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Power Outage to End in Eritrea

Power outage to end in Eritrea
Hirgigo Power Plant in Massawa to go fully operational following a year long extension program

By TesfaNews,

The end of sporadic power supply in Eritrea is on the horizon as the extension and construction programs at the Hirgigo thermal power plant is almost complete.

According to African Energy Intelligence sources, Hirgigo power plant will go fully operational later this year.

The country have seen multiple power cuts in the last couple of years mainly due to shortfalls in the supply.  The current output at Hirgigo, the biggest plant in the country, and that of Belaza (17MW) accounts for 90% of all supply in Eritrea; and together lose 18% of the power they generate.  Continue reading Power Outage to End in Eritrea

ENAMCO Seeks a Repeat of Bisha Success Story

Nevsun is nothing but a success story. The mining-friendly Eritrea is set to repeat that story with China’s SFECO and Australian South Boulder Mines.

By African Intelligence,

ON THE crest of its success in cooperating with Canada’s Nevsun Resources Ltd in developing gold at Bisha, Eritrea is intent on doing likewise with China’s SFECO.

Asmara is cultivating its image as a mining-friendly destination by pointing to the legal stability of its mining legislation (dating from 1995) and by being ready in the midst of crisis to lower its partners’ investment commitments.  Continue reading ENAMCO Seeks a Repeat of Bisha Success Story

Afeworki Lays Store in Mining Despite the UN

UNFAZED. “The game-plan of Eritrea’s arch enemies are indeed simple: chisel at the edifice of the Government through dogged campaign of disinformation to ultimately delegitimize and criminalize the GOE to roll back history and Eritrea’s sovereignty. That is a pipe dream that will never happen – @hawelti

By African Intelligence,

ERITREAN President Issayas Afeworki is pushing for the rapid development of mining projects, without taking too much notice of the conclusions of a recent report by the United Nations Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea (ESMG).

This report nevertheless singled out Hagos Gebrethiwet Maesho (known as Hagos Kisha), the director of economic affairs of the country’s ruling party, People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ).

It suspects him of setting up “complex financial structures” that enable the Eritrean government to use revenue from the mining sector to finance the PFDJ and even to support military activity that “could constitute a violation of resolution 1907”.

This resolution was passed by the United Nations Security Council in December 2009; it decreed a variety of restrictions against the regime of Asmara and its leaders. Continue reading Afeworki Lays Store in Mining Despite the UN

Northeast Africa and Middle East: Gold Frontier

Eritrea – the New Frontier for Mining Companies

By Tim Williams,

Eritrea is underlain by the volcano-sedimentary rocks of the Arabian-Nubian shield, one of the world’s most unexplored but potentially productive mineral provinces. It has only a handful of deposits now in production or under development.

The major styles of economic mineralisation include the volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) deposits; the geologically much younger orogenic and intrusive related gold deposits; and very large potash accumulations. Many of the outcropping VMS deposits form high-grade ‘gold caps’. The current rapid erosion of the elevated land surface has resulted in excellent exposure of the geology.  Continue reading Northeast Africa and Middle East: Gold Frontier

US$83.5 million to Fund Zara Gold Project

SFECO Group is one of the six massively investing Chinese companies in Eritrea

By TesfaNews,

Zara Mining Share Company (ZMSC) have entered in to an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract to commence construction work on the Zara Gold Project in Eritrea.

The EPC contract that amounts approximately $83.58 million for a two-year construction period was signed between ZMSC General Manager Mr. Michael P. Kelly and Mr. Zhang, CEO of Foreign Economic Group.

ZMSC is a joint venture company established between China SFECO Group (60%) and the Eritrean National Mining Corporation ENAMCO (40%).  Continue reading US$83.5 million to Fund Zara Gold Project

Third Asmara Mining Conference to be Conducted

Gold rich Red Sea state of Eritrea to hold its third annual mining conference from 2 – 6 October 2012

By Ministry of Energy and Mines,

In an attempt to promote sustainable exploration and mining activities in the country and the Arabian-Nubian Shield region, the Ministry of Energy and Mines is organizing the Third Asmara Mining Conference dubbed as “Asmara GeoCongress 2012”  from 2 – 6 October 2012, in Asmara.

As part of the Arabian Nubian Shield, Eritrea is now being acknowledged for its substantial mineral potential that ranges from VHMS polymetallic deposits associated with NeoProterozoic rocks of this Shield, to epithermal gold and Potash deposits in the younger Red Sea Rift-related sedimentary Continue reading Third Asmara Mining Conference to be Conducted

The Asmara Geocongress 2011 – A Prelude to Attract More Investors and A Showcase to Eritrea’s Commitment in Developing its Mining Industry

Mr. Alem Kibreab, Director General of the Mining Department in the Ministry of Mines and Energy

By Eritrea Profile,

A regional workshop on Mining,“Asmara Geocongress 2011” will be conducted in Asmara from 4 – 8 of October 2011. The main purpose of the workshop is to discuss on how to effectively utilize the natural resources, especially mines, in the region. The congress will include countries located in what is called the Nubian-Arabian Shield Countries located at the Nubian Shield are Egypt, Eritrea, Sudan and Ethiopia and at the Arabian Shield are Yemen, Jordan, and parts of Israel. In all these countries we find similar rocks important for different developmental activities.

Hence, at the congress which will include experts in mining from the mentioned countries and other experts outside, investors, explores, representatives from governments and other stakeholders will participate and discuss and share experiences on the effective utilization of natural resources in the region. Continue reading The Asmara Geocongress 2011 – A Prelude to Attract More Investors and A Showcase to Eritrea’s Commitment in Developing its Mining Industry

Chalice Gold gains exploration licences in Eritrea

Chalice goes Exploration

Reuters – Eritrea has granted Australia’s Chalice Gold Mines (CHN.AX) two new exploration licences covering 830 square kilometres in the north of the Horn of African nation, the miner said in a statement.

Chalice said in a statement on Thursday its licences for the Zara North and Zara South had also been changed to exploration licenses from prospecting licenses.        Continue reading Chalice Gold gains exploration licences in Eritrea