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Kenyan Opposition Leader Raila Odinga ‘Sworn in’ as People’s President

Kenya has now two men who call themselves the country’s president. How did this happen?

“I, Raila Omolo Odinga, do swear that I will protect the nation as people’s president, so help me God,” Odinga said as he takes a symbolic oath of office, at Uhuru Park, in a direct challenge to President Uhuru Kenyatta.


In a ceremony that Kenya’s government warned would be treason, opposition leader Raila Odinga on Tuesday was sworn in as “the people’s president” during a mock inauguration protesting President Uhuru Kenyatta’s new term after months of deadly election turmoil. Continue reading Kenyan Opposition Leader Raila Odinga ‘Sworn in’ as People’s President

Kenya’s Post-election Violence Leaves Several Dead

Pressure grows on Kenya’s Raila Odinga to calm supporters amid post-election violence

Violence erupted after the re-election of Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta this week, leaving at least 24 people dead nationwide.


Friday’s announcement that President Kenyatta had been re-elected sparked two days of violent protests that has left as many as 24 people dead. But as of Sunday calm appears to have returned to the East African country.

Kenya’s opposition leader Raila Odinga appeared to heed growing calls for post-election calm on Sunday as he called for his supporters to protest the recent election results by boycotting work on Monday. Continue reading Kenya’s Post-election Violence Leaves Several Dead

Another Kenyan Stolen Election

Will the election of an ICC indicted Kenyan president defines President Barack Obama in Africa or will President Barack Obama use the election of Kenyatta to define his human rights policy in Africa?

Kenyan president – Indicted by ICC for crimes against humanity

By Thomas C Mountain,

That the fix was in was confirmed when the Godfather himself, son of a Kenyan, Barack Obama, called Uhuru Kenyatta, indicted for “Crimes Against Humanity” by those minions of Pax Americana, the International Criminal Court, to congratulate him for successfully conducting another Kenyan stolen election.

As in every election held in Kenya since Independence over half a century ago the ruling “la familia” stole the election “free, fair and square”. “La Familia” in Kenya means the same extended family of ethnic minority Kikuyu’s ruling Kenya from “Kenya’s Founder” Jomo Kenyatta to his son, Pax Americana’s man of the hour Uhuru Kenyatta, the head of “la Familia” that today owns upwards of 1 million hectares of Kenya’s prime land.  Continue reading Another Kenyan Stolen Election

Kenya to Lobby Eritrea over Sudan – S.Sudan Oil Dispute

To get Eritrea's full support and participation in regional efforts for peace and stability, it’s important to honor its full membership participation in the regional grouping. If not, do not ask!

By TesfaNews,

At a time when international diplomatic negotiations at the level of AU, UN, UK and US officially failed to resolve the deadlock over the oil dispute between Sudan and South Sudan, Kenya, after assuming the current IGAD chairmanship, quietly starts a new but dubious mediator role by waving the IGAD flag.

In the face of previous high-profile diplomatic failures, IGAD needs the support of all its member states to succeed, including Eritrea, a founding member and key regional player. Continue reading Kenya to Lobby Eritrea over Sudan – S.Sudan Oil Dispute