UAE Deploys Fast Jets to Assab Air Base

The UAE has deployed Mirage 2000-9 jets to Assab in Eritrea. (Photo: Nellis Airforce base, USA, March 2013)

By Jeremy Binnie | for IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly,

The United Arab Emirates has deployed a combat air group to Eritrea’s Assab airport to support its military operation in southern Yemen, Airbus Defence and Space satellite imagery shows.

There were nine Dassault Mirage 2000 multirole jet fighters at the airport on 20 October, as well as two Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters, two Bell 407 helicopters, one Lockheed Martin C-130 Hercules transport aircraft, and two Bombardier Dash 8 turboprop airliners.

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This combination of aircraft is only in service with the UAE air force, which has about 40 Mirage 2000-9EAD jets and operates the Northstar Aviation 407MHR armed version of the Bell helicopter.

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52 thoughts on “UAE Deploys Fast Jets to Assab Air Base

  1. Well, well, well, this what the Woyane have always feared would happen. This is indeed the best news I have all week long. No pun intended to President elect Trump, of course, LOL.

    1. You are a true dimwit!
      What is best news about a one-person regime selling our land to the stinky Arabs! He didn’t even tell you on his media because he is hiding his unholy action from the Eritrean people.
      You should be put in prison for your extreme stupidity.

        1. Its almost as if the Arabs were lobbying the UN for sanctions against us and occupying our land and the woyane were paying premium price for using our ports and being friendly and diplomatic neighbors.

          The woyane are so insane that they believe nonsense and say idiotic things like this db fellow.

          1. Lobying not lobying the resolution is passed. They don’t need to loby when they can get free ride and turn around and use Isaias for their evil goals.

          2. I gather the mother of all things against Eri people is weyane/MaLeLiT. So, I believe they are organizing everything: coming up with the excuses/ “violations”, fabrication of evidences, dissemination of the negative narrative etc…The others are just order takes, even the big dogs.
            But now, weyane must be pissing in their pants because soon there will be Eri pilots flying the mirages.

          3. “Its almost as if” bro. I was being sarcastic.., i ment they arn’t and the ones who are sponsoring sanctions against us are telling us that we shouldn’t be nice to people who for the most part haven’t done anything to us. The time Arabs were against us was when woyane was whispering in their ear. But that has been cleared up by wikileaks and alot of other new information.

      1. I am an Eritrean, you are not. This is a big difference b/n you and I, and an important one to say the least. Our southern area is now fully protected by the best US made radar and air defense systems. I love it! Cheers!

          1. I love it.
            After all, this base alone brought a revenue twice what nevsun generates, in a net value, to the government coffers with out investing a single coin. Seriously, who cares if it violates or not. They are going to renew the sanction anyway. So no more mr. nice guy here.

      2. This site is rated 18 years and older. Your childish comments are not welcome here. You’re advised to put some intelligence in your comments and debate with facts. Else, …

        1. Else, you kick me out, you lose my comment and you put the website into deep sleep with no one commenting. Look how many responses I generated.

        2. LOL …. Aren’t you asking too much? You want him to put some intelligence in his comments & debate with facts? You know what happens when you force someone with IQ63 to become someone else … ?
          …. Sorry, but the question is not clear. Can you clarify it, if I may ask, sorry

        3. 18 years and older? How foolish of you guys. What about the youth of Eritrea that wants to educate ourselves about Eritrea and want to have a future in Eritrea. You can not get this information anywhere else.

          Trust me when I say that the youth of Eritrea in particular are not childish at all, because we can not afford being childish. Nonetheless age restrictions have never stopped me before, lol!

          1. I don’t think you understood what TN wrote. TN told this guy to be an adult, and watch his language or else. Please read again and apologize – LOL

      3. Hahaha… Siding with the True enemies the West/whites to make us kneel before u.. but with all that u can’t even bring us down. Now we’re turning the table and give u what u deserve, u see ata wedzom kahdamat.. when u punch someone, no doubt there’s a punch coming on ur way to make u bleed hard. U cast the first fireball and now look who’s burning???? it’s to late now, there’s no turning back till one falls. ????

        Don’t u get it buddy, every action has consequences!! So don’t try us with Arabs this and that, who gives a Sh!t as long as it benefits our interest.. ur the one that keep poking us thinking that ur going to getaway without any harm, cuz u have the west on ur side. Seriously man!? For us Eritreans, Eritrea???????? means our soul, without her life is not worth living. As long as it takes ur beloved Woyane-Tigray are going to pay and so are their supporters like yourself, u will be torn into a thousand pieces and scattered all over and this time there will be no mercy and mark my words!! .. hell will break loose in the middle of Tigray.

        So yeah.. this is not a fairytale story like=>> if anyone slaps u on the right cheek, u turn the other one. The real world isn’t all puppy dogs and rainbows. This is the real world.. and it’s an eye for an eye!! Stay tuned son of tiny Tigray, u ain’t seen nothing yet, cuz hell is just getting warmed up!! ????

        And that’s why, the Oromo and Amhara are rebelling against the TPLF regime.. cuz Tigrayans are killing their ppl under their beloved Woyane/TPLF skirt because u want too own what doesn’t belong to u. And now u ppl/Tigrayans are the most hated creatures in Ethiopia and payback is on its way.

        U think that.. U will get a beauty sleep sitting in our land without any consequences?!! Are u f**king kidding me!! Tigray is going to be a war zone, and till the end of earth Tigray will not going to own a military army ever again. Just like what Israel did to Palestine.

        We rather die than to surrender our Eritrea to u qomalat!!

      4. Ugumesh,
        You are putting down Arabs?
        — Arabs are the ones who are “employing” your millions of poor young Ethiopian girls (aka Alamoudi Girls).
        — Arabs are the ones your Woyane selling the most fertile Ethiopian land to.
        — Arabs are the ones who picked thousands of Ethiopians from the streets in Saudi Arabia and dumped in Yemen!!
        — Your poor Ethiopians are ironically returning to Yemen, probably the poorest and deadliest Arab country.
        ** Forget Arab, I would rather be a neighbor to wild animals than Ugumesh.

      5. You are the one who is dimwit Weyane boy.Our leader never sold an inch of Eritrean land and Eritrean interest.(it is a lease) His responsibility is to protect Eritrea by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.We sleep well at night knowing he is doing just that his every waking hours,his whole life.The Arabs are our friends and invited guests,they will be there with our free will.Our enemies have been successive Ethiopian regimes brutal invaders,occupiers and expansionists,worst of them all is the Weyane.

    2. Dear Kaleab,

      Its embarrassing to think that you are indeed from that great land called Eritrea. The good thing is ,those fallen heroes and heroins of Eritrea are not here to see a bunch of gutless dimwits who are cheering and waving a joy of flag ready to sell Eritrea and its dreams for Arabs.Not only they are prepared to sell it, but also cheering without shame as if the pilots were their to answer to the commander in chief of Eritrea. They don’t care about him!

      I never believed i would live to see that battle hardened land of Eritrea and its people reduced to seeking the help and protection of Arabs for its very existence. Very very sad indeed. How come they get to this position?.Do your research, don’t blame the world, look inward for the solution, then you will have the right ammunition to save Eritrea and Eritreans without any outsiders help. You don’t get protection from Arabs; hell, they can’t even protect themselves adequately without the west.
      The Arabs are known for their backstabbing traits, ones they get what they want they will throw Eritrea to the wolves to tear it apart.


  2. As long as the crisis in Yemen, to be specific, the existence of Al-Qaeda influence in Yemen exists, Eritrea will greatly benefits from this military base establishment both financially, militarily and most importantly DIPLOMATICALLY. This crisis has already brought the spotlight on Eritrea and defeats all the negative PR games against it as it is now seen by the west and their middle eastern allies including Europe, a key and strategic country to the stability of the Red Sea and beyond. That’s how the world of politics and diplomacy works folks. That is music to my ears.

    By the way, we shouldn’t forget to keep our malelit neighbors stuck to a state of emergency for years to come by pulling the right strings behind the curtain. We are good at that and we have proved that to the malelits anyway. Technically speaking, we are slapping them with a silent yet painful “sanction” that they can not tell how. That the way it should be. Viva Shabo.

  3. UK Quietly Deploys Warship To Guard Oil Shipping Off Yemen

    The UK has deployed its most advanced warship to guard commercial shipments through a narrow strait off the Yemeni coast, through which most of Britain’s oil and gas supply travels, The Times reported on Wednesday.

    The deployment of the HMS Daring ship has not yet been made public due to the sensitive nature of having a British warship linked to the conflict in Yemen, the UK’s newspaper noted.

    According to The Times, HMS Daring was on its way to join a mission in the Gulf, but was redeployed to the Bab al-Mandeb Strait, the waterway of global trade between the Mediterranean, the Suez Canal and the Indian Ocean.

    The Bab al-Mandeb Strait – which links the Red Sea with the Gulf of Aden – has seen a recent spate of attacks on navy vessels and merchant tankers, which have highlighted the risk that the oil and gas trade in the region faces, with renewed piracy attacks as well as attacks connected with the civil war raging in Yemen.

    Yemen has been the site of a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran after Iran-allied Houthi rebels forced Yemen’s President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi to flee to Saudi Arabia, Yemen’s neighbor to the north. The international community recognizes Hadi as Yemen’s legitimate leader. Since March 2015, the Houthi rebels and loyalists to Hadi have been fighting a civil war in Yemen, and forces in a Saudi-led Arab coalition are trying to restore Hadi to power.

    1. And what does the UK do at the UN? Helps, for the sanctions to go on, instead of working with us against al Qaeda. They´re al Qaeda´s boss, folks.

  4. Its our port our land we can do whatever we won’t with it. Eritrea is not for sale. Like the woyanes hayenas sold thier soul. Thier sprit. Thier moral thier culture. Thier religion. And thier ass to the clonial masters. What do they brought to the Ethiopian people. Gaybars. Prostitution. Slavery. Corupion. Ethinc cleansing. Stealing. Deportation. Mass execution. Rape. Extrajudicial killings. And more.

  5. As long as it brings economic and strategic benefits to Eritrea, all is ok because what good is it if you have prized that is not generating revenue of some kind.

  6. We are very happy that Asaab now is the major focus point these days soon Eritrean Pilots will be driving these planes as we always do after getting enough training Ethiopians used to tell the are no 1 in black Africa but at least we can now protect our sky ( Watch out the Flying Blue Camel has already arrived ) By the wayi sow our camels drinking salty water in & around south red sea region as its dong this in Somalia also

  7. Location, location, location….Eritrea is strategically located. The value of this location is significant. I think a lot of countries eyes on/around this location to have a spot.

  8. Such kind of news and development inside Eritrea instantly send a shock wave and fear to people South of our border. Look how Tigrai Online helps freaking out its low IQ followers by writing the following BS:

    United Arab Emirates has deployed 17 combat and transport aircrafts in Assab, Eritrea

    The United Arab Emirates has deployed fighter jets and many other military combat and transport aircrafts in the port city of Assab in southern Eritrea. The port of Assab is less than 60 kilometers from the tense border of Ethiopia and Eritrea.

    IHS Jane’s Information Group a British publishing company specializing in military, defense, intelligence, Security, aerospace and transportation published the news on November 11, 2016.

    The intelligence group said the massive deployment took place on October 20, 2016. Airbus Defense and Satellite imagery systems shows varsity of aircraft and military deployment in Assab port.

    Some of the military aircrafts include nine Mirage 2000 jet fighters, four helicopters, one Hercules transport aircraft and two other transport airplanes. All these military hardware is on top of what Saudi Arabia and the UAI build in Assab.

    We know the fake reason given for all the military buildup at the Ethiopian door steps is “to support their operation in Yemen” is it? Or is it to get land access to the mainland in Ethiopia? Saudi Arabia and Yemen share thousands of kilometers border and they are connected one hundred percent by land there is no need to go across the
    red sea to support their troops in Yemen. The real reason is they are trying to encircle Ethiopia and connect with Ethiopian and Somalia extremists for easy transportation to Ethiopia and other parts of Africa.

    Ethiopians don’t need a reminder to the consequences of Arab and Eritrean involvement in Ethiopian affairs. What did the Ethiopian government do to country this deadly long-term strategic threat from the Arab countries and their puppet the president for life in Eritrea? The answer is Absolutely Nothing.

    There are multiple options for the Ethiopian government to protect Ethiopia’s sphere of influence in the Horn of Africa. It is about for the government to take tangible actions to force the Arabs away from our backyard before they establish deep roots in Africa.

    1. TN:
      Well,am not sure what they will say if they hear the news about the Air Defense Systems and Medium Range Missile Systems being deployed in Aseb.
      They are trying to use the old failed Col Menghistu’s style propaganda by telling the Ethiopians that the Shabos are/were Ye Areb Buchuloch… if they were not trained,baby-sitted,and escorted to the Menelik Palace by the gallant Eritreans/the Mighty EPLF,as Tewelde Ghebremariam would say it.
      But am afraid that history might repeat itself….and they will admit,like the same Col Menghistu admitted ABOUT/on the MIGHTINESSS of the EPLF/Eritreans when at last the defeated Col told his parliament that the Shabos are/were building an Atomic Bomb in the Sahel Mountains.
      And I guarantee you that the old new Shabbos will make another,God forbid,changing the old Ethiopia to new different ethiopias..coz they have made us to be between “life and death situation” by using and applying on us all evil tactics through all kinds of support from their Masters…..
      And we have every right to defend ourselves by all means possible as much as they have attempted to make us down and fail by all means possible.
      It was/is their choice,not ours. And they will PAY the price…

    2. Hello TOL:

      Hello All:

      The following are the FACTS the TOL and its audience cannot deny:

      1)It was the TPLF Gov that boycotted the Eritrean Independence

      2)It was the same TPLF short-sighted TPLF that boycotted Aseb and Massawa Ports and Eritrean Nacfa

      3)It was the same TPLF Junta that set up the sanctions on Eritrea and Eritreans through lies and fabrications

      4)It was the same TPLF and its narrow-minded leadership that set up for Human Trafficking and Youth Exodus

      5)It was the same TPLF that mistreated the Eritrean refugees and have made them the victims of HIV and TB,Poverty,STDs and Human Trafficking.

      6)It was the same TPLF that abused the Eritrean ID with the help of the UNHCR to relocate Tigreyans as refugees to selected Western Countries in the name of Eritrean Refugees

      7)It is the same TPLF that has been lobbying for economic sanctions on Eritrea

      8)It has been the same TPLF that has been invading, threatening and bullying Eritrea

      9)It is the same TPLF that threatened for Regime Change in Eritrea by all means possible
      But it is Eritrea and Eritreans, who asked for a peaceful Co-Existence and Economic Integration and opened the door for free use of our Ports….
      Here is the inevitable FACT.
      1)As much as the TPLF has exhausted all possible EVIL acts and ways to make Eritrea and Eritreans down and make us collapse overnight and change the Regime in Eritrea, Eritrea and Eritreans have a legitimate RIGHT to defend themselves by all means possible, including to change the Regime in Ethiopia-a tit-for-tat/an Eye for an Eye.
      2)As much as Ethiopia has an unlimited right to make any kind of relationship with all other Nations and to be a Mercenary for the Super Powers to do their dirty destabilizing Agenda, besides creating Forum of evil Axis to destabilize Eritrea, a and an Independent Nation and as a Sovereign Country, Eritrea ,indeed,has every right to have a relationship with any other nation besides making any kind of Coalition and joining any kind of League or Forum as long as it serves its best interest.
      Fair enough ??

      1. You are unwelcome here guest so go to your place don’t try to impose yourself on others I think you might have missed the excellent blue beaches of our might 2nd lung port city of “””Assab””” Keep crying blood this time go to Jaabbuuttii & chew Ghaat there.
        Eritrea Ye Nebaro Megaaco

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