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Time for Tigray People to Say “Not in Our Name”

Why is the people of Tigray not joining Eritreans and the rest of Ethiopians for peace
The pendulum in Ethiopia is swinging between those who embrace change and democratic reforms, and those who stand to be the losers. The people of Tigray should know which side to stand.


It has only been a few days since the Peoples of Eritrea and Ethiopia have been celebrating the beginning of the turning of black clouds of death and conflict into the light of peace and harmony. However, the deadly grenade attack in Ethiopia’s capital on Saturday has manifested there are still desperate elements who are determined to bring back chaos and bloodshed. Continue reading Time for Tigray People to Say “Not in Our Name”

Tigray People Protests Implementation of Peace Deal With Eritrea

If the minority people of Tigray are looking to pin the blame for the border war and outcome of the Boundary Commission Decision on someone, they need to look no further than TPLF.

“The Badme horse is out of the barn and gone. Badme is water under the bridge. There is nothing that can be done legally to undo it or challenge it. There can be no buyer’s remorse. Ethiopia cannot go back to December 2000 and undo the Algiers Agreement. Once Meles signed on the dotted line in the Algiers Agreement, it was all over. The fate of Badme was sealed. The Decision of the Boundary Commission will be implemented without ifs or buts.” – Prof. Al Mariam (Photo: BBC News Tigrinya)


For the residents of Badme, a desolate border town in the war-scarred badlands between Ethiopia and Eritrea, new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s peace overtures to Asmara, are an insult to the living and the dead.

The local anger is in stark contrast to the international plaudits Abiy has won for appearing keen to defuse one of the most intractable diplomatic disputes in the Horn of Africa. Continue reading Tigray People Protests Implementation of Peace Deal With Eritrea