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Denmark Suspends all Adoptions from Ethiopia

Adoptions in Ethiopia
Danish International Adoption today announced that it has stopped all adoptions from Ethiopia following a shocking  discovery in the handling of the entire adoption process that the Ethiopian authorities would like to call it as an ‘Alternative Child Care’ program.

By The Local,

After a series of inspections at adoption facilities in the country, the Danish Ministry of Social Affairs and the Interior has decided to stop all adoptions from Ethiopia, the ministry announced on Tuesday.

The ministry said that a recent trip to Ethiopia by the Social Appeals Board (Ankestyrelsen) found “a worrying situation in relation to the handling of the adoption process in Ethiopia”.

The board’s report, which was obtained by Politiken through a freedom of information request, said that Ethiopian adoption agencies often gave “inconsistent information” on the origins of children within the system and that the for-profit adoption system relies too heavily on money from foreign agencies, giving the Ethiopian centers a financial incentive to send children abroad rather than look for national solutions. Continue reading Denmark Suspends all Adoptions from Ethiopia

Selling Children: Ethiopian Regime’s Lucrative Industry

Caring for the 5 million orphans in a country of 70 million costs $115 million a month. But for a government whose allocate annual health budget of only $140 million preferred to go out of its way and make adoption easier and accessible. It even named the program as “Alternative Child Care” and in no time the program becomes the new export industry for the regime. But how lucrative the business of selling helpless babies can be?

By Sophia Tesfamariam,

A few years ago, on a flight from Frankfurt, I sat on the same row with a family who captured everyone’s attention because of the children they were carrying and holding. There were three, the two older children looked like they could be 7-10 year olds, and the third was a toddler-may be have been 2-3 years old. They stood out, not because the parents were Caucasian, but because the young toddler cried throughout the entire 8 hour trip. If she fell asleep, we could still hear her sleepy weeps. Why was she crying so uncontrollably? Was she in pain, was she sick? Was it her ears adjusting to the air pressure… what was wrong?  And then it came, she screamed, emaye…emaye … emaye, she was crying for her mother. Continue reading Selling Children: Ethiopian Regime’s Lucrative Industry