The Completed Bisha Zinc Expansion Project

By Nevsun,

The Bisha mine recently completed construction of the Zinc Expansion Project on-time and under budget. Bisha is currently commissioning the new plant which will enable Bisha to deliver both zinc and copper concentrate to market.

Note the zinc concentrate on the pads to the left of the plant panoramic!


> Completed on-time (June 2016)

> Completed under-budget ($77 million cost vs $100 million budget)

> Third consecutive Bisha project delivered on-time and under-budget (the Bisha gold, copper and now zinc plants. Total = $420 million)

> 1.7 billion pounds of payable zinc in reserves

5 thoughts on “The Completed Bisha Zinc Expansion Project

  1. With the completion of the Zinc plant, the total Nevsun investment on Bish mine exceeds a cool USD $420 million. This is by far the single, largest investment made by any company in Eritrean.

    The closest biggest investment than Nevsun was made by China Harbor Engineering Company Ltd. (CHEC). This company wins a USD 400 million project in Massawa for the expansion and construction of ports. Phase 1 of the Massawa New Port Project, for instance, involves mainly the design and construction of a 70,000t bulk cargo terminal and a 50,000t multi-purpose terminal (in consideration to the much needed mineral export terminals).

    Read more about this —>>

    1. Thanks a million for such a news and posting that lifts the spirit of all Eritreans all over the world. Give me more, show me more, and tell more on on achievements of the “can-do people”.

      Give me more, tell me more. Thanks to God/Allah, Tesfawnews, as your name says it all, is the source of “TESFA” for my soul and spirit.

  2. The Eritrean Government Promises Had Come True. I got my first monthly salary by the [NEW] standard educational scale. Situations of living in Eritrea are becoming more joyful.

    #Sham K. Haile (Facebook)

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