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Eritrea Warns Occupation of its Sovereign Territory to End

“Our accusations of attacks on sovereign Eritrean soil by the US administration are solely based on facts and evidences and for that we hold Washington entirely responsible for the criminal offenses made on March 15.” – Eritrean Government

Time to exercise right of self-defense beyond teaching the aggressor the consequences of its reckless adventure and invasion

By Shabait,

In an apparently flamboyant mass media story, the TPLF (Ethiopian) regime last week announced to have carried out raids over certain targets within the sovereign Eritrean territory.

Irrespective of the consequences that only the Government of Eritrea is well aware of, the last of US-TPLF flagrant incursions—which this same clique admitted in its immodest testimonials—are not only brazen infringements on international conventions, but also have contravened the sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of the State of Eritrea. Continue reading Eritrea Warns Occupation of its Sovereign Territory to End