Turkey to Open Largest Military Base in Somalia

Somali defense minister says military base will open in September

Turkey is establishing a military training camp in Somalia
After increasing diplomatic and humanitarian support for Somalia, Turkey is now establishing a military camp in the country. (Photo: Turkish Embassy in Mogadishu by Mohamed Abdiwahab/AFP/GETTY IMAGES)


Turkey is set to open the largest military training camp in the Somali capital Mogadishu next month, where locals are battling an Islamist militant group in addition to drought.

Somali Defense Minister Abdirashid Abdullahi Mohamed said in a statement that the camp which had been under construction for the last two years will open this September and would be equipped to host up to 1,500 troops at one time.

The camp will be Turkey’s second overseas military installation, following the establishment of similar base in Qatar in 2015.

“We will begin deploying soldiers at the facility. Our army and other forces will receive training at the camp,” he said.

He added that the camp will help strengthen the Somali Army.

The facility which is Turkey’s largest overseas military camp is spread over 4 square kilometers (1.54 square miles) and cost about $40 million to build.

It also holds three military residential complexes and schools.

Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo vowed the new base would help restore the country’s beleaguered armed forces.

“The largest Turkish military base in the world is almost ready, and the Somali army will soon be strong once again,” he said in March, according to Turkey’s Daily Sabah.

More than 200 Turkish military personnel will come to the facility to train the Somali Armed Forces and provide security to the compound, according to the Turkish mission in Somalia.

Turkey opened its largest embassy in Mogadishu last year, to help the east African country fight drought.

Turkish Ambassador to Somalia Olgan Bekar clarified that the site was “not a military base like the one Turkey has in Qatar,” but “a military training camp.”

He stressed that Turkey had “no colonialist policy in Somalia” and that Ankara’s intentions were to rebuild the country’s public institutions ruined during its civil war, its armed forces in particular.

Turkish soldiers
Image of Turkish soldiers (Photo: Anadolu Agency)

* Newsweek and Anadolu Agency contributed to the above story.

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  1. Al-Shabaab Militants Kill Provincial Governor in Mogadishu

    Al-Shabab militants have shot dead a provincial governor and his brother in the Somali capital, Mogadishu.

    Mohamed Ali Elmi, the governor of Galgadud region in central Somalia, and his brother were gunned down in Mogadishu’s Yaaqshid neighborhood Friday night, witnesses said.

    The governor was visiting relatives when gunmen who trailed him opened fire. Witnesses said the gunmen fled before security forces arrived.

    “Our mujahedeen unit carried [out] an operation to kill the governor,” al-Shabab said in a statement posted on a website affiliated with the group.

    The incident occurred less than three hours after a car packed with explosives blew up in the center of the capital, killing at least three civilians.

    Al-Shabab retakes town

    Early Friday, al-Shabab militants retook a strategic town in Lower Shabelle, after African Union (AU) forces stationed there retreated. The militants entered Leego town, 120 kilometers from Mogadishu, minutes after AU convoys left.

    The governor of Lower Shabelle region, Ibrahim Adam Najah, confirmed the fall of Leego to VOA Somali.

    “I can confirm to you that the anti-peace element, the enemy of Somalia, has taken over the town without a fight, and that AMISOM troops have withdrawn,” he said.

    Najah said militants using five battle wagons entered the town from different directions.

    (continue reading …. https://allafrica.com/stories/201708080598.html )

    1. Looking very close relationship between Turkey, Iran and Qatar. In way this will be the first step to indirectly Qatar and Iran is seating foot in Somalia next to Djibouti’s neighbor, with United Arab Emirates military base. Russia is the next another country to watch. It is getting crowded.

    2. Our president Farmaajo has promised to keep his election promises.

      Once AL SHABAAB is completely defeated and our military restored the final solution for Ethiopia will begin.

      Mark my words: Somali army tanks will roll into Addis Ababa before 2021. Ethiopia’s and Kenya’s occupation of Somalia’s sovereign territorry will be solved militarily.

      Turkey, Egypt, America, have all promised in private that they will back an invasion of Ethiopia by Somalia’s armed forces under president Farmaajo’s command, the only condition is that AL SHABAAB must be defeated first.

      1. Addis huh? My friend, let me explain the big difference between you and us. If Ethiopia is in the mess Somalia is in, most of us are going back home to pick up the AK without blinking our eyes. You, besides terrorizing the rest of the world, would sit in Minnesota writing garbage while driving a taxi but I got the perfect video for you.

        1. you and AK ???no men you and TPLF/Ethiopia, that wont hapen maybe real Ethiopians can do that. what is wrong driving a taxi? do you think uber is better??

      2. Hero from Amhara/Ataklyi · Edit

        “Barre Ugaas Diini”, does that make u a Somali hmm? some shabo ppl dream of rolling thier tanks into addis, but before that the logical thing to do will be rolling ur so called “tanks” to badme…dont u think shabia boy?

  2. It is shame that Somalia will never be the way once was. Those amassing troops all over Somalia are all a representatives of the big establishment. They install a puppet govt in Mogadishu and they do as they wish. If some one opposes the situation like Gov Ali Elmi , will be assassinated by their soldiers Al-Shabab.

    1. @Mehara Tekeste

      Excuse but the Somali government was elected by the people, and we all love Farmajo he is an educated American Somali teacher from American.

    1. Although the past 25 years of Somalia was ugly, with UAE’s and Turkey’s political and military protection, I am hopeful that Somalia will emerge to become a success story in Africa.

      1. አየ ተገበርቲ ትገብራ።ሕጂ ኽአ ምስ ቱርኪ ትሽርሙጣ አለኽን እምብአር።እዋይ ዕብዳን፡እዋይ ፌኾስኮስ።

        1. Ata guezuy..ezi enda hamema aykonen, temahar enteqonka suk ilka anbibka tewetseh, aykonen..11 12 alla wala abzi qeman..teredi uka..FLIT alla eta teferhuwa..

  3. Does that mean Ethiopia’s role will be less and less? I can not see Ethiopian soldiers saddled with turkish after all Ethiopia originally supported the coup of turkish later they retracted and affirmed Turkish supremacy over Ethiopian so much they haded the Gulan properties to Turkey!!

  4. Gud’Fella Woy-Ane!!
    Woyane burnt 25 years that could have been used to help Somalia back to life. If Woyane were sincere in helping Somalis, Somalia would by now have been rebuilt and at peace with itself. In fact, the greater Somalia subject would have been a problem for most Somalis, provided Woyane (& Kenya, Ja-Booty and Uganda) were acting as good neighbors. What did we have for the past 25 years? It “started” with the “visionary? chiwawa midget PM of Ethiopia invading Somalia with the bogus excuses that the terrorist (that is, the Somalia Islamic Court) were a threat to Ethiopia, claiming these Islamic Courts are supported by 2000 Eritrean soldiers already operating in Somalia. Woyane were basically doing all the necessary requirements to become the best House Negros in East Africa. Had Woyane respected the sovereignty of Somalia, respected the EEBC ruling, respected every ethnic group in Ethiopia, East Africa today would have been very peaceful and prosperous. Woyane’s inferiority complexity combined with their IQ63 has brought super powers ( USA, Japan, China) and middle-east powers (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE & Turkey) to our neighborhood. The question now is for how long could woyane maintain N’ooshto (small) Tigray?

    1. Sometimes i wonder if Horn countries cooperated and resolved amicably all historical and outstandings issues where we woud have reached. Maybe all this borders will have been meaningess. Lost opportunities.

    2. You are from Eritrea so please I beg you just to stop talking rubbish because you dnt kno what your talking about because of your hatred of woyana and reading to much fake news from the Arabs.

      I am from Mogadishu and my mum lives in Mogadishu and let me tell you something sir the ICU were themselves terrorists their leader may have look moderate but the rest of ICU weren’t, some of them were the terrorists group called today al shabab, ICU al shabab wing they were telling how woman should dress, woman shouldn’t go out, men should grow beards, people should go to mosque 24/7, the ICU moderate leader couldn’t control these al Qaeda terrorists, they were out of their hands, they were wild animals roaming the streets killing innocent people.

      My own mum was forced to cover from head to toe, but since the terrorists al Qaeda group were kicked out from Mogadishu life is freed they were using foreigners especially Yemenis that’s how they took Mogadishu from the Warlords.

      Somalia knos those countries that harmed our people, Somalia knows those countries that were funding anti peace in Somalia, you kno who they are so no need to tell you but Somalia shall come hard on them.

      Somalia’s enemies are Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Libya, Sudan and woyana and Shabia rulers of Ethiopia and Eritrea for arming different groups in Somalia aka the warlords and the Islamist.

      Somalia’s bests friends are Turkey, Yemen, Djibouti, Uganda.

      1. What do you speak of?
        Eritrea didnt support or intervene in somalia.!!!!

        Shaabia said clearly from the beginning “We wont intervene or assist IGAD in somalia because it will make the matters worst” before the woyane invasion of somalia

        So from where do you brong this nonsense???!!

      2. Read carefully, what he wrote.

        The excuse for the weyane to invade was, that the ICU was a threat to them, not to the somali ppl. They could care less abt the somalis.

        But since you swallow weyane propaganda whole, you even managed to put Eritrea on your enemies list.

        If we’re your enemies, then why are you here, talking to us?

        1. ICU were Islamists group, 60% of ICU were extremists Islamist led by the al shabab wing and other foreign jihadi Arabs while the 40% were from the moderate wing led by Somalis who were tired from the warlords and just wanted peace/

          The 40% of ICU moderate aka the Djiboutian wing joined the government while ICU al shabab/foreign Arabs Asmara wing declared Jihad onto the Somali government.

          Your Eritrean president from 2006 to 2009 has called thousands of times the Somali leaders as puppets of woyana, even though the somali leaders were elected by the tribes/elders.

          All I’m saying to you is the people of Horn has enough of woyana and Shabia.

          We shall get our sweet revenge on woyana by giving them to the Oromos and amharas (let them deal with them) and Shabia downfall will be when the Oromos and Amharas unite you bet they shall come for their port woyana give to Shabia in 1991.

          And for Sudan al basria will be overthrown and the Egyptians they will never drink peacefully and the Saudis will be punished when Iran takes over Yemen.

          This is payback to all those countries that did us wrong.

          1. You’re allover the place.

            I could care less, if the ICU or al shabbab were from Mars. That’s your headache.

            Just ask yourself why, Eritrea left IGAD. You’ve enough answer, there.

            As for PIA, calling former somali leaders, as weyane- plants, what’s wrong with that? They were, weyane puppets.

            Either, you’re totally ignorant or a weyane plant here- yourself!

          2. Hey, Mr. Snake your failed country is filled with all kinds of terrorist group and your reckless, inefficient so called government is a bonus for the terrorist. So, until Somalia get it act straight we have the right and power to eradicate the terrorist group before they enter our door steps.
            Pr. Formajo and his cabinet playing hide and seek for not be killed from desperate Alshabab and here you are the audacity to threat all the country that cercled and helped you.
            These mentality of yours that killed your country from the get go.

          3. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Why 15 million real Ethiopian starving???Hello Miss Sentiko/sheger addis/ Ethio/Balance/My thinking / dan / A Hero from Amhara (TPLF Agent !!! ) I don’t know what kind of nick name you’ll get tomorrow .Anyways!!! Why are you here???????????/ The funny thing you responding on your comment .Do you really think you going to hoax Eritreans, stupid dam!!! This is for you! “የብዙዎቹ ምናልባትም የሁሉም በሽታዎቻችን መሠረቱ ድህነትና ማጣት ናቸው፡፡ የገንዘብ ድህነትን በማግኘት ይላቀቁታል፤ የአስተሳሰብን ድህነት ግን በምን ይገላገሉታል? ችግር ነው፡፡ First of all don’t google to much get fact ok!!! Before answer this question go and feed those kids dam


          4. Somali commentator, yOur mental capacity is like a camel pisiing (lol) in short you need to go ans visit your home and perhaps you will modify your comment!!!

          5. You quick to snap however whoever he calls himself is irrelevant his comments are clear so is mine, still kem shinti gimel nidihrit eu!! get it.

          6. Why 15 million real Ethiopian starving???Hello Miss Sentiko/sheger addis/ Ethio/Balance/My thinking / dan / A Hero from Amhara (TPLF Agent !!! )“የብዙዎቹ ምናልባትም የሁሉም በሽታዎቻችን መሠረቱ ድህነትና ማጣት ናቸው፡፡ የገንዘብ ድህነትን በማግኘት ይላቀቁታል፤ የአስተሳሰብን ድህነት ግን በምን ይገላገሉታል? ችግር ነው፡፡

        1. B.Adal ata meksen eska trah eka teksineni.All the ppl answering him are also ugumish acting like they didn’t know he is from Tigray.

          1. Really? Just because we don’t know who this guy is, particularly?

            Are you here to create animosity amongst Eritreans? Divide and rule, kinda thing?

            What- from what I said for ex, is in any way ugumesh?

            U’re the ugume. Lizard wahid!

          1. At least we can agree with you that you are a SNAKE. Now let the members of TN guess which kilkil the SNAKE might be? — Hint: N’ooshtey Tigray.

          2. Alem, you know what is interesting… these low IQ ugumesh are basically like children under the age of 5 who try to food their parents.

  5. Solution to Somalia does not come from more bases. Turki efforts even though welcomed is too late and too little. Somalia doesnt need training as we have officers trained in Somalia, USSR, USA, Italy, Egypt and Germany. And our youth are already trained by them.We need only lifting of arms embargo and foreigners not interfere in our internal affairs. Results will be seen in months.

    1. What on earth are you mumbling about?
      Turkey is Somalia’s best friend, they helped us when Somalia was on its knees and its population were being starved by the Arabs snakes.

      Somali troops will only be trained by Turkish or American and not Egyptians, I promise you if I see any Arab especially an Egyptians I will kill the @[email protected]

      I hate Arabs.

      1. Wake up if Turkey cared for Somalia they would have helped in the past 27 year and base training is limited to few hundred soldier each year so its here for Turkey interests.Politics has no permanent enemies or friends.

        1. I think you’re somewhat right. A careful look at Turkey’s moves in the region indicate that they’re just filling in the gaps created by the Soudi’s economic and political decline in the last 15 years. That’s it. Erdoğan’s imperial pipe dream to resurrect the Ottoman Empire should be a clue to everyone.

          1. It doesn’t matter if Turkey has hidden political, this Turkish base is just to spy on the Arabs especially the Egyptian and the Saudis who are infact two common enemies of the Somalia nation.

            As long Turkey helps Somalia in regards with the Somali army, building free housing for the locals, Roads, hospitals, schools, then everyone is happy.

        2. Turkey never left Somalia, Turkey was in Somali Speaking homeland from 1624 till now, but after the wars broke up Turkey closed its embassy in Mogadishu,

          Turkey has no hidden agenda for Somalia they’re only helping Somalia because of long historic ties, it’s the Egyptians and the Saudis who have interests in Somalia.

          1. Egypt has deeper role and connection. Somalia should all who have good will for Somalia. Your analysis is based on emotions.

          2. What did you said? Somalia has no connections whatsoever with Egypt, Egypt and Somalia were only allies for interests reasons because of Ethiopia, as Egypt wanted to the nile river for themselves and Somalia wanted to liberate Ogaden.

            But today Ethiopia is a federal state infact the Ethiopian Somalis are joining their freedom then other Ethiopia leaders before even though woyana itself are dictators but woyana is more concerned about the Amharas and the Oromos rather the Ethiopian Somalis.

            Ethiopia and Somalia have sorted out their problems so as far as I’m concerned woyana is a Ethiopia problem and the bile river is again Ethiopia resources so what Ethiopia does with their resources is not Somalia problems, we as Somalia we need to put our effort on our people so we shouldn’t interfere in Ethiopia and Egypt but if there’s war between Ethiopia and Egypt then Somalia should help Ethiopia because Ethiopia is our neighbor otherwise Somalia will pay heavily prize because of Ethiopians refugees, al Qaeda, ISIS etc.

          1. You should be ashamed of yourself for entertaining these Eritreans.

            You dnt speak for me neither you speak for the Somalia people, so plz speak for yourself.

            We the Somali people we love our Turkish bro/sis.

          2. You wish you had Turkey rather then the UAE, well good luck with your arabs, just wait till Asmara becomes the new Kabul.

          3. Hey B.Adal, see my earlier comment to Mahamed.

            Anyhow, I am not sure why Somalis are always debating about which foreign country better for their country: Turkey, Ethiopia, Egypt, and Saudi are always on the list. How many foreign powers have come and gone in Somalia in the last 100 years, or even 25 years? What have they done for them, except dividing them in many lands?

          4. What I agree with you is that, the countries you listed are in Somalia for their own purpose. What we can not conclude based on TN members with pen-names that don’t fit who they are is “… why Somalis are always debating about which foreign country better for their country”.

            Back to the main issue …
            Some of the countries might actually be there 90% for their own benefit while 10% helping Somalis to form a strong government. A country that has clearly showed in broad daylight to 110% divide and create havoc among Somalis is only Woyane. There can be no benefit whatsoever from allowing Cancerous Woyane operate in any part of Somalia, or even Ethiopia.

            Saudi and UAE might claim to be in Somalia to help Somalis while fighting the Yemeni Houthis. However, the truth is they (Saudi, UAE) and Turkey are in Somalia to spread their own interpretation of The Koran. In summary, the purpose for Saudi and UAE is to (1) weaken Iran by fighting the Houthis and (2) Weaken Qatar by limiting support to Muslim Brotherhood, by bringing neighboring countries on the side of Egypt and Saudi.

            Turkey is in Somalia to make sure Somalia is pro-Muslim Brotherhood, hence on the opposite of Saudi and UAE, It is difficult to understand how Sultan Erdogan (as Mohamed called him earlier) functions. He seems to be the most confused middle east leader. He can’t make up his mind how he wants to be on top.
            ** One day, he is pro-Assad, next he is helping ISIS to oust Assad.
            ** One day, he is begging to be a member of EU, even shot Russian jet to impress US and EU.
            ** Next day, he is begging the Russians to be a friend again.
            ** One day, He is with Saudi and Mubarek of Egypt.
            ** During the Arab uprising he was with Morsi of Egypt,
            ** Now he is with Qatar against Saudi, UAE & Egypt
            In the meantime, Turkey is burning.

          5. Excellent observation on whats happen in the wider region. Beware many Woyanes here pretend to be Somalis to sore discord within them and with Eritreans.

          6. I can’t believe Sentek got you aswell, come bro you can easily decode that…either you don’t know Somalis or you are naive about the capability of how low tigray ppl can go.

            Sorry he got you…

            Ps. There’s no Somalia that would ever come to comment on this website. And please don’t fall again

    2. Americans are new to Trump kind of politicians but Africa has seen these clowns for years. They come on empty promises without looking at facts, beating nationalist drums but when faced with the facts, can’t deliver a freaking thing. Where exactly are these soldiers that doesn’t need training, we have been looking for them since 2006. If you know anything about military, we are dealing with idiots that doesn’t even know how to hold a simple pre-meters of a small town. Uganda made a mistake of sharing intel with your idiots, religion fanatics bought that info and sold them out. Agazi is there to free one stupid town your “trained” idiots left scared as we speak. It’s okay to love your country but please have the facts at hand then, debate. Your cheese came with unrealistic promise of kicking AMISOM but took him two months to sign up for help. All this is happening with the help of Africans you disrespect daily. My advice, teach your people AMISOM is there to help not against. Lifting the embargo when you can’t even keep intel secret will allow shabbab to get better weapons, not the other way. From a concerned neighbor who wishes to see peaceful Somalia and Somaliland.

      1. Son not only do i have facts on ground but i have intel. The Ugandans didnt withdraw cuz Farmajo asked them but your Ethiopia is playing games with Shabaab in order to be asked to replace them so you can occupy Lower shabele region as stepping stone for you return to Mogadishu region. Its this same town Ethiopians helped Shabaab massacre Burundians couple of years ago. So Ugandans got this intel and thats why you moved in immediately. American and somali special forces base is not that far so dnt think we dnt have the intel. You have started your devilish behaviours after being so nice to Somalia in the past few months as your people demonstrated. I guess we need to cooperate with Egypt and Eritrea to give you hell.

        What terriotory are you holding for Somalia? Vast majority of Somalia is guarded by Somali troops. Do you think 120 km around Mogadishu is Somalia. Ethiopia is leaking to and supporting Shabaab. Your time is up.

        From your comment i can see you are still suffering from the elecoral shock you suffered on Feb 8th. Pres Farmajo decides when Amisom leaves even if you hang yourself. Move on and live a life.

      2. Your not a concerned neighbor but a trouble makers, Injave already told to before there’s no such thing called Somaliland, the britist somaliland and Italian dnt exist no more they joined together in 1961 so what came after Somalia war is null and void.

        Your are a dirty Tigrai agame, the Oromos, Amharas and Eritreans are already on your back so the last thing you want is the Somalis so i am telling we Somalis we dnt your woyana and Shabia nonsense otherwise we shall come to your Tigray villages and hand you over like slaves to the Oromos.

        1. Boy you commenting over and over for sure some of your dead nerves must have been tinkered by turkish presence in somalia!!! fool woy-ane.

  6. This is a great news, Turkey and Somalia have long brotherhood relations going back to ere of Adal Sultanate and the Turkish empire, so I am so happy with this military base in Mogadishu as this will give a training boost the Somali national army to defeat the terrorists al Qaeda who are armed and funded by the Egyptians and the Saudis.

    What I also like about Turkey is there are just pure good hearted people, their heart is so clean unlike the Arabs snakes who used Somalia but when Somalia was down not only they ignored Somalia for 25 years (even though is part of Arab league) but they gave Somalia a present of extremistism salafi Islamists who are blowing up our people daily and even refusing to let food aid (these Arabs terrorists have already killed one millions Somalis in 2011)

    1. Surely now you losing it if you haven’t already: you keep mouthing Arabs arabs as if Al Moudi has never been to appease your sister even your leader’s wife perhaps the whole of Ethiopia has made his concubines, bar your mum! and he is half arab half wello, so stop abusing arabs hence they are feeding your mums and your sisters!!!

      1. When you hear somebody claiming to be Somali and who have a bad thing to say about Eritrea I think its safe to say thay person is not a real Somali. Snake is an impostor. Somalis and Eritreans never had bad blood between them. Why should they?

        The facts of Somalia are as such:

        # AL SHABAAB will grow in numbers, strength, frequency of attacks, ferocity. (Already happening)

        #The weak, unpopular and corrupt “government” of “president” Farmaju will be overthrown and replaced with a new governent lead by the former presidents Hassan and Sheikh Shariif.

        #Amisom will withdraw eventually

        This is the true picture of the situationm

        1. Puntland region of Somalia Minister today Officialy Annouced the Threat of
          AL SHABAAB to be over in Puntland. The group has according to his press release been defeated, killed, captured and cleared out of Puntland.

          This is not what the latest UN Monitoring Group of Somalia said nor is it what numerous Western terror analysts say.

          I think the Puntland Minister of Information is lying to his people.

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