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Eritrea: UNICEF Donates 100 Motorbikes

‘… to support the promotion and monitoring of the roadmap to make Eritrea Open Defecation Free by 2022’


Leaving no one behind becomes a reality as public health officials now able to monitor programs to sustain critical lifesaving services with the support of 100 off-road Yamaha motorcycles from UNICEF. Continue reading Eritrea: UNICEF Donates 100 Motorbikes

UNICEF Charter Delivers Life-saving vaccines to Eritrea

Twice every year UNICEF Eritrea flies in a large consignment of vaccines to help Eritrea maintain immunization coverage for its children, one of the highest in the Eastern and Southern Africa region. (Photo: UNICEF Eritrea/2019/Alem)


A gentle wind rustled across the otherwise azure sky over Asmara International Airport as a solitary Boeing 727 dipped low on the horizon and then gently touched down.

With a net capacity of 20,000 kgs, this chartered Boeing 727 was carrying the most precious cargo to land in Asmara in a while: almost 4.3 million doses of different life-saving vaccines for the children of Eritrea. Continue reading UNICEF Charter Delivers Life-saving vaccines to Eritrea

Italy Grants €1 Million to UNICEF Eritrea

“This grant from the people and the Government of Italy, delivered through the Africa Fund managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will provide learning and participation opportunities for children and youth of Eritrea so that they remain engaged in their communities and make informed decisions about issues that matter to them.” – Stefano Moscatelli, Ambassador of Italy to Eritrea. (Photo: UNICEF Eritrea/2019)


The Government of Italy has provided UNICEF Eritrea with a grant of Euro 1 million to support a programme to strengthen resilience of children, adolescents and youth. Continue reading Italy Grants €1 Million to UNICEF Eritrea