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Tanzania Rejects Eritrean Footballers’ Asylum Bid

Red Sea FC players applied for asylum because they wanted "Greener Pastures" - not because of a lack of security in Eritrea: Home Affairs Minister

By Tanzania Daily News,

The Tanzanian government has turned down asylum requests from thirteen players of Eritrean premiership club Red Sea.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in statement on Wednesday that the players’ asylum applications were adjudged “groundless” and that the Eritreans made unsuccessful appeal against the decision.

The players’ applications have been rejected as they do not meet criteria for refugee status,” read the statement signed by the ministry’s Spokesperson Isaac Nantanga.

One of the criteria is for the applicant to produce a well-founded fear of being tortured or persecuted,” Nantanga clarified. Continue reading Tanzania Rejects Eritrean Footballers’ Asylum Bid