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Why Tensions Have Cooled between Ethiopia and Eritrea

ethnic tensions in Ethiopia
Eritrea recently accused Ethiopia of making preparations for a bigger military offensive and is contemplating a full scale war. But since then, the political dynamics within Ethiopia deteriorated as growing ethnic division and conflicts threatened the regime’s grip to power, let alone sustain an escalation of conflict with Eritrea.

By Nathan Birhanu,

The June 2016 border clash between Ethiopia and Eritrea reflected renewed tensions between the two countries that have been mutually hostile since their 1998 – 2000 war. Shortly after the clash, tensions escalated as Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalgn claimed further retaliation will be administered if “destabilizing efforts” continued, while Eritrea accused the Ethiopian administration of human rights abuses.

However, recent developments are promoting a welcome de-escalation, reducing the likelihood of continued fighting. Continue reading Why Tensions Have Cooled between Ethiopia and Eritrea