TPLF Still Nursing the Bloody Nose It Received From 1998-2000 War

By Bereket Kidane,

NO one blows hot air like TPLF does because it mistakes its master’s power for its own. Weyane may be feeling a bit more desperate these days because not only did its go-for-broke “Greater Tigray” strategy go bust, it is now coming up on its 24th year of minority rule of the Ethiopian State.

That is a long reign for a minority regime no matter how you look at it. 

I am sure even TPLF itself feels like it has lasted longer than it thought it would in power. The pickings have been plum for Weyane officials and many of them have gotten rich beyond their imagination. Not sure the same can be said of the average Tigrayan. The average Tigrayan is still dirt poor as he was during the Haile Selassie and Mengistu era. The average Tigrayan does not own a pot to piss in.

But one thing that is certain about minority regimes is that they do come with an expiration date.

No minority regime has lasted in power in perpetuity in any country since the dawn of the 20th Century. Even the Apartheid Minority regime of South Africa had to eventually relent to majority rule. That is what TPLF is faced with and it knows it. It can feel the expiration date creeping up on it.

But desperate regimes can do desperate things. TPLF better keep in mind the bloody nose it received from its naked invasion of Eritrea if it is thinking of doing anything stupid again. This time, it will hasten the expiration date of its minority rule.

The dwarf that aspires to be colossal through alms usually feels power when it received enough handout from its handlers. Since it is not possible to be a beggar and a formidable power that can sustain real wars at the same time, they usually end up consumed by the very fire they lit.