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Sudan to Pass Law Against Human Trafficking

A coordinated crack down against the smuggling networks inside Ethiopia, Eritrea, Sudan, Egypt and Libya is a long overdue

By Sudan Tribune,

The Sudanese parliament expects to receive a draft bill from the cabinet soon containing an anti-human trafficking law, a legislator said today (13).

The Vice-Chairman of the parliamentary subcommittee on Legislation and Justice Tahani Tour al-Diba said that the national assembly will likely take up the bill in the next parliamentary session.

She revealed that the law punishes those involved with human trafficking with up to 20 years imprisonment.  Continue reading Sudan to Pass Law Against Human Trafficking

Kidnappings in Eastern Sudan Refugee Camps Alarming: UNHCR

Hundreds of Israel-bound African refugees are being held hostage in the Sinai desert by smugglers demanding huge ransom to spare their lives.

By UN News Center,

The United Nations refugee agency today (25 Jan) called for international action to stop forced disappearances from camps in eastern Sudan that house Eritrean refugees, who may be held for ransom or trafficked for the purpose of forced marriage, sexual exploitation or bonded labour.

Over the last two years we have seen people disappearing from the Shagarab camps – some of them kidnapped, and others believed paying to be smuggled elsewhere,” Melissa Fleming, spokesperson for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), said at a briefing in Geneva.  Continue reading Kidnappings in Eastern Sudan Refugee Camps Alarming: UNHCR

Torture in the Sinai: Who is to Blame?

Who is to blame? National Service, Diaspora family, International Conspiracy or greener pasture?

By Gebre Fessehazion,

Eritrea is the most peaceful country in Africa and one of the safest nations in the world. As a result of that, its nine ethnic people live in a perfect harmony. It is hard to find a crime or violence in Eritrea on a daily basis as it is very common event is in the rest of the continent.

Eritrea, which is the newest nation of Africa, is engaged in a national development campaign to eradicate poverty once of all and to achieve also a major economic success. Eritrea is doing well in order to ensure a social justice of its people. Continue reading Torture in the Sinai: Who is to Blame?