(Opinion): UAE’s Berbera Military Base Boosts Somaliland – Ethiopia Relations

Berbera military base and ports facility good for Ethiopia - Somaliland relations
Somaliland would be the second military base after the UAE facility in Eritrea’s Assab port. This writer argues, the establishment of naval and air base along with port facilities by the UAE will boost the existing economic and political relation between Somaliland and neighboring Ethiopia.

By Mohamed Farah Abdi,

On 12 February 2017, the government of Somaliland accepted the formal application seeking permission from the Somaliland government to open a military base in Berbera. This application followed the 440 million dollar investment – 30-year contract for UAE’s international ports operator, DP World, take a 65% stake in the project and the Somaliland government will own the rest.

The UAE military base in Berbera has attracted the attention of Somaliland’s friendly ally – Ethiopia. This article exposes the truth that the base will be used to secure multimillion dollar investment of DP World, which will run the Berbera port for 30 years, with an automatic 10-year extension if it wishes.

Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, DP World chairman, told: “Investment in this natural deep-water port will attract more shipping lines to East Africa and its modernisation will act as a catalyst for the growth of the country and the region’s economy”. The UAE presence in Berbera will contribute to the economic growth of both Ethiopia and Somaliland as confirmed by Sultan of DP World, including long waited road connecting Berbera port free zone to Ethiopia.

As Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire, Somaliland’s Foreign Minister confirmed that the military base will just be utilized for interests and geopolitical importance of Somaliland allies. The unconditional brotherly support and diplomatic sustains of Ethiopia since 1988 never erased from the memory of Somaliland citizens. The incumbent president, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud (Silanyo), and next president, Muse Bihi Abdi; both have never and ever forgotten historic relationship with Ethiopia and they will never accept to use Somaliland shores for militarization purposes against Ethiopia. They have been maintained a strong connection with Ethiopian government; advanced diplomacy and security of both countries, recognized Ethiopia’s continuing and backstopping support to Somaliland. Somaliland contributes to Ethiopia’s’ GDP by consuming Khaat from Ethiopia by spending large percentage of its foreign currency through this trade. Somaliland reportedly spends $500 million US dollar a year.

The UAE and Somaliland governments agreed to establish a base with security personnel that will protect Berbera port and shipments in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden; in opposition to piracy and safeguard their investments in Berbera. Improved security of Berbera trade hub will attract international shipping lines to feed Africa through Somaliland-Ethiopian trade way toward African continent. This will open a window for the Ethio-Somaliland economic and diplomatic relationships which were admired by two countries over decades.

President of Somaliland spoke to the parliament, ”the military base would benefit Somaliland most and help create jobs”. As António Guterres, UN Secretary General, addressed on Jan 20, 2017, it is essential to address youth unemployment to prevent instability, social conflicts, and violent extremism. The world organizations have been spending millions of dollars a year to create jobs for youth because it has been globally taken employment of youth can significantly reduce the number of youth commit to crimes. Improved youth employment in Somaliland and Ethiopia will considerably decrease level of crimes and fragility in the east African region.

Blackmailing rumor has been circling around local media in both countries, portraying that the Cairo government stands behind the curtail of the Berbera UAE base. It’s a just rootless gossip generated by anti-development protesters and deceptive politicians. As the matter of fact, the truth exposes that there is no Egyptian-UAE joint venture in Berbera at all. The people of Somaliland know how the government of Cairo is suffocating Somaliland independence while Somaliland-Ethiopian relations have been blossoming since 1991- Ethiopia is the only key ally of Somaliland globally. Similarly, UAE is a good ally of Somaliland economically as Somali merchants have been ever using Dubai port as their only international trade center. The decision of engaging UAE to the Berbera port was wisely taken by the incumbent president, Silanyo, and next president, Muse Bihi with the support of Mohamud Hashi Abdi, Minister of Presidential Affairs, and parliament members.

Minister of Presidential Affairs is one of the most senior politicians compared to the incumbent president Silanyo and next president Muse Bihi. He is equipped with strong experience in Somaliland politics and the region. He was one of the key officials of SNM – he lived in Ethiopia in the 1980s; first mayor of Burao, charismatic parliament member in 1990s, former Minister of Civil Aviation and Air Transport. His remarkable background in politics uplifted his recognition of the importance of Ethiopian-Somaliland relations.

UAE base in Berbera will further enhance collaboration and integration of Somaliland- Ethiopian communities as movements of trade and bilateral opportunities would rise to the peak. Somaliland will not allow others to harm its key ally – Ethiopia. Muse Bihi, the next president, is a symbolic figure that cannot accept Egyptians and others to threaten security in the region.

Together, Ethiopia and Somaliland maintained a good relationship to combat terrorism, piracy, and instability in the region. Kulmiye party has shown to defend its border with Ethiopia to launch any terrorist confrontations towards its ally and the incumbent President Silanyo tried to establish better relations with Ethiopia.

Deterioration of Berbera- Wajaale road has remained a challenge to Ethiopia’s uses of Berbera port for decades. Currently accepted UAE investment of Berbera will pave the way of building Berbera Corridor thereby Ethiopia would swiftly use the trade way for military and civilian shipments without prior control. The two brotherly countries reached this moment to realize their dreams of benefiting Berbera Corridor, which will be principal trade route for Ethiopia’s imports and exports.

The flourishing investments in Somaliland will require utilizing Ethiopia’s hydroelectric power – the important and available power lines at the Ethiopian-Somaliland border, and Kulmiye government puts its foremost political agenda to benefit Ethiopians’ electricity.

However, it is obvious that there is animosity against the concrete Ethio-Somaliland relations that has been growing up strongly. It’s an envy escalating propaganda to breakaway Somaliland from Ethiopia. Backed by Mohamud Hashi, Minister of Presidential Affairs, the incumbent president, Silanyo, and next president, Muse Bihi, are committed to advance closer ties with Ethiopia as means of political, trade and investment without a sense of compromise.

In conclusion, Somaliland and Ethiopia should avoid establishing any crack in their historic relationship: practically, it means both governments to understand destructive propaganda pursuing to go back to the past. Ethiopia and Somaliland laid solid foundations of building peace and stability in the region, it’s required them to deepen their security relations by building new strategies to deal with security threats against their common interests and regional stability. To improve the capacity of Somaliland security institutions, Ethiopia should continue their support of building Somaliland’s military and police and to set up cross-border security measures among them.

Regarding current UAE base in Berbera, the two countries should set up special task force among them; as its common entity to work together to provide think-tank on their common security threats. Advancing Somaliland and Ethiopian trade and investment, next president of Somaliland, Muse Bihi, should come up an effective strategy to make sure free and fair uses of Berbera Trade Hub for the Interest of Ethiopia and Africa in general.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own. He can be reached via email mfathegreat-at-gmail.com and twitter @mfa_thegreat.

49 thoughts on “(Opinion): UAE’s Berbera Military Base Boosts Somaliland – Ethiopia Relations

    1. This signature is between Somaliland foreign minister and chairman of Dubai Ports World. Its for show to put to sleep the secessionist crowd and mere operational agreement. Such agreements involving huge investment and military bases is signed between government officials. The real and legal signature was between Somali president and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince in Abu Dhabi.

      If this agreement is valid why they couldn’t produce it at the parliament yesterday. Why did the opposition parties were saying it undermines their independence bid.

    1. a picture says more than a thousand words. somaliland will remain dependent on ethiopia. even with this deal with emirates. they should realize that their interests do not always align with ethiopia. somalis are a weak and naive group of people. they are outplayed by ethiopia for the last half a century and it will remain so for years to come.

      1. When did Somalis were played by over half century. Do not be blinded by the civil war time. Ethiopia is only one player in the civil war. Bigger players are playing. This secessionist do not represent Somalis. Their organisation SNM fighting Siad Barre was created by Mengistu. Every nation has setbacks in its history, its normal.

        Somalia is coming out of the civil war, region is changing and the wider world politics. Lets see the role of Ethiopia and Kenya in a year to two years.

      1. I had the honor to meet and shake hands with this great singer in Asmara. Too bad I do not understand the meaning of his songs but I enjoy them.

  1. Secessionist opinion trying to calm down Ethiopia. Ethiopia has no problem with the port development and highway development. The author cannot hide the facts on the ground. Ethiopia is not happy with the military base and wants to guarantee the security by itself. This is the basis of the difference. It has no interest of any Arab country to base itself in Berbera.

    This UAE sudden military interest in the Horn is bigger than our region. It is a move to block Russians basing in the Red sea and Indian ocean. Houthi fight and protecting investment is over simplification. Berbera is peaceful, no need to have a military base.

    1. Can you please explain how’s Somaliland doing this deal without consulting with the rest of the Lands? Better yet, is Somaliland going to share the revenue from this deal with the rest of the lands?

      1. The agreement was signed by Somali president in Abu Dhabi on March 21, 2016. UAE got Mogadishu approval. The pictures above of Somaliland foreign minister signing with head of DP World (NOTE: not UAE official government representative) is basically for show. That is why yesterday they couldn’t produce the official documents signed because it shows Somali president signature. UAE will not commit to this major investment without legal protection.

        The other lands as you put it have no role. Mogadishu gave the approval as it is the recognized authority and DP World chairman signed with Somaliland official to operationalize the project as they control the ground. Only these two entities are involved.

        For your info, UAE, Turkey and China are competing to develop Somali ports. Turkey got Mogadishu, UAE got Berbera and now those three are competing to get Kismayo in the south.

  2. The “blackmailing rumor” has been started by these no good Somali nationalists, OLF, ONLF back by shabo crowd. These groups never in a million years expected Somali to have a stable government, peace between the horn countries or Berbera port to be used in this scale to benefit both countries. They were running around calling the election in Somali a sham, corruption to undermine the entire process till they received the outcome they did. The people of Somaliland knows full well Ethiopia has their best interest at heart and none of these nasty noises can ever come in between. Egypt came to Somali asking and begging to use Somaliland as a spring board but we were proud of our brothers when they politely declined. Ethiopia has never once said, no base or anything close to it, we didn’t want it in Asab cuz we have unfinished business with Wedi Afom. After all, the base is not even mentioning since UAE only has expensive toys but 11,000 Arabs that can barley put up a fight in Yemen. Last time we checked, the Liyu police is good enough to secure Somaliland and our borders. Jokers

    1. TPLF usual noise and I am not surprised. Facts are clear for all to see. Those so called no good Somali nationalists are in power now in Mogadishu. Let the show begin and we shall see if you keep your no good nationalists view very soon.

      1. Why do people like you have your own set of facts is beyond me but let’s try again. If the incumbent has won the election, would you have accepted the outcome? No, you were going to walk around talking as if Ethiopia has paid everyone off, right? The fact you are happy with the outcome is a success story as far as we are concerned. The next point is, when the next election comes about please make sure you accept it, just like this one. To go back to the point, Ethiopia has never expressed anything but joy when it comes to this base that will benefit the two countries but you seems to imply otherwise. Because you nationalist view doesn’t allow you to see, Somaliland is one step closer to be recognized and that eats you inside and out. The last point, I know it’s convenient to consider Mr. Cheese as nationalist but I suggest to look at his record when he was in the office before he got kicked out. This so called “nationalist” doesn’t seem to ask us or Kenya to leave? Wha is he waiting for? The truth is, he said all the right things to get elected but he is learning without the US funding his ambition, Ethiopia, Kenya providing security and the Arabs building the mosques, it’s not doable but we are applauding Somali and It’s people better future.

        1. Nice try Sentek. We all know that you are the perfect meme for alternative facts.

          I am still waiting for these youtube interviews you promised us of those two Eritrean pilots you falsely claimed to have arrived in Mekele last year.

          1. Kaleab my brother, how many time should I share this? We are also preparing a nice documentary on this episode but wait just a little please.

          2. HI brother
            This good for nothing Sentiko is lying too much I could not count more. He is saying a lot promising he will show the interview. He can not honor his promises because simply it is not true. He is in every Eritrean sites with different names 24/7, he is a payed agent his aim: to disrupt the discussion forum by coming with irrelevant issues.

          3. Wedi Alem, one thing you should know about me, my name doesn’t change at all or comment on any other site but my TN cuz I simply love the shabo supporters, blind one like you makes my day and week. I never seen your name before but if you changed yours, please re-introduce yourself.

          4. Ayte Sentiko
            You are uninvited guest in Eritrean forums regardless if you saw my name earlier or not is not the subject of discussion. I am one those silent majority who are enjoying the fruits of Eritrea´s endeavors to see the minority regime grilled in its own fire. I know you want to be like us Eritreans at any rate, not only you, but the whole bunch of MLLT midgets strive to copy our songs our culture our slogans our way of doing things. In your binary world you count only in terms of either one is supporter or not, you do not own an extended abilty to see rather more nuanced.
            We are waiting for you to come up with your ridiculous statement that you have secured an interview with the two ghost pilots. Ayte Senriko you know you must have suffered long with the habit of not telling the truth such crap can only be sold in the notorious sites Tigray online and Aiga. No one wonders the lethal combination your are endowed with Dedebit graduate with IQ63.

        2. Now the TPLF wants to claim the Somali people victory over their puppet as theirs. This creatures do not stop to amaze me.

          Man you do not understand Somali political system especially in this special period of the civil war. We have accepted all other results and will have accept if another candidate would have won. Those who refuse are those outside the political system i.e. Shabaab. The victory and success in Somalia you have no role in it. Your so-called peace keepers are known to arm Shabaab. What can you help with Somalia when you cannot feed your own people.

          Somaliland independence succeeding, what hallucination. Man read what the politicians in Hargeisa and even in their so-called parliamentarians were saying yesterday. Somaliland independence is only in your dreams.

          On Ethiopian views on the base, show me the evidence of them welcoming the base. I am not talking about the port and highway development. The picture above was Somaliland delegation meeting your PM few days ago to calm them down on the upcoming base approval. The picture itself is the evidence. Somali media and politicians are discussing this issue openly. Oh I forgot you don’t have independent media like us to follow the facts.

          On Farmajo, when he was in power in 2011 the Ethiopians and Kenyans were not part of AMISOM. His views on frontline states in AMISOM, refer to yesterdays thread of the same topic where the good Tesfanews moderator posted a clip him expressing frontline states shouldn’t be in AMISOM. What orders can he give now as he has not taken office yet. It shows me you are anxious about this issue.

          Stop creating alternative facts like Trump.

          1. Sir, the victory for us is as simple as the people going out to vote without your Shabbab shooting the innocent people, that’s it. You accused us of paying people in parliament but come to find out, we were true to our words, only provide security and not rigged election, so yes that’s a victory.
            When it comes to Somaliland, we don’t need anyone to calm us down as we have learned over the years, they mean well when it comes to Ethiopia and proved it when they turned down Egypt. Their election is coming up and few nationalist like you would love nothing but conflict between us and it ain’t happening.
            Now, think about what you wrote on us arming Shabbab? Is that even logical? Wow, Shabbab want to strike Kenya to US and do you think for a second, CIA would allow any of that to happen you weirdo?
            And Farmajo got kicked out in 2011 but Kenya as well as Ethiopia was on the ground well before that, wtf? But, wait few weeks to see the one you elected speak for himself and judge if you would like the guy, you are too optimistic but we like that. You are welcome, we paid with blood for you to smile.
            In Somaliland, how do you think we accepted roads to be built and port to be ready within a year for Ethiopia without us knowing details? If you do speak Tigrinya or Amharic, let me know and have ample evidence that o show you and you will also hear more details coming out of Addis this week or next, stay tuned.

          2. Forget the port and roads, what about the military base. That is the issue which is making you all nervous.

            What are you talking about the people didn’t vote. It was limited electoral college voting in one building. The avenues of MPs elections were guarded by both Somali and AMISOM troops. Ethiopian AMISOM troops were only present in Baidoa. You are not holding the sky when it comes to security. You are part of a larger picture so do not inflate your role.

            Again do not create facts. During Farmajo reign as PM there were no frontline state troops in Somalia.

            Farmajo has spoken already. I referred to you already the clip posted by Tesfanew moderator on yesterdays thread of the same topic.

            AMISOM withdrawal will only came on planned strategy but sure they will go. I predict Ethiopians will withdraw without planning so to give hard time to Farmajo gov. We are aware your little shenanigans. Please withdraw and lets see if you are holding the sky. You withdraw quick, Egypt will replace you. I dare you. Mark this: Egypt in AMISOM and lets see how your blood pressure will boil.

            Yes those secessionists are your stooges and their time is limited. If Somaliland becomes independent so will your fake Ethiopia will break into Oromia, Ogaden, Tigray, Amhara etc. Be careful for what you wish for and those living in house of glass shouldn’t be first to throw stones.

            What blood you paid. You are expansionist who invaded so do not make yourself my helper. Do not expect any thanks. You will withdraw humiliated as did more advanced and richer countries in their recent invasions covered under peacekeeping.

            On CIA and Kenya, man you have no clue what is going on the ground. My information from Kenyan military intelligence people is they do not trust you. All other AMISOM commanders do not truth you. Your self praising will not change this fact.

          3. Good points Mahamed.
            As I said it before,Egypt,the UAE and Eritrea will lead the lead and we shall see a United and Strong and peaceful Somalia…Insh’Allah!
            No more partition of Somalia.
            Just tell the dumb Kenyans to back off from the Somali Ocean.
            Believe me that Somalia is said to be one of the richest nations under the Sun in all aspects.
            -One of the Longest Ocean Coastline with untapped natural resources and of great Strategic Significance
            -One of the richest in the world in natural resources–from simple Minerals to O & G and Uranium

          4. I swear you are Eritrean by the emotional charges you make but let me play your little game. If you don’t think Ethiopian troops weren’t there before 2011 or when Farmajo was PM, ask your ONLF crowd and who hunted them down, maybe there is a boogeyman in Somalia. I don’t know why you are obsessed with this base but let me enlighten you with few things. UAE has less than one bridge that can be deployed in the horn, they are only there to secure the investment of DPW and use it against Yemen. I don’t know where you got this silly ideas, we are nervous? There isn’t even news outlets pro Gov or against talking about it that much. I saw maybe two few days ago. Now, if you were half smart, you wouldn’t talk about going against Ethiopia a week after election. At least learn from the Asmera King. Notice how he is cleaver enough to do his best to make Ethiopians feel like he has their best interest and TPLF is their enemy. You don’t ever hear him after 25 years in power saying how much he would like to see Ethiopia into pieces, like you just did. And you just got out of civil war. Not smart at all. When it comes to Somaliland, its time to let go as we did to Eritrea. Take my advice, it’s best for both parties to do without bloodshed, learn from history. But I do find it ironic Somali doesn’t share the profits from this deal, don’t you? You are part of the Arab league, aren’t you? Lol ahhh

          5. If I am Eritrean then you are Eritrean. I do not think an Eritrean is aware of the detailed facts that I do share on this page.

            My friend you cannot create new facts. During Farmajo time, there was no Ethiopians. Ethiopians withdraw on January 2009. After Farmajo, Ethiopians and Kenya was inducted into the AMISOM. Of course there are more of their troops outside AMISIOM where they came under bilateral agreement with Sheekh Shariff and Hassan Sheekh presidencies.

            On the base, I am not obsessed but only pointing out to you that the disagreement is not about the port and highway development. You claim UAE can field only a brigade, lol. Please refer to Janes Intelligence website where they have posted a satellite image of UAE firepower in Assab as an example of what you should expect in Berbera. Remember, their modern army brigade is equivalent in firepower to two TPLF divisions.

            On Ethiopian division. Read my comments again. I didn’t say I oppose or want to divide Ethiopia. It is you who is advocating for the division of the Somali Republic by supporting separation of Somaliland. I am only saying to you if you open this African Pandora’s box then even your Ethiopia will divide. My friend we have no interest with Ethiopia for now and it is you guys who are spreading rumors that Farmajo will do that or that in order to make him look evil and a threat to Ethiopia so you will get sympathy from the West. This old plot aint working anymore. Farmajo has not taken office yet and have not even discussed any policy issue. The historical issues will be dealt with on later date. Our focus is rebuilding Somalia. Of course we need to do some house cleaning of your cockroaches within our borders. DOOM spray will do the job.

            On Somaliland separation, this issue is between Somali brothers and it for them only to decide their future. We do not need your advice and keep it to yourself.

            Today, President Farmajo received a special presidential envoy of President Al Sisi of Egypt to convey congratulations and diplomatic message. It is the only country that have done this so far at this level. Others were doing at ambassadorial level posted in Mogadishu. My friend, I think you understand what this means so let the games begin.

          6. well articulated, my man!
            Love it bro Mohamed.
            Keep the Ambassadorial Job for the United and Greater Somalia.
            We have been,and we will be, behind you along with Cairo and the UAE to create a United and THE Strongest Republic of Somalia!

        3. Ayte Sentiko
          You are commenting right and left issues you do not have even a rudimentary knowledge. Ayte IQ 63 this issue at hand is way beyond your capacity to analyze. A MLLT diehard with deadly inferiority complex coupled with crippling IQ63 is lethal. Stay tuned until the day of reckoning by the people of the horn specially the Oromos and Amharas. Stay tuned mister Sentiko.

        4. Somaliland has the same problem like any other Somalis, aka Tribes, British Somaliland was composed of 5 tribes and only one tribe Aka Isaaq tribe wants independence while other four tribes wants unity with Somalia, next time use your common sense.

    2. Why don’t Ethiopia swap Ogaden, Oromo, Afar for Somaliland? The reason why I included Oromos and Afar is because Somaliland comes with a massive port and rich with fish, I kno you Tigrai people missed eating fish after Eritrea took your port.

      1. ata komali…..that rocky dusty cursed parched patch of land you refer to as Tigrai have never had the pleasure of feeding their ugumish people fish from the Eritrean sea (Red Sea). In fact, they were allowed access to all the beles (cactus pear) they can pick. So in essence, you cant really lose what you never had in the first place…..jus sayin’

  3. As long as UAE doesn’t impose its ideological expansion agenda and inflame its relations with Ethiopia, everybody is happy. Off-course, the feeling is opposite for the haters. For now, we don’t want Egypt any where near. Cos Egypt bhas continued to proof itself to be our arch enemy. We can work our differences with all others. BTW, the fact that UAE. Turkey and Saudi is not in good terms with Egypt is insurance enough.

      1. He is deliberately confusing it with Saudi Arabia and Qatar..
        Poor TPLFite.
        They are panicking of/from this fast moving incidents..

    1. Poor Sanchez:
      Egypt and Saudi Arabia are already reconciling behind the scene.
      Did you hear that Cairo has just discovered a $trillion worth natural gas through Italy?
      Do u know as to much how the UAE is funding Cairo with?
      Do not undermine the underground diplomacy and influence of/by the Eritrean Leader through his unique relationship with the UAE ( 45 years of friendship) and through Cairo.
      Plus, Eritrea might soon join the Arab League officially; and its role cannot be ignored as an Arab League member.

      1. @Justice: If it is true what you said, I will be sorry for Eritrea for having no choice but to join the Arab League. I hope the true Eritreans will stop the crazy man from making such grave mistake out of desperation. Are you guys seriously considering to change your entire national identity to Arab for a hand out. Had we known this earlier we could have made a deal with PIA and see if he can make Eritrea part of Ethiopian league for some $ in return. Though not well paying like the Arab league, it is less culturally shocking for the common Eritrean than Arab league. Where is all the self reliance, identity, etc crap. 🙂 I bet you may even ask to join the primer league if the Arab league doesn’t workout. Just get some league to join cost it is lonely out there. 🙂

        1. Sanchez:
          You lost it, too late to catch up
          Read Shaleka Dawit Weldeghiorghis…..and he will tell as to why we are doing what we are doing….
          Eritrea has tons of options–towards the North,East,South and West.

    2. Your from Ethiopia so what happens in somalia is non of your business, who are you tell us what UAE should do or not do in our country?

        1. If you want to play with fire then we shall r retire a bigger fire back to you, just Remember Ethiopia is as weak as Somalia and can also be divided, infact Ethiopia will be the biggest loser because Somalia can easily replace Somaliland with Ogaden and destroy Ethiopia into oromia, Amhara, Tigrai, Afar etc.

          50 years ago a peaceful and democratic Somalia asked the Ethiopia king to reture the Ogaden but he refused so Somalia made you a landlocked by supporting Eritreans separatist but this time Somalia will destroy Ethiopia from the surface of this earth, You have been warned to stay away from Somalia altogether.

          Ps Ethiopia should pray that somaliland wouldn’t be recognised because if it does Somalia shall take the Ogaden by force and make Oromia an independent country.

          We shall expel the Amhara and Tigrai monkeys from the entire Oromia homeland.

          1. @Warlord:
            Are you taking the credit for Eritrean separation “independence” from Ethiopia. I bet the Eritreans will lough more than i could for such comment. You were in no position to help any one. It is no secrete that Eritreans like Ethiopians are the most fierce warriors Africa has ever known. Therefore, former Derg regime has to fight the Eritreans and the Ethiopians across the country who were determined to change the authoritarian rule. That is the key reason for the success of Shabia. They were not fighting alone. If Ethiopians were not fighting with them, we may find Shabia in the dust bin of history by now. So, don’t you ever to take the credit of those fierce warriors cos we know how you fight. We fought with you before remember. 🙂

          2. EPLF and TPLF but especially EPLF took advantage of the rivalry between Mohammed Siad Barre of Somalia and Mengistu of Ethiopia, the 1978 war changed their faith as Ethiopia and Somalia both became weak and vulnerable to armed rebels, as both mengistu and Mohammed Siad Barre lost thousands of troops, Somalia especially lost 80% of its troops, and also as the Cold Wars was ending they also lost the support of the US and Russia respectively.

            But one thing I can tell you is Somalia has learned its lesson as we want to live peace with all our neighbours, But the Way I see it Ethiopia under the TPLF hasn’t learned nothing at all, as your TPLF bush rebels are interfering daily in Somalia internal affairs.

            Somaliland is a illegal state as it was created by the Isaaq tribe Aka tribalist rebel groups called the Somali national movement (SNM) when everyone knew there wasn’t any government in Mogadishu, also this fake state claims to be the successor to the former British Somaliland when again everybody knows Britist somaliland ceased to exist in 1960 when they joined up the former Italian Somaliland to create Somalia, so like I said Somaliland is an illegal and when the TPLF supports these tribal illegal states to only dismember Somalia, I can assure Somalia will also dismantle Ethiopia.

          3. First of all, you need to know that it is your own clan politics and former colonial rule and anarchy in your coutry coupled with your stupidity to attack your neighbor Ethiopia that lead to your current state. Secondly, Ethiopia we never respond to threats softly; so don’t yo dare to threaten. The third and final point is that we Ethiopians know that you and people in Mogadishu with your pro-Alshabab mentality will never stop your delusional agenda of destroying Ethiopia no matter what good favor Ethiopia does as you are thankless MFers. You have already tried everything. You had even declared jihad for God’s sake ! There was no mountain you didn’t try to move to destroy Ethiopia except you keep failing. So, these facts on the ground shapes our direction on how to handle ppl like you and your threats.

        2. Somaliland = A province of Somalia. They don’t have a legitimate reason to secede from Somalia and therefore it shouldn’t be recognized as a state.

    1. While Somalia descended into chaos after its government collapsed in 1991 and was racked by famine, clan warfare, piracy and later the al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab insurgency, the northern half split off and the world has to realize that Somaliland is peaceful, it’s functioning, it’s a state you can do business with

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