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General Wuchu: More than Just a Hero

"Wuchu" - Our Revolutionary Hero
“Wuchu” – Our Revolutionary Hero and Brave Commander. R.I.P

By Dawit Ghebremedhin,

To have a gem in the hands is such a gift but when it perishes it is such a horror. One that isn’t malevolent but more of a melancholy horror. We Eritreans have lost a big gem. One that shines wherever it goes.  One that differs from the rest because it is so unique. Now that it has gone away it shows us how valuable that gem really is.

General Wuchu has passed away. To speak by his proper name Gebrezigher Andemariam has passed away. A man raised by shepherds. A man of many words. A man whose continuous fight for prosperity has led to a better world for Eritreans. A man who has left us in a state of shock because he is now gone forever. A man whose feet kept moving to the final destination even when he had to take puny steps. A man who will always be remembered by Eritreans.  Continue reading General Wuchu: More than Just a Hero