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The Guardian’s Incurable Obsession with Eritrea

The guardian dishonest reporting award 2011
If Eritreans were to be polled today, they too would vote overwhelmingly for the Guardian to receive the 2015 most Dishonest Reporting Award.

By Sophia Tesfamariam,

This week, the Guardian has been running a series on Eritrea -“Inside Eritrea”. This is really a misnomer. The series should have appeared under the more apt title:“Outside Eritrea”. The contents had very little to present about the chosen topic; except to rehash old and tired narratives on Eritrea weaved externally. When the Guardian first announced that it was interested in gathering material on Eritrea, there were some naive individuals who were only too happy to oblige and participate in the string along. But it was only a matter of days into the series. Continue reading The Guardian’s Incurable Obsession with Eritrea