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When Enigmatic Hypocrisy Overtakes

What to do when the UN itself abuses? UN whistleblower Anders Kompass, who exposed the sexual abuse of children by French and African peacekeepers in Central African Republic, resigned in protest citing impunity and lack of accountability within the United Nations. (Photo: AP)

By Haile H.Gaber,

It is less than often that employees of the numerous UN institutions bravely resign on account of ethical principles and to uphold ethical standards as stipulated in the Standards of Conduct for the International Civil Service of the United Nations which the organisation uses as a behaviour and ethical guide in the management of its personel. But that is exactly what the brave Swedish national Mr. Anders Kompass did.

Having served for over 20 years, he resigned his post citing the impunity and lack of accountability of the UN he witnessed. As a man of conscience and high integrity Mr. Kompass could not live with the corruption and malpractices in the UN. He had the courage and selflessness to blow the whistle and live with the consequences. He lost his good paying job but left dignified and walking tall. How many can do that! Continue reading When Enigmatic Hypocrisy Overtakes