrean propoganda that Ethiopia is against the Berbera ports deal by Dubai or the UAE military base.

      1. LOL — “The Dubai Ports deal is between Dubai, Somaliland and Ethiopia One part of the deal is a road between Berbera and Ethiopia.”
        Good luck making/keeping deals with Woyane — I smell Ugumesh in you, Are you?

        1. you have been totally debunked again, and again your answer is woyane agama and so on.. just like your now extremely debunked government…

    4. You said the military base will strengthen Somaliland and that will be a blow to Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia.

      Greater Somalia is not something Ethiopia and Djibouti support as that idea means Somalia effectivly gets all of Djibouti and the Somali region of Ethiopia.

      Therefore the strengthejing of Somaliland logically and politically speaking can only be bad for Somalia perhaps but definately not Djibouti and Ethiopia.

      1. The only reason Ethiopia (& their puppets Djibouti) are dictating in any part of the so called Somalia is because the Somalis are militarily weak. Once Somaliland is protected by UAE, Ethiopia and Djibouti will be irrelevant and trade with Ethiopia will be competitive & not Woyane dictated.

  2. How can unknown entities made international deal, Somali Land is not accepted not known as a nation so how and who made this agreement!

    1. The Arabs don’t need Somalia anymore since Somalia improved its relations with Ethiopia so next is to destroy Somalia, I so wish Somalia withdraws from the Arab League, these arabs have given Somalia nothing but a nightmare and their salafi al shabab terrorists.

  3. United Arab Emirates have been great ally for the Somali people building roads, housing projects, hospitals, training the Somali army unlike the Qateri, the Saudis, the Egyptians etc who are funding the terrorists groups al shabab.

    We Somalis are all the same from Djibouti, Ogadenia, Somalia etc, if one Somali from these three countries Djibouti, Ogadenia or Somalia likes one person then we all like that person its simple as that, Turkey have proved itself to be Somalis best brother, Somalia have already given Turkey to construct its base in Northern Mogadishu and the Mogadishu port and the airport of Mogadishu were also handled over to Turkey business why? Because the people of Turkey stood with the Somali people at a time when we were ignored by the Entire world.

    The Arabs are losing the entire Somali speaking family From Djibouti, Ogadenia to Somalia to Turkey, that’s why you see these arabs running around opening military bases in Djibouti and Somalia.

    The truth of matter is Djibouti and Somalia are connected through ethnicity and blood, Djibouti always seeks better things for Somalia and Somalia always seeks better things for Djibouti, this United Arab Emirates in roads in Northern Western Somalia is opposed by both Djibouti and Somalia.

    1. stop being silly boy, you are ignorant who willy wally when it suits you. Face it yoir country have disinterested long time now all you have to do, if anything, pray that ot won’t stay lile that and the “warlords” the clans get their act together. And as for you …stop day dreaming.

      1. Come again how did Somalia disinterested? Somalia still haven’t lost one inch of her territory and neither will ever surrender an inch of her territory to anyone.

          1. Excuse me? When did Kenya annexed Jubaland? Jubaland just like any other ferderal states like Puntland, Somaliland, Galmudug, hirshabeele are all under the Mogadishu government.

            There’s nothing wrong if Jubaland leaders work with Kenya leaders since al shabab is active in those areas.

      1. This guy is just tooooooooooooo much LOL… d.u.m.b. Outrageous points that have no basis in truth are usually hallmarks of woyane not somali.

        1. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

          ????indeed Ugumesh they always masqrade as someone else, cuz no one can buy what Ugumesh says, so they have to hide in-order to deceive.

      2. I am not sure but this guy seems innocent and I feel has no clue of politics. It is good he participated in this forum. He will learn a lot. I once remember I met a very young man here and we were discussing. During our discussion he said to me that Ethiopia and Eritrea are the enemies of Somalia. I never heard and learn this kind of sentiment comparing to those people I met on my way to Yemen in a plane a long time ago, the Somalians I know in Dire Dawa and some few Somalians who were our neigbors. I have recognized a big difference with the present Somalians. They themselves are the cause of their country problem because they let their weakness be exploited as a result flee leaving their country. They are a good example to us Eritreans to keep the promise of our martrys who died for the true Eritrean land and its people. We were denied of our independence by the then LON i.e in 1952. Neither religion nor regional differences help. These had been defeated a long time ago. We Ertreans should stand and be firm together!

        1. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

          Yes..he will learn a lot. But sometimes stupidity has its limits, and this dude is beyond repair. And I think his not Somalian.
          “They are a good example to us Eritreans to keep the promise of our martrys who died for the true Eritrean land and its people. We were denied of our independence by the then LON i.e in 1952. Neither religion nor regional differences help. These had been defeated a long time ago. We Ertreans should stand and be firm together!”

          Well said bro/sis… We will always defend our beloved Eritrea no matter what!!????????????????

      1. Djibouti is the disgrace of the Horn of Africa so who cares what it is opposed too?

        Djibouti started this game of foreign military bases in the region, it should not cry when others start playing the game.

        6 Foreign Military Bases(France, Usa, Japan, Saudi, China, Germany).

        1 Foreign Military Base(UAE)

        1 Foreign Military Base(UAE)

        1. Kaleab-B

          To answer your question why Djibouti is against a UAE military base in Berbera, Somaliland.


          Djibouti is scared of a two-front invasion and two-front war, an invasion to its north west from Eritrea and to its south east from Somaliland. All with UAE backing.

          This scenario while highly unrealistic for a number of reasons still seem a credible scenario to president Omar Guelleh of Djibouti who see CIA plots and various conspiracy theories in the unlikeliest of places.

          Djibouti’s biggest threat is an internal uprising and revolution not invasions from abroad.

    2. Forget Somalis in other countries such as Djibouti, Somaliland, Ethiopia(ogadenia), Kenya(nfd).

      The Mogadishu government inside Somalia does not control Puntland, Jubbaland, South West, Galmudug which are all states part of Somalia.

      Shameful for Somalia to be here and trashtalk Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somaliland, while Somalia is basketcase on Western lifesupport.

      This is why we as Africans cant move forward. Everybody need to worry about fixing their home and stop obsessing about their neighbors.

      1. Worry about your corrupt Kenya which is about to implode in this year elections. Lets see how long can your fake nation can survive then. You guys cannot even endure half of what we have endured And trived.

          1. Somali Resistance Movement · Edit

            Kismaayo is correct spelling Kikuyu boy and you will never capture Kismaayo. AL SHABAAB will defend Somalis of Lower and Middle Jubba regions as they have promised that.

          2. AL SHABAAB have:

            90% support in Puntland
            95% support in Mogadishu
            100% support in Kismayo

            They can win the election but they don’t participate unfortunately..

          3. You are poor soul who has no sense of history. Your country is fake entity created by British colonialism. We Somalis and Islam has always had influence in Swahili coast. It was Ajuran Somali empire navy that helped remove the Portuguese from Mombassa. Without us Omanis will not have done so. History repeats itself here again. Stop your wet dream of annexing Kismayo but try to keep your coast and NFD. We are ancient nation which have always survived great powers.

            Lets talk after August elections in your country. I am sure the pangas are being shapened like in Rwanda.

  4. ኣሌክ - Alec you · Edit

    “The United Arab Emirates is in the process of landing permission to establish a military post in Somaliland”

    RIP.. Somalia!! And Somalia and its puppet government will be the playground of the TPLF junta.

  5. Why would this “enrage” Ethiopia nor Djibouti is beyond me since we worked with President Ahmed to sign MOU’s to build the roads connecting the two nations before DP world completes our second gate to the sea and biliteral agreement on energy as well as food security. The only concern was not to allow expensive metals to fall into the hands of our enemies and once Yemen is at peace, every little so called defense base needs to be consulted with Ethiopia. Plus, UAE is better suited as a Muslim nation to help Somali understand if Somaliland wants to be independent avoiding bloodshed is crucial. The 22nd of this month should tell us what the newly elected president has in mind and which direction Somalia wants to take, best of luck.

    1. I hope your right about the 22nd its already been postponed 5 times. As far as Enrage ethiopia shouldn’t be unless the name Eritrea is mentioned in good light is what Enrages ethio’s (woyane). But djibouti could see its profits cut in half and if others start thinking hey this other country is stable lets build our base over there jabooty will lose its only means of currency for khat addiction.

  6. What is it that the UAE trying to prove too the world by expanding bases in the Horn region except the obvious, which is that they have money to waste? I don’t get it.

  7. Guys take it easy on UAE bases in Assab and Berbera. It has nothing to do with gulf or horn countries or for that matter Yemen war. UAE could bomb from Saudia. It has to do with wider geopolitics. UAE has been sent by western powers to block Russia ever basing itself there. Russia has sent secret missions there in recent years to get basing rights. Guys think who is UAE to flexs it muscles this much in this short period. Ofcourse it gets economic benefits on the side but it is not the brains here.

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