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Opinion // Eritrea – a State of Nostalgic Peace

Isn’t Eritrea the victim of fake news? It is condemned as evil even though it is one of the safest and most peaceful nations in Africa.

Peace and Harmony. Eritrea could be a model that Japan should emulate. (Photo credit: Tomoaki Nakano)


Eritrea is simply peaceful and safe. It seems no one is concerned about being involved in a murder or about being robbed. This aspect was clearly demonstrated by the hotel staff.

When we wanted to take a shower, we were supposed to tell the front desk that we would “use hot water.”

When we got back to the hotel after one of our concerts, it was already late at night, but we sill had to get out of our costumes and wash off our make-up before we could take a shower. Continue reading Opinion // Eritrea – a State of Nostalgic Peace

German Tourist Killed in Northern Ethiopia

The German national was in a group of tourists who were visiting the Erta Ale volcano

A German tourist has been killed and a guide wounded in an attack in north-eastern Ethiopia while visiting the Erta Ale volcano. (Photo: Joshua Paul Shefman)


The German Foreign Ministry confirms that a German national has been killed in an attack in northeastern Ethiopia.

Ethiopia’s state-run news agency says Sunday’s attack occurred near a volcanic lake at Erta Ale in the Afar region. The tourist’s local guide was wounded. Continue reading German Tourist Killed in Northern Ethiopia