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Eritrea: Sowing the Seeds of Sustainability

Government investments on projects that aimed at restoring the country’s degraded landscapes through climate-smart agriculture measures are starting to pay off.

In Eritrea, land rehabilitation combats erosion and desertification, and helps restore agricultural productivity. (All photos: By Elizabeth Mwaniki / UNDP Eritrea)


The central highlands region of Eritrea, a densely populated agro-ecological zone, is largely considered as the ‘breadbasket’ of the country, and is the focus of the government’s current and future investments in food security. Continue reading Eritrea: Sowing the Seeds of Sustainability

Environmental Protection in Eritrea

Nakfa, Eritrea. Micro dam at the beginning of the rainy season; it’s used for irrigated farming.

By Rediet Kifle,

Increasingly, the threat of environmental degradation has garnered attention as an important developmental issue. Currently, there is a strong consensus that environmental degradation can negatively affect humans and other species, and direct consequences include aspects of global warming, torrential rains or little-to-no rain, and desertification.

Notably, aspects of degradation are quite apparent in newly developing nations; for example, a recent World Risk Report categorized African nations, as being “High” or “Very High” risk for environmental degradation due to their exposure and vulnerability.”[i] Continue reading Environmental Protection in Eritrea