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Ethiopia: A Country for Sale

We didn't even see the land, they just offer us that much land at that peanut price for 50 years: Karuturi Global

By Zena Ethiopia,

The Deal of the Century: Supposing someone offered you the following land deal, would you take it or walk away believing it is too good to be true?

For £150 a week (USD$245), you can lease more than 2,500 sq km (1,000 sq miles) of virgin, fertile land – an area the size of Dorset, Englandfor 50 years, plus generous tax breaks. If you walked away from it, you would have lost out on “the deal of the century”, perhaps the millennium. If you think this is a joke or some sort of wild and crazy exaggeration, see this Guardian (U.K.) report and video on an incredible international land giveaway that is taking place in Gambella in Western Ethiopia and judge for yourself. Continue reading Ethiopia: A Country for Sale