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Hazards Mitigation in Eritrea’s Coastal Areas

Eritrea’s coastal area is under threats from sea-level rises, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, torrential rains, draught and locust storms. Experts assess these hazards and formulation of community based disaster mitigation measures in the Northern and Southern Red Sea regions of Eritrea.

By Kesete Ghebrehiwet,

Once they were fertile and with optimal temperature conducive for human settlement, but the villages of Sireru, Minding, and Maebele were totally destroyed due to a volcanic eruption occurred in 2011. The Nabro eruption has not only changed the landscape of the area but also became a cause for the displacement of 12,000 people, and for the death of about 19,000 domestic animals.

In another instance of earthquake, Massawa was heavily damaged in 1884 and also severely damaged by another earthquake in 1921. Bada was also hit by earthquake in 1993. There is also a recent record of earthquake of a very law magnitude in Nakfa. All these occurrences, natural or human hazards, impact the livelihood of the inhabitants of Northern and Southern Red Sea areas (NRSR/ SRSR). Continue reading Hazards Mitigation in Eritrea’s Coastal Areas