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Eritrea: Ongoing Research Produces Six High Yield Wheat Varieties

Improved high-yielding wheat varieties are now offering Eritrean farmers a 300% more yield than the national average.

Ongoing research studies between NARI and ICARDA on improving wheat productivity, disease and incest resistance, and stress tolerance were able to release of six new wheat varieties that are suitable for Eritrean conditions.


In recent years, Eritrea’s agricultural sector has been seriously affected by recurrent drought and land degradation, caused by poor land management and a rapidly growing population. More than 60% of the country’s population is engaged in farming, producing sorghum, barley, wheat, legumes, vegetables, and small ruminant livestock. Continue reading Eritrea: Ongoing Research Produces Six High Yield Wheat Varieties

Food Security through Wheat Productivity

Efforts are underway to close the gap between domestic wheat production and consumption demands.  The national wheat project aims at improving wheat breeds, species and technologies to maximize wheat production.


Food security is a prime goal of any nation with the intention of guaranteeing access to food for all and its timely availability. Wheat is an important staple crop to most of the world’s population. Its demand is predicted to increase in the future as the global population increases.

Similarly in Eritrea, it is one of the highly demanded cereals. But domestic production has been fluctuating and generally it is lower than the consumption demand and thus the rest is imported. Therefore a sound wheat production policy is very imperative to secure its availability. Continue reading Food Security through Wheat Productivity