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Asmara Tour Through a Russian Tourist Lens

  • The Eritreans fought Ethiopia for a long time to gain their independence
  • And gained it
  • Ethiopia now no longer has access to the sea. And the famous Russian poet Pushkin’s ancestral homeland is now Eritrea.
  • A beautiful country
  • With beautiful insurance and inspection slips on windshields
  • With beautiful license plates (in three sizes: compact, regular horizontal, and miniature horizontal)
  • With beautiful payphones
  • With beautiful post boxes
  • Bikes are never chained here. There’s no theft in Eritrea. If you forget your camera at a café, someone will take it to the police
  • An Eritrean klutz at the factory
  • Smoking is bad for you
  • Use condoms
  • Use a mosquito net while you sleep
  • Bundle up your children to protect them from mosquitos
  • Weigh your children regularly
  • There’s a custom of posting obituaries in heavily trafficked places (just like in Bulgaria, Montenegro, Albania, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, or Kosovo)
  • A variety of stop signs from different eras have survived here
  • A “children” sign
  • All buses are decorated with vertical metal bars on the back. These are customarily used to attach cargo and water canisters
  • Due to fuel shortages, there are practically no cars on the roads. Herds of wild baboons roam the highways in their place

By Tema.ru (Travel),

ERITREA is a remarkable country. All sorts of horror stories are written about it everywhere. There’s hunger there, there’s fascism there, there’s communism there, the people there are not allowed to leave their country, photography is forbidden there, it’s doomsday there. The country ranks 178th out of 178 in terms of freedom of speech.

In reality, it’s the most pleasant, charming, friendly and open country to be found in East Africa. You can photograph to your heart’s content. Drink wine. There’s espresso on every corner.  Continue reading Asmara Tour Through a Russian Tourist Lens

ERITREA: A Gateway to Africa

ERITREA: A new nation with the oldest civilization in Africa

By Yosef Tesfasilase,

ERITREA is located on the Horn of Africa (North East Africa), and borders with Ethiopia on the south, Djibouti on the south-east, Sudan on the north-west, and Red Sea on the north along with Dahlak Archipelago and other small islands.

Eritrea, with a land area of about 125.000 km2, is roughly the size of England, or the state of Pennsylvania, USA. The coastline measures around 1.200 km and off it there are over 350 islands, of which 210 comprise the area of the Dahlak Archipelago.  Continue reading ERITREA: A Gateway to Africa

Asmara Airport Reopens after Yemenia Airbus Incident

Safely towing Yemenia A330-200. It was repaired and flown back to Yemen on May 1st

By TesfaNews,

AN INCIDENT on Tuesday 29th April by Yemenia Airbus A330-200, flight IY-630 from Sana’a caused Asmara Airport to close temporarily.

The incident happened after the plane landed and slowed safely on Asmara’s runway 07 and an attempt by the pilot to turn around and backtrack at the end of the runway to taxi, the nose and left main gear went off the runway, damaging and disabling the aircraft.

All the passengers and crew members on board, however, are reportedly safe.  Continue reading Asmara Airport Reopens after Yemenia Airbus Incident

VIDEO: Nevsun 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility

Bisha Mine is Committed to transparency and accountability

By Nevsun,

Nevsun is committed to ensuring its worldwide operations provide a comprhensive positive societal impact.

Nevsun adhers to national and international standards with respect to Human Rights, Safety and Labour Standards.

The following is Nevsun’s 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility video that provides a glimps of Nevsuns efforts and what life is like at the Bisha Mine. Continue reading VIDEO: Nevsun 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility