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Eritrea: Misilam Dam

Misilam Dam holds 38 million cubic meter water
The construction of the 38 million cubic meter Misilam Dam was completed in 2014 and the dam now serves as a big source of clean water to the inhabitants of forty five villages and three cities in the Southern region.


Misilam, a Tigrigna word for coronation, is the name of a mountain in Debaruwa that stands at X481424 and Y1666037, where in ancient Eritrea noblemen used to go for their coronation.

The construction of Misilam Dam, which is named after the mountain, began in 2010 by Seghen Construction Company. Continue reading Eritrea: Misilam Dam

Africa, China and the West: an Exchange With Thomas Mountain

Ron Jacobs, the author of ‘Daydream Sunset: Sixties Counterculture in the Seventies’ have some insightful exchanges with Thomas Mountain, an independent journalist, educator and activist from Eritrea about Africa, China and the West.

By Ron Jacobs,

Ron Jacobs: You mention you live in Eritrea. I recall going to a couple meetings back in the 1970s during the Eritrean liberation struggle against Ethiopia. For the sake of a memory that is a bit hazy, do you mind summarizing that moment in time and the subsequent history of the Eritreans and Ethiopia?

THOMAS MOUNTAIN: In 1983 I was first introduced to a representative of the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) by Kwame Ture when I traveled to Los Angeles for my first meeting with Kwame. At the time the EPLF was an almost unknown guerilla army fighting an independence war against the Ethiopian colonialization of their country that no one it seemed, other than the Eritrean people, thought possible to win. Kwame himself was a longtime supporter of the EPLF and had a policy of requesting, if possible, a representative of the EPLF to give the opening remarks at any of his speaking engagements. Continue reading Africa, China and the West: an Exchange With Thomas Mountain