Three New Mathematical Theorems Discovered by Eritrean High School Student

Maths Genius Saied Mohammed Ali receiving his Soira Award from President Afwerki

By TesfaNews,

The International Journal of Mathematics Research (IJMR) has recognized and published three new mathematical theorems developed by an Eritrean high school student as new to Mathematics.

Saied Mohammed Ali, who was a student at the Warsay – Yekealo Senior Secondary School in Sawa back in 2010, was inspired to explore any possible means of converting the double and triple angle formulas that were used in trigonometry, a subject that mainly deals with angles, into side relationships. That led him to discover two new possible ways of conversion. 

Named after him, the two theorems are now published at the International Journal of Pure and Applied Science vol. 3 of 2010 as ‘Double Angle Triangle’ and ‘Triple Angle Triangle’ theorems. With the help of these new formulas, one can convert any double angle formula into double angle theorem and a triple angle formula into triple angle triangle theorem.

Saied said he was initially inspired by the Pythagoras theorem and its formula C2 = A2 + B2 which we used for calculating one side of a right angle triangle through side relationships.

Nonetheless, Saied’s two new theorems are proven to be successful in solving the different mathematical problems in geometry, survey, physics, mathematics, astronomy and navigation.

Saied again made some extra efforts to create his third theorem. The International Journal of Mathematics Research again published it as new found discovery on its Vol. 4, No.4 2012 edition [pp. 455-461]  of the journal by introducing it to the world as ‘Eritrea’s Theorem’.

By making use of this new formula, Eritrea’s Formula, it is now pretty much possible to find the other angles of a triangle based ONLY on the given hypotenuse or by multiplying the three angles of a triangle.

Explaining why he decided to name his third formula after his country, Saied said that:

“The tuition free education I am provided with in my homeland, Eritrea, is the very source for the success I have so far achieved. If it was not so, I could not reach this level of achievement.”

Young Saied Mohammed Ali has repeatedly shunned several invitations to participate at the International Science Conferences. Instead, he simply chose and currently studying medicine at the Orotta School of Medicine and Dentistry in Asmara.

Recognizing his exceptional contribution to the creative and innovative works, President Isaias Afwerki awarded him with the country’s highest Innovative and Creativity award – the Soira Award later this year.  [Outsourced from Shabait


25 thoughts on “Three New Mathematical Theorems Discovered by Eritrean High School Student

  1. Well, what can be said for such a geniues mathematician? Worse on that, he just abadons it just like that and get along with another decipline – Medicine. It definitely surprises everuone who read this story.

    People earn PhD and Masters for such incedible inventions man……

    I am hoping he will do another miracle in the field of Medicine too. I am 100% sure. Let the Government availe him all the necessary needs so that he only concentrate on his health and inventions.

    Way to go Eritrea…. in deed a very fruitful Educational Policy.

    We need to heare more about this incedible Eritrean genius. TesfaNews please dig deep and infrm us more about him. He is now an inspiration to many Eritrean.

    Last year Eritrean made history and recorded on the Guiness Book of Records after painting Worlds Longest Paintings. You see that … oh my God …… I am out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. replace "Young Saied Mohammed Ali has repeatedly shunned several invitations to participate at the International Science Conferences." with not allowed to go

      1. Hello Gone, let me just clarify something
        1. I am an Eritrean and actually fought for my country, did you?
        2. Is your response for someone with a different opinion to shut them down, free speech at work.
        3. Why do you fell the need to denigrate the Ethiopians, they have their country we have ours.
        4. I stated a fact, so if you have a fact that disproves what I said will be glad to read it.

    2. @Habtom, that is exactly what i said when i knew he went to Med School. This guy is a math genius and he could do miracles in math world. I wish he changes his mind and pursue in Mathematics. I know the fact that in our society if u r very good in school you have to go to Med or Engineering and I think he might have been a victim to that. Well i wish him well and we have Eritrean's Theorem now !! …Oh ya, I will make my kids memorize it like their names 🙂

  2. Good work Africans,

    Pythagoras theorem is an African theorem plagiarized by Pythagoras. Read the books, "Stolen Legacy" by George GM James and "Civilization or Barbarism" by Cheik Anta Diop. Our experience in and our contribution to mathematics as Africans is what you young brothers are continuing; not something from Europe.

    Keep up the good work and African culture, history, philosophy, ideology, experience, consciousness, and interest in categorically converting our divided states into a powerful continental government should guide the application of our academic disciplines.


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  4. Saied Mohammed Ali's accomplishment is outstanding at any level. He published four theorems as a high school student. That makes him a genius. Even knowing trigonometry is remarkable for a high school student. Even though I have a lot respect for the medical field, I do not recommend a potential Einstein ,Newton or Galileo to become a medical doctor. Galileo had passion for mathematics early on. His father told him " there was more money in curing ills rather than proving theorems." He was pushed into medical school. He did get a degree in medicine but he followed his passion and became a mathematics professor and devoted his life to doing physics and astronomy. My recommendation for Saied is he become a theoretical physicist and/or an applied mathematician.

    1. I miscounted the number of theorems three not four theorems. I am still looking forward to reading the original papers. In the mean time, Google double angle an triple angle trigonometric identities and see if you can convert them to side relations.

  5. Here is a simple proof about some of us, Eritreans, who write anything and everything just based on emotional attachment to either side of the current political battle regarding our country.

    There are so far 12 comments but only one talked about the theorems themselves. Just scolding one another saying agame or similar nonsense stuff.

    So here a challenge for you guys? Can anyone find the actual published article or articles and read them? And then copy and pasted probably a paragraph or an equation from the articles? After that, then you can comment whatever you would like to.

  6. Really an oustanding work congratulations sied!keep it up. But it was really bad news to hear such a genius man is studying medicine. Medicine is simplay a practice. Please come to your mind and continue your study in maths.

  7. 1. Rick – shut up your annoying
    2. Mesgun – Trigonometry is taught in highschool, one need not be a genius to learn it.
    3. Has anyone actually seen the Theorem? If so , would you be so kind as to publish it.

  8. From the author;
    The way you think influences the way live.
    If you spend your golden time posting comments about what someone does , you will not grow up.Therefore, I want to advise you that just read the articles from their site and write your scientific comments to the author's address so that you can learn something . The way you are using the internet shows that you can't talk about what scientists do because they don't have time to write this much.

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