The African Results for the Year 2010 Cycling: The Advent of Eritrea

Eritrean Team

By Fayçal Chehat

The fall of 2010 looked like an Indian summer for the young Eritrean cycling through a triumph in the African Nations Championship and a victory (individual and collective) in the Tour of Rwanda. Tunisia continues to reign on the North African and Arab cycling.  

The rise of East Africa is symbolized by Daniel Teklehaimanot, this young climber with a formidable talent that we should probably begin to see defying the most formidable European challengers in the near future. Little concern, on the contrary for Algerian cycling, at summit yesterday, but that does not shine today but through the blows of a few good cyclers. The next revival of the Tour of Algeria may deliver oil in the wheels.

African Road Championships (November 9 – 14, Kigali): The Eritrean jackpot

Played in Rwanda, a country where the sport is getting stronger, the African Championships on road were those of revival. Especially with the arrival of thunderous Eritrea. Indeed, teammates of the sprinter ended the long domination of South Africa by winning the road race, the individual against the clock and against the clock in shifts, better to say the jackpot. Overall, the South African cycling still retained a female pre carre. But in this story, South Africa is not the only frustrated, the Maghreb countries, Algeria and Morocco in particular, were also martyred.

The African Champions


Road Race: Daniel Teklehaimanot
Individual time trial: Daniel Teklehaimanot
Time Trial teams: Eritrea: Teklehaimanot, Ferekalsi Debessay, Meron and Russom Tesfai Tekle

Road Race: Lylanie Lauwrens
Individual time trial: Lylanie Lauwrens.


Tour of Mali

The first edition of the Tour of Mali has been dominated by the Moroccan team. The Sharifians Riders, led by Abdelatif Saadoune (yellow jersey) have gleaned the first six places in the individual standings and easily won the team race.

Tour of Burkina Faso

The victory of the French Julien Schick does not detract from the quality of African performance. Abdul Aziz Nikiéma (tipped to join the World Cycling Centre) and the Ivorian Bassirou Konte just to name these two, have been excellent hosts of Burkina Loop. But Rasmane Ouedraogo, second overall, came close to the feat. Note that the last victory of a local rider in the Tour was in 2005.

Tour of Rwanda

The Eritreans have ended the Rwandan tour with four stage wins in the bag, and a bright yellow jersey on the back of the now inevitable Daniel Teklehaimanot (already dolphin in 2009).

Tour of Tunisia

Adil Jaloul has dominated the Tunisian tour in part enabling the Moroccan squad to retain his title. Fifty-two riders representing nine teams participated in the fourteenth edition.

Tour du Senegal

This is not the most highly rated African tour, but it has the merit to exist and to give cyclists a voice in Senegal. This is great, for the first time since its inception (2000), the loop was won by a Senegalese. Indeed, Massamba Sarre Diouf succeeded the French Stéphane Roger in the record.

Tour of Morocco

In a competition enhanced by the very strong presence of European and American teams, some African runners pulled out.  Thus, South Africa’s Ian Macleod and Reinardt Janse Van Rensburg finished respectively at the 4th and 6th rank in the overall standings whereas the best Moroccan Mouhssine Lahssaini finished seventh. In Team, Morocco took the second place behind Team Type 1 (USA).

The Rider of the Year

Daniel Teklehaimanot, The climber who climbs

The Eritrean is undoubtedly the African runner of the year. Winner of five gold medals (including two in hopes) at the African Championships played in Rwanda, Daniel Teklehaimanot is probably on the verge of a great international career.

The very youngest climber (22 years old) have for a year joined the professional Swiss club Cervélo Test Team, with whom he has already participated in several regional races.

In 2009, Teklemhaimanot ran the prestigious Tour de l’Avenir in an international team from the World Cycling Centre. For a first attempt, it was a masterstroke: the native Derbawa finished sixth overall. Consequence of this spectacular entrance, he was introduced as one of the favorites in the event of the 2010 edition. Unfortunately, a terrible fall from the prologue reduced him and forced him to retire during the sixth stage. A champion to watch closely in 2011.

UCI Africa Tour Ranking (Top 20)

Teklehaimanot dislodges Jelloul Gentlemen:
1.Daniel Teklehaimanot (Eri), 199, 66 pts.
2. Adil Jelloul (Mor), 113 pts.
3. Meran Russian (Eri), 86, 66 pts.
4. Abdelatif Saadoune (Mor), 81 pts.
5. Tarik Chaoufi (Mor), 74 pts.
6. Julien Schick (Fra) 71 pts.
7. Janse Van Rensburg (SA), 63, 66 pts.
8. Martinien Tega (Cam).
9. MouhssineLahssani (Mor), 60 pts.
10. Dan Craven (Nam), 58 pts.
11. Nataniel Berhane (Eri), 56 pts.
12. Rasmane Ouedraogo (Bur), 40 pts.
13. Mohamed Said Elammoury (Mor), 40 pts.
14. Hervé Raoul Mba (Cam), 35 pts.
15. Ismail Ayoune (Mor), 32 pts.
16. Dawut Arabiya (Eri), 32 pts.
17. Tesfai Eteklit (Eri).
18. Frekalsi Abrha (Eri), 31, 6 PST.
19. Azzedine Agab (Alg), 30, 33 pts.
20. Adrien Niyonshuti (RWA), 30 pts.

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