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Sudan Crisis May be Approaching a Climax


As long as al-Bashir is under the threat of a trial in the Hague, he will be reluctant to leave power peacefully. Is it time to rescind the ICC indictment against him in return for his resignation or exile?


Sudan’s major cities have been rocked by anti-government demonstrations for the past several months. This type of political protest has been rare in the Sudan since the government of President Omar Hassan al-Bashir took power in an “Islamic” military coup in August 1989. Continue reading Sudan Crisis May be Approaching a Climax

Washington Lifts 20 Years of Sanctions on Sudan

The US is lifting most of the economic and trade sanctions it first imposed on Sudan two decades ago. However, Sudan will remain listed as a state sponsor of terror.

Sudan welcome U.S. decision to end its 20-year economic and trade embargo as a positive decision but urges Washington to go further. (EBRAHIM HAMID / AFP)


The United States has lifted decades-old economic sanctions against Sudan even though it still considers the country a state sponsor of terrorism and despite the fact Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir still faces arrest on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court.

In July, Washington said a decision on whether to do away with the sanctions, which Barack Obama had suspended shortly before leaving the White House, would be delayed for three months.  Continue reading Washington Lifts 20 Years of Sanctions on Sudan

US Eases Decades-old Sanctions Against Sudan

After nearly 20 years of hostile relations, the U.S. government plans to reverse its position on Sudan and lift trade sanctions.

US President Barack Obama signed an executive order today easing but not lifting sanctions against Sudan, citing positive steps on fight against terror.

By Agencies,

The Obama administration took steps on Friday to lift a 20-year trade embargo against Sudan, unfreeze assets and remove financial sanctions in response to the east African nation’s cooperation in fighting ISIS and other groups.

The total lifting of the sanctions, which date back to the Clinton administration, will however be delayed by six months to encourage Sudan to take further actions on improving human rights, resolving political divisions and military conflicts. Continue reading US Eases Decades-old Sanctions Against Sudan