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Open Letter to Africa News ‘Digital Journalist’ Shaban Abdur Rahman Alfa

“Those who compare Eritrea with North Korea have not been to North Korea and certainly do not know Eritrea”

No comment.


Dear Mr. Rahman

I have read your article conspicuously posted on African News with keen interest as it comes from a fellow African and expecting journalistic objectivity. I have no qualms over your interest in Eritrea as you are perfectly entitled to do so. However, I must tell you that my response to your article is not to give credence but to show its banality. Continue reading Open Letter to Africa News ‘Digital Journalist’ Shaban Abdur Rahman Alfa

NPR’s Racist Journalism Against Eritrea

Desperate minds normally gets the attention of a desperate person. Expecting results from a robot will definitely take their desperation higher

By Berhane Alazar,

As a regular tuner to NPR, on May 2, 2013 I heard a “report” on Eritrea by a certain Gregory Warner and I found his unsubstantiated report highly offensive and downright stupid. This also shows how low the NPR network has gone down in any integrity scale if it ever had one!

Notwithstanding his unconfirmed and highly exaggerated “Report” that NPR sadly found it to be newsworthy to broadcast Gregory Warner who has no clue of what Eritrea is all about. He clearly was spewing out a regurgitated long discarded stories that certain misguided elements have tried and failed to hoodwink public opinions against Eritrea. Continue reading NPR’s Racist Journalism Against Eritrea