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Deadly Protests Grip Sudan Over Bread Price Hikes

Sudan bread protests spreads
One student killed and at least five others injured as demonstrations spread across the country against bread price hikes caused by government austerity measures.


Protests over rising bread prices broke out across Sudan on Sunday, leading to the death of a student and the arrest of a prominent opposition leader as authorities confiscated newspapers and looked to clamp down on growing unrest. Continue reading Deadly Protests Grip Sudan Over Bread Price Hikes

Market-Capitalism: What’s in Store for Eritrea?

Like the US Marshall Plan during the great depression and the end of World War II, the Eritrean government, in 2002, devised a national strategic plan for food security, social justice programs and industrialization. It’s called the Warsai-Yikaalo Program (WYP) and it resulted in the development of Eritrea’s major infrastructure such as airports, ports, hospitals and roads. Understanding Eritrea’s development strategy requires knowledge of Eritrea’s rich history, and Eritrea’s diverse cultures, norms and social traditions.

By Berhane Woldu,

ERITREA’s economic development strategy is no different than what the USA and Europe did in their early development strategy and ongoing regulated market economy. They were protectionist with government directed economy and huge subsides. Ann Markusen, in Dismantling the Cold War Economy, talks about the excesses of the Pentagon system and the new global economy.

The US policy on industry like all industrial western countries is based on the assumption that private enterprise can survive only if there is extensive government interventionContinue reading Market-Capitalism: What’s in Store for Eritrea?