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Eritrea: Tail Wagging at the UN

The days of muzzling Eritrea’s voice are long gone.

Why are some politically motivated, anti-Eritrea NGOs and groups are frothing in desperation following Eritrea’s election at the UN Human Rights Council and Chair of the Khartoum Process?


When President Isaias Afwerki said it was #GameOver for the TPLF regime last year, his prescient analysis had both literal and figurative dimensions. Indeed, the “Black Swan” event in the Horn of Africa sent shock waves that brought with it far reaching consequences. Continue reading Eritrea: Tail Wagging at the UN

The Long Road to Recovering from Sanctions

Eritrea, for now, has extricated itself from the battering ram of sanctions. Whether or not it can capitalize on this opportunity will depend largely on external support and internal impetus. (Photo: Globetrotter)


Eritrea, isolated by UN sanctions for a decade until they were lifted on 14 November 2018, is now working to regain its place in Africa and the international community. The sanctions were lifted after Eritrea made steps towards peace with its neighbours after being locked into deadly conflict for decades— Eritrean president Isaias Afwerki took the crucial first step of reaching out to Kenya in a move that both countries hope will usher in a new era of prosperity in the Horn of Africa. Continue reading The Long Road to Recovering from Sanctions

U.S. and UK May Have Been Wrongly Sanctioning Eritrea for Years

Has Eritrea Been Unfairly Sanctioned by the U.S. and UK (Others)?

The sanctions on Eritrea were imposed in December 2009 under trumped up charges of “Eritrea’s support to Al-Shebaab in Somalia”. The UN monitoring group, however, for the 4th consecutive year reported, it had found no evidence of Eritrea’s support to Al-Shabaab. Today, the UK drafted a resolution to extend the sanction by another year.


For the past eight years, Eritrea has been under a comprehensive arms embargo and tough sanctions on political leaders. The sanctions were imposed in 2009 by the United Nations Security Council after it found that Eritrea had “provided support to armed groups undermining peace and reconciliation in Somalia,” including Al-Shabab, the Al-Qaeda affiliate that continues to wage war on the Somali government. Continue reading U.S. and UK May Have Been Wrongly Sanctioning Eritrea for Years

A Timely Call for the Annulment and Repeal of UN Sanctions Against Eritrea

Unjust and Reckless. The sanctions were based on fabricated allegations that are proven to be untrue and nonexistent by the UN Monitoring Group itself. Time to lift these sanctions unconditionally. (Photo: WSJ.COM)


On December 23, 2009, Eritreans inside and abroad were at a total loss to learn the imposition of UN sanction against their beloved country. And the swift action they took on February 22nd, 2010 denouncing the UNSC Resolution 1907 and demanding for justice was a reflection of their displeasure towards such illegal and unjust act against a sovereign nation. Continue reading A Timely Call for the Annulment and Repeal of UN Sanctions Against Eritrea

Africa This Week: Eritrea Fighting UN Sanctions

By Islam Channel TV,

On the 80th edition of Africa This Week, we’ll be having a special look into the Eritrean diaspora demanding the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May to act now to lift the UN Security Council Resolutions 1907 and 2023 economic and arms sanctions that were imposed on Eritrea state in 2009 and 2011. Leading the country to many argue Eritrea into a greater secrecy nature.

Guest Speakers:
Berhene Semere, Eritrean Activist
Abdullahi Ali Hirad, President of National Somali Council

Trouncing Tekeda Alemu’s Susan Rice Defense

Ambassador Tekeda Alemu lauds Susan Rice’s erroneous mistakes on Eritrea in his futile attempt to defend her from an Eritrean writer

By Sophia Tesfamariam,

The Benghazi incident that took the lives of four Americans has resulted in the resignation of four Department of State (DoS) officials and has cost Susan E. Rice, the current US Ambassador to the United Nations, her chance to head the DoS.

Her potential nomination set off a barrage of commentary as those opposed to her nomination were countered by those who supported her. Several reports were written about the “radio-active” candidate and there were some who actually questioned her credentials and there were others who claimed that her “entire career has been based less on solid accomplishment than on her networking skills.”  Continue reading Trouncing Tekeda Alemu’s Susan Rice Defense