Eritrea-Based Journalist on Meb Keflezighi’s Marathon Win: ‘Absolutely Thrilled and Delighted’

Meb Keflezigh wins Boston Marathon
Eritrean – American Meb Kiflezghi made history after winning the 2014 Boston Marathon

By Nate Boroyan,

ON Monday, Meb Keflezighi became the first American man to win the Boston Marathon in 31 years. Though his 2014 Boston Marathon performance marked one of the great American sports moments in recent memory, his triumph was celebrated some 6,500 miles away, in Keflezighi’s native Eritrea, a small African country on the border of Ethiopia.

“As an Eritrean, I am absolutely thrilled and delighted Meb has been able to repay his adopted Nation with a sporting triumph. This is even more so given the tragic incident of 2013,” Daniel Kidane, assistant editor of TesfaNews, said in an email. “My heart-felt congratulations to Meb and the people of Boston.” 

Keflezighi, a 38-year-old Eritrean-American, didn’t run the 2013 Boston Marathon due to injury.

He immigrated to the states in the late 1990’s, and later ran for UCLA. A 2004 Athens Olympics silver-medalist, Keflezighi saw his career sidetracked by a hip-injury, which prevented him from participating the 2008 Olympics. He battled back from the injury – overcoming the death of his friend, fellow running partner Ryan Shay in the process – to eventually win the 2009 New York City Marathon. In 2012, he fell short of a podium spot at the London Olympics.

On Twitter, TesfaNews describes itself as “an independent online magazine with quality news, and information materials on Eritrea.” Coincidentally, TesfaNews was voted best Eritrean news and information website of the year.

Monday afternoon, TesfaNews ran USA Today’s coverage of the Keflezighi’s victory, and shared what will surely become one of the iconic photos of the 118th Boston Marathon.

One of the iconic photos of the 118th Boston Marathon
One of the iconic photos of the 118th Boston Marathon

With a time of 2:08.37, Keflezighi,  became the first American man to win the Boston Marathon since Greg Meyer, who accomplished the feat in 1983 with a time of 2:09 flat.

  • Fetaw Hageru

    Meb. Congratulation
    You made us proud !!!!!!!keep up the terrific work.

  • tesfaldet abraha

    Dawit idiot we ERITREANS have ZERISENAY so you keep talking shit so MEB KIFLEZGI is an american

    • Bisrat Ghirmay

      While possibly someone can change his/her Citizenship at any time, but bear in mind, no one ever can change his/her identity of a birth place at all .

      • tesfaldt

        iunder stand that but he is not even mentioning ERITREA because he is USA citizzen so whay is evry body socking up to him if evry one see the marathon there was KENYANS THEIR jersy say KENYA his jersy say U S A not ERITREA so stop fazing ADIAE GEDIFAS HATNAE TNAFIK we have some one name ZERISENAY TADESE so we have to talke abaout him

        • Keflay

          Tesfaldet I assume you are Eritrean,but where ever you may live if not already ,sooner or later you will be a citizen of that nation for simple reason to take advantage of your retirement plan, medical etc,but no matter what your body and soul belongs to Eritrea. Meb is a professional sports person and that is how he earns his living, If he would fly an Eritrean flag along with the USA he will never be in a full-page in NY times,sponsorship of many products, radio and TV interview. Meb came to the US at the young age of 12 this man grew up in states,for him to get married to an Eritrean about 7 yrs ago that tells you he is one of us no matter.

    • Dawit Meconen

      tesfaldet: You must be mentally deficient, the reason you resorted to name calling instead to reasoning . Eritrea needs people with well developed Cerebrum to assert its place in the world community, not like you with a reptilian brain that spew their venom whenever they feel threatened. You are redundant. But again, you could be underground enemy agent with malicious intent to sow discord among Eritreans.

  • merhaba

    Congratulation Meb good job.


    zemhret-Ghebru-not that he represent USA is my concern rather him his brother or his wife mention ERITREA nor the FANS wave ERITREAN FLAG but congrat we proud of you GO ERITREA

  • Yohanes

    What a despicable human trash you are Dawit, If I where you with so much hatred end evil thoughts I dig my own grave and bury my self. What is your problem either you must have financed some one to join you from Eritrea ended up dead along the way,or after what you went through to get where ever yo may be, It wasn't as you expected. In this case it is no one fault but yourself,so shut up and live with your guilt.

    • Dawit Meconen

      Yohanes: Dogs cannot reason, neither can you. But they are good at one thing, defending their masters, and so are you. However, when the master is through with the service his dog, he dispenses with it, and so will your master do to you. You ought to have understood the dilemma you are in from the experience of your predecessors but you are not endowed with the necessary gray matter to figure it out.. How do I know all these about yourself without ever meeting you? Your writing is your mirror image.

      • Yohanes

        So is yours,here you are again, each time people like I am beat you to the ground with facts,you come swinging under different name from what you have used previously. unlike you no one pays me to speak the truth, but you are the one sent out to mislead Mr paid informant. Go to hell and get your self a toy to play with.


    weather he is an Eritrean by birth or American by nationality who cares, this is a great saccses story that we all should rejoise. plain and simple he is a great guy. let us not get in to politics and get ourselfes confused. god bless MEB…..GOD BLESS THE USA …AND GOD BLESS ERITREA..