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The Taylor Report with Thomas C. Mountain

By TesfaNews,

This week, The Taylor Report, a weekly radio talk show from Toronto, has an in-depth conversation with independent journalist Thomas C. Mountain. They discuss, among other things, about the current situation in Eritrea, the Commission of Inquiry report, the June 12 Ethiopia border attack, and climate change, grounding the discussion in a historical framework that informs an understanding of the regional political dynamics that comes with it.

Mountain also examine the coordinated media attack by the so called human right mobs against Eritrea,  as well as the internal political situation of Ethiopia.

Mountain provides his analysis as someone living in Eritrea and who is familiar not only with the politics of the country, but the daily lives of its citizens. Continue reading The Taylor Report with Thomas C. Mountain

Mandela; Godfather of Neo-Apartheid South Africa

Nelson Mandela – South Africa’s first black president following a 20-year anti-apartheid campaign

By Thomas Mountain,

As Nelson Mandela lays on his death bed his legacy as the godfather of neo-Apartheid South Africa has been firmly established.

Today in South Africa life for many if not most is nearly as precarious and undignified as when Mandela was first inaugurated as President some 20 years ago. So the best way to describe “modern” South Africa is it is being oppressed by a new form of apartheid.

But wait a minute, didn’t Mandela’s becoming the first black president of South Africa lead to the restoration of ownership Continue reading Mandela; Godfather of Neo-Apartheid South Africa

Press TV: Eritrea’s Independence Day and Political Future (Interview)

22 years after securing its freedom, is it now time for Eritrea to come in from the cold?

By Thomas C Mountain,

It’s one of Africa’s youngest and most bullish countries, a nation that once refused all aid, saying it made people lazy and dependent. But Eritrea, which celebrates its 20th birthday this week, is at a crossroads. At home it’s ruled with an iron fist by Isaias Afwerki the man who led them to independence, and who claims his country is united behind him.

But abroad Eritrea is condemned by groups like Human Rights Watch which alleges it has 10,000 political prisoners, and by a large vocal diaspora which accuses Afwerki of widespread repression.  Continue reading Press TV: Eritrea’s Independence Day and Political Future (Interview)

UN Somali “Surge” vs. Al Shabab Expansion

“Damn those Al-Shabab, Damn all those ungrateful Somalis! has become the West’s not so silent Lament,”  Thomas C Mountain

The lesson never learned in Somalia is you cannot defeat an entire population by force

By Thomas C. Mountain,

In a worrying sign for the powers that be in the west, the Somali national resistance under the umbrella of AlShabab has made its first major breakthrough in the northern region of Somalia by bringing into its folds the Islamic Resistance in Puntland.

With Al Shabab this past year having unified all the major resistance movement in central and southern Somalia and with talks ongoing between Al-Shabab Continue reading UN Somali “Surge” vs. Al Shabab Expansion

UN Monitoring Report on Eritrea vis-à-vis the Goldstone Report

Judge Richard Goldstone retracted several conclusions of his UN Investigative report that accused Israel of war crimes in Gaza due to some flaws in the report and the enormous pressure that followed from influential lobbying groups

By Kiflu Hussain,

Long before the Wikileaks cable came out to disclose further information to the gullible world including about the diabolical nature of the regime of Meles Zenawi, I maintained that the regime is capable of bombing its own people and blame it on phantom ‘terrorists’ for two purposes: To crackdown on legitimate opposition groups, critiques and dissidents; as well as by posturing as an ally on the “war on terror”, to sought and got favor from the west.

One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to arrive at this terrible conclusion. Nor was there any need for an elaborate scheme of espionage that led to “clandestine reporting” as Vicki Huddleston, an American diplomat in Ethiopia at the time, had it, according to Wikileaks. However, the regimes behavior of planting bombs and blaming its opponents was an open secret between Ethiopians. Continue reading UN Monitoring Report on Eritrea vis-à-vis the Goldstone Report

West Funds Full Blown Genocide in Ethiopia

As many as 6 million people are starving in Ethiopia’s Somali-populated Ogaden. Children are the most vulnerable

By Thomas C. Mountain,

As the U.N. famine warning center issues urgent reports that millions of Ethiopians are once again starving in the Somali populated Ogaden, the International Committee of the Red Cross publishes a statement that the Ethiopian government has denied the Red Cross an operating permit to carry out relief work in the region.

Blocking the Red Cross from relief work somewhere is almost unheard of yet, when it comes to Ethiopia – headed by the G-20 “statesman” Meles Zenawi – this is business as usual.

For the past four years all aid agencies, including the Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders and U.N. relief agencies, have been blocked by the Ethiopian military from feeding starving people in Ogadenia. There are millions of starving people, maybe as many as 6 million, though no one can say for sure because no one is allowed into the region. Continue reading West Funds Full Blown Genocide in Ethiopia