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Trouncing Tekeda Alemu’s Susan Rice Defense

Ethiopia's Ambassador to the UN, Dr. Tekeda Alemu, contributed to Rice's mistakes on Eritrea to further undermining her credibility & integrity
Ambassador Tekeda Alemu lauds Susan Rice’s erroneous mistakes on Eritrea in his futile attempt to defend her from an Eritrean writer

By Sophia Tesfamariam,

The Benghazi incident that took the lives of four Americans has resulted in the resignation of four Department of State (DoS) officials and has cost Susan E. Rice, the current US Ambassador to the United Nations, her chance to head the DoS.

Her potential nomination set off a barrage of commentary as those opposed to her nomination were countered by those who supported her. Several reports were written about the “radio-active” candidate and there were some who actually questioned her credentials and there were others who claimed that her “entire career has been based less on solid accomplishment than on her networking skills.”  Continue reading Trouncing Tekeda Alemu’s Susan Rice Defense

We need to talk to Eritrea than Talking About

Secrecy is not in Eritreans nature - Andrew Cowie

By Andrew Cowie,

Last week, Wikileaks revealed what US Ambassador Ronald K. McMullen really thinks about Eritrea.  You’re forgiven if you missed it – amidst the chatter and gossip about Iran, China and our own political class the Eritreans never really stood a chance.  But, for me, it was fascinating. You see I lived in Eritrea for nearly three years, from September 2007 until February 2010.  His vision was of a dystopian hellhole – “Young Eritreans are fleeing their country in droves, the economy appears to be in a death spiral, Eritrea’s prisons are overflowing, and the country’s unhinged dictator remains cruel and defiant.”  My experiences of the country were a little more nuanced and, I think, to be fair to Eritreans we should try to understand the reality of their lives. Continue reading We need to talk to Eritrea than Talking About