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Salva Kiir Should “Resign” Like Me, Says Former Ethiopian PM

Former Ethiopia Prime Minister Hailemariam chanllenges South Sudan leaders to resign
This challenge comes from an ineffective, symbolic placeholder prime minister who was expecting to be replaced later this year when the EPRDF holds its congress.


The former Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailermarian Desalegn said President Salva Kiir should resign and cede his place for the young generation to achieve peace and to end the suffering of South Sudanese people. Continue reading Salva Kiir Should “Resign” Like Me, Says Former Ethiopian PM

Sudan’s Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour Fired

Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir has issued a presidential decree relieving Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour of his position


Sudan’s President Omer al-Bashir relieved his foreign minister Ibrahim Ghandour said the official Sudan News Agency (SUNA) on Thursday evening.

In a very short wire, SUNA reported that al-Bashir issued a presidential decree removing Ghandour from his position. Also, the decision was announced in less than three hours after the return of the president from Saudi Arabia where he participated in the 29th Arab League summit. Continue reading Sudan’s Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour Fired

Ethiopia: In the Eye of the Storm

The resignation of PM Hailemariam Desalegn leaves Ethiopia teetering on the edge of disaster

The next few days will determine whether Ethiopia as a nation will proceed down the path of peace and dialogue, or blunder haplessly into widespread civic unrest and bloodshed.


After overseeing the release on February 13 and 14 of thousands of political challengers to the regime, Ethiopian prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn has resigned amid continuing protests that potentially threaten the survival of the government. Continue reading Ethiopia: In the Eye of the Storm

What is Really Happening in Ethiopia?

Could there be a meaningful reform when there is no government? Even the TPLF feels trapped like a rat on sinking ship unable to jump. So what is good to negotiate with a wounded and desperate beast? (Photo: Reuters/Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah)


News of the resignation of Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn could be seen as unusual in the way power has been changing hands in the past, but not an unexpected move at all.

This is considering the fact that the regime is under intense pressure from within and without. After years of ruthless rule by the TPLF, the people, who have so far been seen by the regime as its subjects, have said enough! Continue reading What is Really Happening in Ethiopia?

Ethiopian Prime Minister Tenders His Resignation

“I look forward to seeing durable peace in the country” – Desalegn

Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn of Ethiopia unexpectedly submitted a resignation letter to the parliament to relieve from his role as Prime Minister and Chairman of Ethiopia’s ruling EPRDF.


Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn announced on Thursday he has submitted his resignation as both premier and the chairman of the ruling coalition in an effort to facilitate reforms following a period of mass unrest. Continue reading Ethiopian Prime Minister Tenders His Resignation

Sudan’s FM Ghandour Withdraws His Resignation

Sick and tired of ‘interferences’ in my diplomatic activities

Several presidential aides continuously intervene in the government’s diplomatic activities by establishing their own networks and with out coordination with the foreign ministry. Eritrean President recently warned such “special interest groups” from nudging Sudan into a futile conflict with Eritrea [and Egypt].

Foreign Minister Ibrahim Ghandour had resigned to protest interferences in his diplomatic activities last week but he withdrew it after the intervention of the first vice president, press reports says.

Al-Sudani newspaper Monday reported that FM Ghandour had presented his resignation to the President Omer al-Bashir who accepted it last week. However, the minister changed his mind and accepted to remain in his position after the intervention of leading government members, the local newspaper said. Continue reading Sudan’s FM Ghandour Withdraws His Resignation