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Sudan Ditches Iran for Saudi Patronage

Sudan - Saudi Relation
Paying the Piper? Sudan has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests.

By Khalid Abdelaziz | for Reuters,

When Saudi Arabia executed a leading Shi’ite cleric and protesters responded by torching the Saudi embassy in Tehran, Sudan was one of only three countries to sever ties with Iran in solidarity with Riyadh.

The Jan 4 move cemented a dramatic political shift: in the past two years, Sudan has turned its back on a quarter-century alliance with Iran in favour of the Saudis, who have proved more willing to provide the financial support it sorely needs.

Saudi Arabia has already invested more than any other country in Sudan — about $11 billion, mostly in agriculture. In the past year, it has deposited $1 billion in Sudan’s central bank, signed deals to finance the construction of power-generating dams on the Nile, and pledged even more investment in farming. Continue reading Sudan Ditches Iran for Saudi Patronage