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Eritrea: A Potential U.S. Counter-Terror Partner

Eritrea U.S. Counter-Terror Partner
The U.S. would want better relations with Eritrea if its goals in this part of the region is to reduce the threat from terrorism and terrorist groups and possibly to end the conflict in Yemen.

By Kaitlin Lavinder | The Cipher Brief,

Instability and terrorism in the Horn of Africa, along with a massive conflict on the other side of the Red Sea in Yemen, threaten U.S. interests in the region.

Deputy Director of the Atlantic Council’s Africa Center, Bronwyn Bruton, writes in a recent report, “the United States could find itself facing instability and perhaps a terror threat on both sides of the Mandeb Strait [separating Yemen from Eritrea and Djibouti], which is a critical chokepoint for the $700 billion … of trade passing annually between the European Union (EU) and Asia.” Continue reading Eritrea: A Potential U.S. Counter-Terror Partner

U.S. and Ethiopia Risking All their Eggs in one Unstable Djibouti Basket

Ethiopia and the U.S: Normalize your relations with Eritrea or risk losing all your Red Sea eggs by putting inside one unpredictable Djibouti basket.” – Ambassador Herman Cohen

By Ambassador Herman Cohen,

There are some intriguing new developments in the Red Sea region. Eritrea has joined the “Islamic Coalition Against Terrorism.” What is so interesting about that? Well, the list of countries in that coalition are all good friends of the United States. American arms exporters make lots of dinars selling to those friends.

So what does all this have to do with Eritrea? Well, can one say that the friend of my friend should also be my friend? Unfortunately, Eritrea and the US still do not call themselves friends. So, what is going on?

When it comes to the strategic strait known as Bab El Mandeb, at the mouth of the Red Sea, the US has only one acknowledged “friend”, the Republic of Djibouti. At Camp Lemonier in Djibouti, about 2,000 American military personnel carry out all sorts of special operations aimed at “terrorists”, mainly al-Shebab hanging out in Somalia.  Continue reading U.S. and Ethiopia Risking All their Eggs in one Unstable Djibouti Basket