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Eritrea Scoffs at US Human Rights‎ Country Report

“Human Rights’ – A Maxim of the Forces of Deceit!

The U.S. ... should make greater efforts to improve its own domestic human rights condition

By Shabait,

The US State Department has issued defamatory statement regarding Eritrea in its so-called annual report characterized with the same content and spirit.

The special interest groups with seemingly two political parties but one in essence that owe their existence on the power of money have labeled the People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) as ‘being one party system.’ The US Administration tried to deny that unlike the political parties in that country assuming power through 26% ballot cards bought and sold with money, the PFDJ is built on the blood and bones of the Eritrean people.  Continue reading Eritrea Scoffs at US Human Rights‎ Country Report