Turkish Airlines to Launch Direct Flight to Asmara

It is World's 9th Best Airlines
It is World’s 9th Best Airlines

By TesfaNews,

In a bid to develop Turkey’s new diplomatic, trade and investment relations with the State of Eritrea, Turkey’s national flag-carrier airlines will soon commence direct flights to Asmara.

The announcement was disclosed by Ambassador Fazil Corman who was in the country leading a Turkish delegation comprised of Dr. Mehmet Yilmaz, Deputy of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency, and Mr. Sadik Yildiz, Representative of the country’s Business Community. 

Turkish Air Lines has decided to begin direct flight to Asmara, and that such a move would upgrade the relations of bilateral cooperation”, said Ambassador Corman.

Asmara would be the newest destination for the Istanbul-based airlines.

In the course of their meeting with President Isaias Afwerki, the delegation conducted in-depth discussion on ways and means of fostering the existing relations of partnership in the domains of trade, investment and public works.

President Afwerki on his part asserted his country’s readiness to develop mutual cooperation with the Republic of Turkey in the sphere of trade and investment in marine transport as well as aviation.

Ambassador Corman further explained that cooperation would take place between the two countries in various sectors, especially in trade and investment, in addition to restoration of ancient Turkish buildings along the Eritrean Red Sea coast.

Turkey has already nominate Ambassador Firat Sunel to be its first-ever ambassador to Eritrea and is expected to arrive in Asmara in the coming weeks.
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