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Activists in Sweden Turned Terrorists

If the Government in Sweden still believes it can achieve what it lost the other way around but through tacit backing and harboring of terrorists within, they are gravely mistaken!

Churning for 'democracy' by acting like a coward "terrorist" We demand Justice!
Churning for ‘democracy’ and ‘rule of law’ by acting like a coward “terrorist”

By TesfaNews,

Last night, right after the Stockholm based TV station SVT aired a skewed and unfair documentary aimed against the peaceful Swedish-Eritrean citizens particularly on their 2% voluntary contribution towards the reconstruction of their home country, hooligans under the banner name of “activists” commit a terrorist act by setting fire on several of the Eritrean community centers in Stockholm.

The following is what the Eritrean Communities in Stockholm reports following the incident:-  Continue reading Activists in Sweden Turned Terrorists