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Audio Response to TesfaNews on Selam Band Issue

Seattle based Eritrean Musical Group – Selam Band – conducted a candid discussion on Aynfalale PalTalk Room to make the record straight

By Aynfalale PalTalk Room,

DEAR TesfaNews,

We appreciate your daily contributions in updating the Eritrean-Diaspora with current information regarding Eritrea and Eritreans.

We came across a Tigrigna article posted at your website; dated April 16, 2015 authored by a pen-name Solomon Forovia (Toronto). Many Eritreans who read the article felt it is our collective citizenry duty to follow up and clarify the contents of the article. We were able to reach Selam Band (Seattle, WA) and conducted an interview to respond to the article.  Continue reading Audio Response to TesfaNews on Selam Band Issue