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Ethiopia Is Falling Apart

To stop Ethiopia from falling apart and to rescue the country from the undue weight of its own repression, the regime have no choice but to change course.

Tepid reforms and halfhearted concessions won’t save the country’s authoritarian government from its existential crisis. (Photot: Tiksa Negeri/Reuters)


For a brief moment last week, Ethiopia seemed poised to shed its reputation as Africa’s Stasi state. At a press conference on Jan. 3, Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn vowed to free political prisoners and shutter the notorious Maekelawi prison, which has long served as a torture chamber for government critics, opposition leaders, journalists, and activists. Continue reading Ethiopia Is Falling Apart

Ethiopia: Why the World Bank Should Embrace Human Rights

World Bank underwrites repression in Ethiopia. What should the Bank do in situations like this — where it funds badly needed assistance to poor communities only to see those programs used as an instrument of political repression? (Roberto Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images)

By Sarah Saadoun | Huffington Post,

In Ethiopia, the World Bank helps fund a program that provides food and cash to people who work on public infrastructure projects. It’s a popular program and many people need the work. But a poor farmer said that when he went to sign up for the program he was turned away. “This doesn’t concern you,” the program coordinator told him. Continue reading Ethiopia: Why the World Bank Should Embrace Human Rights

Ethiopia Election Met With Silence From Voters

The 2015 Ethiopian “election” now proved to be a sham, a travesty of democracy and a mockery and caricature of democratic elections. Ethiopians dream of feasting on a banquet of democracy is now gone. The TPLF will won the flawlessly rigged election with a landslide and that’s going to be one super-duper streak of bad luck to Ethiopians and the region for the next five years to come!

By Anita Powell (for VOA),

ETHIOPIA will hold a major election Sunday, but critics of the longtime ruling party say systematic repression has made this vote a nonevent. Outside of the country, Ethiopians who say they are political refugees have even harsher words for the government.

On the streets of Ethiopia’s capital, it’s hard to ignore that an election is coming. But banners and blaring songs aside, this is an oddly quiet election in a nation of some 90 million people.  Continue reading Ethiopia Election Met With Silence From Voters

Ethiopia’s Internet Freedom Status Remains ‘Not Free’

WORST IN SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA. Ethiopian government imposes nationwide internet blockage to put over a hundred websites inaccessible in the country. It also recruit, train and employs commentators and trolls to manipulate online news, views and attack any politically objectionable content.

By Freedom House,

ETHIOPIA continues to have one of the lowest rates of internet and mobile phone connectivity in the world, as meager infrastructure, government monopoly over the telecommunications sector, and obstructive telecom policies have significantly hindered the growth of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the country.

Coupled with highly repressive laws and tactics aimed at restricting freedom of expression and access to information, internet freedom in Ethiopia is consistently rated the worst in sub-Saharan Africa and among the worst in the world. Continue reading Ethiopia’s Internet Freedom Status Remains ‘Not Free’

Uneven Coverage of Suppressed Ethiopian Journalists

More journalists have fled Ethiopia than any other country in the world. This month alone, 17 Journalists forced to flee for safety as laws in the country are increasingly used for political expediency

By Marthe van der Wolf,

THIS month, Ethiopian officials shut down five magazines — the latest in a series of shutdowns — but the move got little attention from outside the country. The East African country is well known for suppressing the media, but some cases seem to get celebrity status while others are ignored.

Twelve Ethiopian journalists and publishers left the country in August after the magazines they worked for were forced by the government to shut down. International media gave little attention to the self-chosen exile of these media practitioners.  Continue reading Uneven Coverage of Suppressed Ethiopian Journalists

“Co-Pilot Hijacked Plane to Expose Brutal Rule in Ethiopia” – Cousin

Bold political Statement. Co-pilot Hailemedhin brought world and media attention towards the gross human rights abuses, brutal killings and displacement of his ethnic Amhara groups by the minority led Ethiopian regime; as well as for hundreds of his colleagues who suffer daily with party bureaucracy and institutional racism within the Ethiopian Airlines

By Abraha Belai

Amid a flurry of government propaganda to label the hijacker of an Ethiopian Airlines plane a mental patient, a family member of the co-pilot says her cousin was an activist who has been resentful of the brutal rule in Ethiopia.

Speaking to the Ethiopian Satellite TV (ESAT) by phone on Wednesday, a female cousin of co-pilot Hailemedhin Abera Tegegn, who landed the passenger airliner in Geneva early on Monday and sought asylum there, said the measure was politically motivated, and not any other reason.  Continue reading “Co-Pilot Hijacked Plane to Expose Brutal Rule in Ethiopia” – Cousin

Why Does the West Ignore Repressive Ethiopia?

Ethiopia has a terrible Human Rights record – Why is the West still turning a blind eye?

Funding repression in Ethiopia. Countless journalists, editors, judges, academics, and human rights defenders have fled the country or languish behind bars, at risk of torture. New laws passed in 2005 have made political activity more difficult than ever. Why the silence?

By Eleanor Ross,

Some disappeared, others were given lengthy prison sentences. One thing all thirty men arrested in 2012 in Ethiopia had in common was that they had criticised the state and the policies of the former Premier, Meles Zenawi.

And yet last week Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and a group of Japanese business leaders met with the current Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Hailemariam Desalegn to discuss further support for Ethiopia at “government and private sector level.” Continue reading Why Does the West Ignore Repressive Ethiopia?

Ethiopia and its Repressive Regime

Ethiopian leaders… kind of tyrannical wolfs in democratic sheep’s clothing

By Graham Peebles,

They speak of democracy, but act violently to suppress dissenting voices and control the people through the inculcation of fear: they ignore human rights and trample on the people, they are a tyrannical wolf in democratic sheep’s clothing, causing suffering and misery to thousands of people throughout Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) government repeatedly scoffs at international law and consistently acts in violation of their own Federal constitution – a liberal document written by the regime to please and deceive their foreign supporters. Continue reading Ethiopia and its Repressive Regime